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Found 6 results

  1. How about posting some of your Fall Autumn photos that I am sure picture buyers will be looking for. I suggest using advanced search on your own pseudonyms and then post a link to the results. It will make it easier for customers to view all you photos on the subject. Link Link
  2. Purpose: series of 6-9 images (please use thumbnails ) which tell a story or cover a specific destination / happening. Little tip: think a few months ahead to allow magazine editors plenty of time to prepare articles with - hopefully - your pictures, which could relate to an upcoming event or occurrence. Other months' picture series. See here Chamonix in winter (France) : the 'Aiguille du Midi', the 'Mer de Glace' (Sea of Ice) glacier and the Ice Cave, skiing and ski touring… Click on pictures for a larger view, reference numbers and details. To see more available pictures, click here. Thanks, Olivier
  3. Hi all, Not sure if this is helpful to anyone but I went through the 'images found for October 2015 thread'. I added all of the sales by image numbers starting A-F. Here are the results: A - 147 sales B - 193 sales (best by quite a margin) C - 159 sales D - 144 sales E - 125 sales F - 40 sales (unsurprising as current) 808 total images mentioned - 61.75% in the A-C range so we can extrapolate that older images do sell well. Note - I have only complied these from the thread entries where image is visible or the number has been added in the text description. I tried to eliminate duplicating numbers where an image had been quoted (in thanks) in a subsequent entry.
  4. I have to say that it has been very hard to select only 8 images. I would have liked to be allowed to add a few more but, after all, that is me who defined the rules… D'OH! (facepalm). So, here are the 8 finalists for the October challenge "the decisive moment". Voting closes wednesday 4th November at midnight (UK time). I want to thank you all who participated. Congratulations to the finalists! ARTERRA - Eurasian Eagle owl (Bubo bubo) landing with wings spread on wooden signpost in meadow, England, UK FUNKYWORM - Rio de Janiero Brazil 13th July 2014 World Cup final 2014 Argentina vs Germany Mario Goetze scores the only goal of the game JILL MORGAN - Flyboarder doing a backflip PUNKMUFFIN - Border collie jumping a hurdle MARTIN P WILSON - Ian Andrews dramatically crashed out - UIM F2 World Championship Powerboats, Nottingham National Watersports Centre, Holme Pierrepont COLIN WOODS - A lady climber leaping a large crevasse on the traverse on Monte Rosa in Switzerland MICKFLY - Benidorm bullring, young man being lifted of his feet by the bull and losing a shoe as a horn pierces his trousers DOC - A young woman jumping into the air
  5. French Polynesia : 3 images from paradisiacal Tuamotu Tikehau : corals and maxima clams in the lagoon, just below water bungalows Fakarava : young Polynesian sharing the remains of his meal with blacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) Rangiroa : pontoon over the lagoon
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