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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs November 2013

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Travel and Leisure website - Novwember 2013

World's Strangest New Year Traditions
B8Y7N5 -  RM - Stuwdamdorp - Amsterdam The Netherlands Television with its screen smashed in dumped on the street.
BDKXN7 -  RM - StockImages - Street performers, Edinburgh festival SCOTLAND
B63YJJ -  RM - Jan Sandvik - New Year's tradition of foreseeing the future from a molten lump of tin
D5PRXC -  RM - Oyvind Martinsen - A Muñeco in Penonome, Cocle province, Republic of Panama.
CTT820 -  RM - Thomas Rey - Fire spinner
A2XTAW -  RM - Simon Belcher - Dried Corn on the Cobb on a Grain Sack
DFYK9T -  RF - Risto Hunt - Firefoworks in Tallinn, Estonia
D1NDED -  RM - James Brunker News - LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, 31st December 2012. People shop in a street market for red and yellow underwea

Best Airport Security Checkpoints
CM56T8 -  RM - ZUMA Press, Inc. - Nov. 5, 2011 - Bloomington, MN, U.S. - Travelers wanted in line to pass through a TSA . . .

America's Best College Towns
AA7J23 -  RM - David Lyons - Burlington, Vermont, USA. View north up Church Street from Cherry Street intersection in . . .
AR27DY -  RM - Pat & Chuck Blackley - Chatham, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
BJXXPK -  RM - Tom Bean - Historic downtown Flagstaff at Corner of Aspen & San Francisco Street, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
A455JP -  RM - Andre Jenny - Lexington, VA, Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, Washington and Lee University
BMCK9Y -  RF - Radius Images - Duluth, St Louis County, Minnesota, USA

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