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  1. I just love the way this bike looks like it should be there it gives my photo a different prospectiveive.
  2. Thank you for advice i will try it now.
  3. Silly question how do i add a photo to the post,
  4. Hi Matt, Just keep taking photos of everything and anything and being in London a good place to shoot loads of stock photo's, when i am in London i tend to go off the beaten track and explore the back streets .and welcome to Alamy,
  5. I really feel photography is for any age,and more and more people are taking it up when they retire as once you have a camera you dont really have to spend much except for maybe travelling around,i am 64 and learning all the time and there's no greater feeling than when you sell a photo!
  6. Yes i am a bit of a loner too,i always go taking photos on my own,if someone else was with me i might miss that all important shot especially if they were not into photography like me!
  7. I have been lucky in the last 3 months total sales $190 for 2 photos one of the photos was for $174 they want to use it for 3 years,.these are my first sold photos since joining Alamy so i think myself very lucky as have not many images for sale,
  8. Regarding what i have just written,just seen that they have paid now ,
  9. I sold one of my photos in June, i found it on a website online and they still havnt paid for it yet,is this allowed?
  10. Well Done John.Hoping there will be many more sales for you,it's a great feeling to think someone likes your photo to purchase,
  11. Thank's Edo for your reply and i will try and push it a bit more for more upload's, Vicky
  12. I do try to aim for 4 or 5 photos a week to upload on here Colblimp ,and i am very lucky to have most of them excepted.But thank you for your advice and i will try and push to more uploads if possible. Vicky
  13. I rejoined again last year ,as before that i hadnt uploaded any photos, i know should put more on but i work full time so limited to taking many photos.
  14. Well Done Richard on your three sales, i have been on Alamy for over a year now and still waiting for my first sale ,it must be a great feeling to think someone wants to buy your photo's,
  15. Well Done Brian,Such a great feeling when you sell a photo.i am still waiting for mine have been on Alamy since last year hopefully will get one soon.
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