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  1. Welcome to Alamy Sue, hope you get to upload your pics soon.
  2. Hello Amril, welcome to the forum and to Alamy. Beautiful photos you have started with, congratulations.
  3. Bert Becerra


    Wow Rob, you have travelled quite a bit my friend. I was looking through some of the albums, in the one Cambodia 2015, there is a photo of a stork # 9 I believe, it looks sharp enough. May be 100% crop of that one could tells us if it is. But photos like that, I believe they will get accepted here. You have a great collection of photos my friend, I am sure many can be accepted here, it is just a matter of picking the right ones.
  4. Sounds gruesome but I think degollada may have a different meaning to execution or throat slitting in the Canary Islands. There are several places called Degollada de Xxxx and they are usually high mountain viewpoints with amazing views over surrounding valleys. Perhaps that is where they took people to execute them - a beautiful final view before the throat slitting but I doubt that executioners would have been so considerate LOL.. I was thinking it may be refers to slaugther of cattle, since Becerra means calf, not sure though. The truth is that it's a very beautiful place, I was looking into it in google.
  5. Thanks for the info MDM, did not know about this place. For the word Degollada, it sounds like a fellow with my last name had his throat cut there, wow, LOL Beautiful place!
  6. I am sure you would like here Kumar.
  7. Hello James, glad to have here a fellow newbie,
  8. Thank you Allan.
  9. If the answer is Internet Explorer, the question is usually 'what caused the problem?' Don't know, I can'teven quote in IE because the quote won't show up, Weird.
  10. Oh the beer is good my friend . I have been there twice and I love it. Had the opportunity to travel around and the countryside is beautiful.
  11. Sunset at a mountain site in Panama Thanks Dick, the problem is Internet Explorer for some reason.
  12. Thanks John, glad you like my country.
  13. Portfolio or Gallery here in Alamy, For some reason I don't know, it does not work for me. This forum is very similar to others I am in, same format, but here it does not work, weird.
  14. Thanks Philippe, that's what I was trying to do with images from my Port, but it freezes and does not do anything. Oh well. Thanks for you reply.
  15. I am having problems trying to post an image via Ulr. Help please.
  16. Hello Punkmuffin, I like your name and your port.
  17. Hello, my name is Bert Becerra, I am a photographer based in Panama and have been wit Alamy since 2006, but never enter the forum until today. Just wanted to say hello and start posting here a bit. Thank you,
  18. Bert Becerra


    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, but not new to Alamy. I do some nature photography, specially birds and it's difficult. A tripod is not functional with birds, so one thing I can tell you is to use lenses with IS in your case (Canon) and if you don't have any, shutter speed is a most to get sharp pictures. I shoot Nikon, and for birds right now using the Sigma 150-600mm lens, not the sharpest lens, but you can get some great photos with it. I shoo it wide open in most cases and wit shutter speeds of 600 or more.
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