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    I've spent most of my adult life traveling, experiencing different cultures. As an development worker I had the opportunity to photograph my life in war-torn northern Uganda, Afghanistan, and Namibia


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  1. Thanks bud! So it really just comes down to levels of importance, and nothing else. To be honest why don't they just classify it as such. You could just label each box as High, Medium, or Low Priority Keywords. In my view, Comprehensive is not a word that seems less important compared to Main, or Essential. Just a thought. Thanks Again!
  2. Hello Everyone, I just had a quick question concerning Keywords. As you know, there are three different boxes for Keywords (Essential, Main, Comprehensive). I've just been inputting as many keywords, and phrases that I can think of. Not making any effort to separate keywords into these three boxes, and to be honest i'm having trouble understanding what's the difference anyway. What is the difference between a "Main" Keyword compared to a "Comprehensive" one, and does Alamy treat these Keywords differently? If there's some page on the site that explains all this in detail, I would love
  3. I hope this qualifies, but my concept is Refugees:
  4. Hi Rafael, Thanks so much for your supportive and insightful input. I will definitely try to keep at it! Cheers! Josh
  5. Just me two cents! I have a 2015 13inch Macbook Pro 2.9 I5 8GB Ram, and I have no problems running Photoshop CC, while working on multiple RAW images. No sure about the Dell Monitors, but I can't imagine there would be problem. Good Luck!
  6. If appropriate, you can always add a line in the Description field to say that a release may be obtainable. Alan Thanks, but in my situation where most of my photos of people were taken in some remote area of Africa, or of a city street scene, it would be next to impossible for me to try to find that person to have him or her sign a release form.
  7. You couldn't of said it better. Thanks so much for the decisive answer on this issue.
  8. Hello! So i asked this same question on my Introductions post, but I think it deserves it's own thread. I could use some more clarification on what exactly does Alamy do, if you upload a picture with people in it (Without Signed Releases). Do they put it into a different classification which makes it less attractive for potential customers to purchase? Are companies simply not going to look at photos, unless they indicate that every person has signed a release waiver? I guess my question comes down to this. If I want to successfully sell my work on Alamy, should steer clear of uploadin
  9. Just added a few of my first uploaded images on the site. Hope you like it!
  10. Welcome, and congrats with getting your first batch of photos through Alamy QC! They look great. I also just got started with Alamy. So far so good, and the Forum community has been really helpful. Best of luck with everything!
  11. Hi Kumar, Thanks for the great feedback. That really helps! Cheers! Josh
  12. Hi Win, Thanks for the feedback. I don't want to deceive anyone, and I have continually indicated on Alamy if there are people in my photos. I just wanted to have a better understand how this system works. Does Alamy treat my photo differently, if I have people in them who haven’t signed a release? Even if that photo was taken in some remove village in Uganda or Afghanistan. Thanks! Josh
  13. Hey Guys! Thanks again for all the awesome feedback. I just had a quick question concerning the licensing questions for each photo you upload to the site. It asks me if there are any people in these photos, and have they signed a release form. Now most of the photos I have are in some remote village in Africa or Central Asia. Obviously i'm not going to be sued by a impoverished little girl who I took a photo of in some rural village in Namibia. Should I simply say there there are no people in the photo I am uploading? By selecting that there are people in these photos, and with not
  14. Hey guy's, This is a small issue probably not worth mentioning, but i've tried several times to upload a image of myself as my profile, and it doesn't seem to work. I've tried several different images, all being over 200px. It says it uploaded the file, but the image preview is still blank, and when I press Done my profile page still has no image. Thanks for any help you can give me! I'm sure I'm making some obvious mistake here. Josh
  15. Wow! You guys are awesome! All your input got me really excited about posting more photos on the site. I just posted another 15 images, with another 20 coming. It seems like the major points concerning selling photos on Alamy.com is it to upload as many good photos as you can, to add relevant keywords, description and title, and lastly to be patient. I will definitely try my best to do so. Concerning Kumar's point about focusing more on color images, while I understand his point, the B&W images I posted on the site were intended to be Black and White, so to post them in color, wou
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