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April 2018 Challenge: On The Water


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Congratulations Maria - loved the cat!


Three from me:


1. Snorkelling, Kuramathi Island, the Maldives





2. Dhows at sunset, Michamwi, Zanzibar, Africa




3. Young girl having fun being pulled behind a boat on a rubber ring, Bentota, Sri Lanka






Kumar (the Doc one)



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On 17/04/2018 at 21:17, Kukkudrill said:


A study in sizes





I don't think the ship is going to make through the gap.


Great images Kukkudrill. 






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#1 Barrel Roll - I know it is not strictly ON the water but ... ;)



#2 Another roll, just to prove the above wasn't a fluke!



#3 Teenage racer, at least the young racer has kept it right side up!



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Hovercraft coming in for a landing in Niantic Bay during OpSail 2012: (It literally floats on a cushion of air on top of the water)



Coast Guard cadets high up in the rigging of the Tall Ship the Eagle the next day:




Taken onboard the beautiful schooner Tyrone during the Parade of Sail.  Alamy News helped me get press credentials for the event. I was horribly seasick when I took this and the photo above - we'd been out on the water for a few hours before things started because the Eagle's anchor had fouled so we were sitting and rocking and my seasickness meds just weren't up to the task. But I shot a couple hundred photos in between hanging my head over the side, doing my best to be as professional as possible despite being a sickly shade of green. 



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