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  1. Well Done John.Hoping there will be many more sales for you,it's a great feeling to think someone likes your photo to purchase,
  2. Thank's Edo for your reply and i will try and push it a bit more for more upload's, Vicky
  3. I do try to aim for 4 or 5 photos a week to upload on here Colblimp ,and i am very lucky to have most of them excepted.But thank you for your advice and i will try and push to more uploads if possible. Vicky
  4. I rejoined again last year ,as before that i hadnt uploaded any photos, i know should put more on but i work full time so limited to taking many photos.
  5. Well Done Richard on your three sales, i have been on Alamy for over a year now and still waiting for my first sale ,it must be a great feeling to think someone wants to buy your photo's,
  6. Well Done Brian,Such a great feeling when you sell a photo.i am still waiting for mine have been on Alamy since last year hopefully will get one soon.
  7. Thank you Paulette for your feedback, i do see what you mean and will try this on my next photo taking day,i feel like i have alot to learn. vicky
  8. Thank you for feedback Brasilnut,i did take a photo with a camera that Alamy dosnt except, same shop with a man in Eton college dress on his bike,i will take your advice on board ,vicky
  9. What amazing photo's everyone has posted, i feel mine are not worthy of being on Alamy, but i shall keep trying and hopefully get better with my photography!
  10. Good idea on the Brexit Theme,and great photo by the way, i shall get my thinking cap on and start planning,
  11. Anyone have an idea of what photo might be searched for in 2018, every winter i get stuck for ideas on what to take photos of,any thoughts on the subject?
  12. You are so right Sultanpepa about over key wording,as sometimes the words are not even relevant to the photo,being a newbie myself on here with not many photos yet ,i am starting to only put key words that relate to my photo,and as yet still waiting for a sale maybe this year when i get myself a new camera! and just to say a well done to everyone when they get a sale.
  13. Thank you Pam for your kind words regarding my photos, i to am in my 60s and so love taking photos of everything i see as interesting,yes waiting in hope for a sale soon ,keep in touch ,vicky
  14. Hi Pam, you are never to old for photography,it is a wonderful hobby and pastime,and your photos are very good.
  15. Just seen another photo on Alamy by someone else and they have spelt Style same as myself,easy mistake to make.
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