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How are doing your monthly zooms this month, guys?

Mine are very low at single digit since several weeks unfortunately. Normally, for me this is a good period where I average also three-digit zooms for many days (sometimes even weeks) in a row.
I guess this bad result is due to covid 19 outbreak but I wonder if you too are experiencing low zooms lately.



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Direct comparison with last May.

  • May 2019: 3500 views; 22 zooms; 6 sales
  • May 2020 (extrapolated as of today to get s figure for the whole month - boy, do I have time on my hands!): 2150 views; 15.5 zooms; 0 sales

It's the last figure that concerns me. Buyers may well be zooming images/adding them to lightboxes in readiness for a project, but that project may never come to light. And as zooms are down considerably anyway...🙁

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"Doing a Losdemas",


May 2019 - 38,700 views, 226 zooms

May 2020 - 22,600 views (extrapolated); 146 zooms (ditto)


so approx 60% of last years figures for both views and zooms.

I haven't included sales as many of them come in at the end of the month. Last year I had 71 sales. Suffice to say I wont be having that number this year!



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Also extrapolating.

May 2019 - 1,811 views, 11 zooms

May 2020 - 1,250 views (extrapolated), 9 zooms (ditto)


Small collection so small sample size, but both down by the looks of it. My sales are very random month to month. 4 last May. 2 so far this month.


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