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Concept keyword

Mark Baigent

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Hi all


A first for me, an image that needs keywords about feelings rather than facts.

If anyone is bored and could suggest keywords for this style of image I would be interested

in what comes up.







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Hi Ed I got distracted by an ASDA delivery


So far I have






freedom (based on my first bite of freedom as a child)


Are you sure that these really relate to the image or are they your feelings about the image?  Late at night after a couple of pints ... or three, it looks a lot like a swing in some woods.  Play, yes, but why nostalgia, memories, childhood?


On a different front, what do the searches for those concepts come up with already?  I presume that keywording too far out of synch with the crowd works if you are on pages one and two but probably not further on, as the searcher has given up.

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I just typed 'nostalgia' into Alamy's search engine, and the first image to appear under relevant is this.




Which is definitely nostalgic for me.

I set fire to mine with a chemistry set in the coalshed. Burnt all the rubber.

I'm pretty surprised they ever bought be me a bike after that.

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I searched this image and it came up with no results. I have no filters on. So why can't I find it?


Never mind. Found it. For some reason if I deleted the 1 at the end and then put it in again, it came up.


There are a lot of concept words you could use, but you run the risk of a lot of views that don't relate to your image.



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Don't forget the word concept.

And have a look for concept in AoA (used 2400x).

Have a look at this list somewhere else.

Try this on line tool.


Have a look at empty swing images (1546 on Alamy) and the keywords contributors here and elsewhere have used for those images: an empty swing seems to be a symbol for a whole lot of negative things and feelings.

And the other way around: you're not the only one with a (good) image of an empty swing. So I would describe what's different. Bleak, improvised, simple, primitive, free.

In the US this situation would imply all sorts of danger as it's not certified nor protected or guarded. Not sure about those things in the UK. Now how to phrase that as a positive thing?

Real jungle gym? Adventurous, inventive, spontaneous, reckless?


It's a pity one can not ask little boys any more (and certainly not little girls), if they ever play dangerous games and what that looks like. Maybe just give them a gopro.




edit: weird typo

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The first word that sprang to my mind was 'abandonment', but the words that followed were 'loss' 'absence' and 'missing child' 'death of child'.  It's a very evocative image, but it doesn't inspire happy play memories for me - it reminds me of sad films with bereaved mothers staring at toys their children with played and places they used to be happy or people wistfully remembering lost friends.


The other thing that it makes me think of is fear - child all alone in the woods and goes missing fear.


So, my concept words would be:







"missing child"






"lost friends"




although perhaps not in that order. 


Interesting that people see more cheerful concepts, it gives me much darker feeling and I think it would make a great book cover.

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