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Your favourite images that you have uploaded in August 2015


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By the way Philippe, I love your country.


Belgium!!! ;-)


I still tend to think that Belgium is built around motorways  :-o

I'm mostly driving through on a night bus to Germany.

Wish I had a car to explore. I've been to Bruges and Brussels so far. Some really nice cities.


Although I think I might be allergic to Belgian beer - it makes my skin really itchy. Maybe too much yeast. 

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Sunset at a mountain site in Panama


Thanks Dick, the problem is Internet Explorer for some reason.

If the answer is Internet Explorer, the question is usually 'what caused the problem?'


Don't know, I can'teven quote in IE because the quote won't show up, Weird.

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I thought this example of programatic architecture found in Pennsylvania was fun:




I was also happy to get a bunch of cyanotype florals online. I think this is my favorite of the bunch:




I love lighthouses:



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