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July Challenge - CHILDREN IN ACTION - Time to Vote

Colin Woods

July Challenge - Pick your winner  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. My favourite photo on the theme of Children in Action is

    • The Joy of Jumping by Sally J03C99
    • Sack Race at the School Fair by Michael Ventura A536EW
    • The mini-cyclist by AVPics PBEJY6
    • Purepecha girl running down the street, Mexico by John Mitchell EAM3WG
    • Camber Sands by LawrensonPhoto TBE3D9
    • Daughter and Son playing by Wahavi RN8BN9
    • Jumping teenagers by ColBlimp P6DT6D
    • Teenage Girl on Trampoline by Doc B0B9W9

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Thanks to all to entered -  as ever there are eight finalists (though I could have picked eighteen) 



Joy of Jumping by Sally





School Sack Race by Michael Ventura






Mini-cyclist by AVPics






Running Purepecha girl by John Mitchell





Camber, East Sussex, UK. 01 Jun, 2019. UK Weather: A beautiful sunny morning for the start of a new month as people take to the beach at Camber Sands. These youngsters enjoy themselves on a rubber dinghy splashing in the sea. © Paul Lawrenson 2019, Photo Credit: Paul Lawrenson/Alamy Live News Stock Photo

Camber Sands by Lawrenson Photo (and my apologies to the photographer - I have no idea why the photo is so small here)





Daughter and Son by Wahavi





Jumping teenagers by ColBlimp





Teenage girl on trampoline by Doc





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Wow - tough choice! All excellent! I could have voted for any of them but forced myself to make a choice so I would not forget to come back and vote. Congrats to all the finalists. 

Edited by Marianne
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Thank you so much. That's a huge surprise given the high quality of the images selected and the fact that I wasn't even sure I'd have anything in my portfolio worth offering up. I'll have a think about the August challenge after I've studied what subjects have been up before as I'm quite new to this area of the forum.

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Congrats again AVpics!

Here you go:


All Challenges on Alamy Forum



August is all yours!



July - Children in Action
June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating
May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport
April - Women's Role in Todays Society
March - Eating
February - What is Love?
January - Happy New!



December - Converging Lines
November - The City
October - You Wear It Well
September - Think Local
August - NEWS
July - FUN
June - National parks scenery (pure nature)
May - Twilight
April - In or On the Water
March - Without leaving the house (or garden)
February - Winter Activities
January -  Music



December - Taste
November - Iconic
October - Failure
September - Critters
August - On The Beach
July - Street Art
June - Festivals
May - Transport
April - Proverbs and sayings
March - Urban Wildlife
February - Urban Landscape
January - Friendship and Friends



December - Behind
November - Trees
October - River
September - Our Native Land
August - Digital Manipulation
July - Pedal Power
June - Help
May - Worm's eye view
April - City
March - Joy of Travel
February - The Blue Hour
January  -  Silhouettes and Shadows



December - Motion
November - Solitary
October - The Decisive Moment
September - Concept
August - Travel Magazine cover
July - Skyline
June - Environmentally Friendly
May - Communication
April - Little
March - The Good Life
February - I don't know why I like it..
January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger



December - Festivities
November - Autumn Colour (Color)
October - Shoot Local
September - Music
August - Bridges
July - My Favourite Place
June - Perspective
May - Rules
April - Abstract/Minimalism
March - Health
February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot
January - Sunset



December - Peace
November - Cold
October - Harmony
September - Triumphant
August - Taking it easy
July - Heat
June - Night
May - Excess
April - In the Air


Old forum:

A Magical Moment




edit: And thank you Colin for such a good challenge!


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23 hours ago, wiskerke said:

Congrats again AVpics!

Here you go....


Many thanks Wim. It may partly be your profile photo, but you remind me of that 'meme' that would say something like 'I don't always know everything, but when I do, it's everything' 😄

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3 minutes ago, Avpics said:

Many thanks Wim. It may partly be your profile photo, but you remind me of that 'meme' that would say something like 'I don't always know everything, but when I do, it's everything😄


He has more hair. 👴



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