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On 10/25/2017 at 05:23, Stokie said:



Hope everyone has had their breakfast!!


Personal use - it will look lovely on his wall!!




Best laugh I've had in a while - gave you a heart for that one - thanks! I'll go back and make it a greenie if you're keen on collecting them, but to me the heart really means I LOVE it - not the photo so much as the belly laugh!  (If it really was for his personal use, he sure has a wonderful sense of humor)  B) 

Anyhow, thanks for the laugh. I was on my second cup of coffee and so glad I'd swallowed the last sip before I scrolled down this far. 

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2 hours ago, Avpics said:

A magazine use. Whatever the pros and cons of Brexit, I bet there's a few of us who have benefited from the shenanigans.



With European travel costing 15% more overnight? Hardly.

It's harder to tell but I suspect my EU licences are down too.


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