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  1. just some examples: extreme of negligence and people complain of ridiculously low sales in spite of competitive images on board!! these images are captioned as Air Show and keyworded for the same.
  2. Favourite images uploaded in November 2017

    Colourful India! Street of Gorakhpur City, Uttar Pradesh
  3. agree with you. i understand this. it was just a thought!.!!
  4. ...and still Alamy search provides 0 result of "spinny babbler" ( a bird)..
  5. delete submission button would be handy

    ....and if caption is missed, they move that image to the stock route. if you don't want that image in regular stock, you'd probably like to delete it before qc review.
  6. Newbie - first batch rejected

    all the best.!!
  7. delete submission button would be handy

    Alamy Live News images aren't removed because of caption, keywords, etc. The news team will often edit captions and the photographer can edit in Manage Images. News images are removed if the news team feels they aren't newsworthy or have obvious flaws. maybe. but what if there are no caption, no keywords. do they caption and keyword your images then?
  8. My first known infringement

    WowAmazing!! they've a DMCA claim form, have filled it? .
  9. delete submission button would be handy

    thanks for the views ... every opinion is right!! use it when you need it, otherwise .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Lizard ID help needed.

    This website may be useful for finding reptiles according to their location
  11. Lizard ID help needed.

    thanks guys. when I googled i thought it as Changeable lizard but couldn't conclude because of the colour. they are common here but its colour confused me. search further for Calotes