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  1. I have some model released images that are not to be used for 'sensitive issues'. Does this mean I will have to remove them, or will there be a 'sensitive issues' restriction? While I love that the restrictions are being simplified, IMO the sensitive issues one would still be required.
  2. I just picked up a secondhand iPhone 4s, in mint condition, for £75 from a reputable dealer. Works a treat and runs the latest iOS. Although the latest Apple phones cost a lot, they soon drop in price when a new model comes out, and they are very durable compared to many of the competitors' offerings. Yes you can pick them up quite cheaply if you shop around and you only want something to run the app, rathr than something all singing and dancing to the apple's latest greatest hits. If I'd even realised that I could use the fancy ipod touch that I have..... I didn't even give it a thought that I could use the ipod touch - I forgot it even had a camera! You can have too much in the way of gadgets! I can't bring myself to use an ipad to take photos in public, sorry. Just no.
  3. I went Apple last year, after several years on Android. At first I loved Android, but for the last couple of years I hardly used my phone for any of the reasons that I'd bought a smartphone in the first place. Reason? Too many apps that wanted access / control in the system area. Pop-ups. Adverts. The disturbing feeling that I couldn't trust the phone / apps and that my phone wasn't really secure. Having google grab all my contacts every few months was more than irritating, it was worrying. I am a fairly long time critic of Apple, even though I have had their gear too. The main reason I now have an iphone is that Apple check every app that is developed for the iphone or ipad. All apps are scrutinised to make sure that they are not sending your bank details to Hackerbstrd1@youshouldbemorecareful.com, or at least they were when friends were submitting apps to Apple. I don't think that Apple apps are any quicker to develop, they are just subject to Apple checking them over to make sure they work, they are secure and they are not going to break your phone. No one really does that with Android, as far as I know. Another reason was wanting to have a go at Stockimo. However, there is no way that I would spend hundreds of pounds extra on a phone if the only reason was to use the stockimo app. I haven't actually made any money whatsoever from stockimo, but I enjoy doing it and uploading - it is all so easy and not the drudge that submitting to Alamy can be. The money is not irrelevant, however I have never owned a smartphone that cost me less than £500, so I don't really see the iphone as terribly expensive in comparison to what I've bought previously. They are ALL expensive brand new and if you want any decent amount of space on them, then the iphone is a shocker. Having said that, after years of working in IT, I am committed to buying the best I can at the time in order to future proof as much as possible. And I LOVE my iphone. I am happy that google can't have the level of access they had on my Android phones. I'm still not an avid fan of Apple, but credit where it is due.... everything just works. So, for me it is not simply a question of how good the iphone camera is - there are arguments that their camera is way behind others' efforts, but it is all about ease of use and peace of mind. For the OP - if your friend is going to buy an Android, you could do worse than buy her iphone from her on a second-hand, reduced price basis and see how you like it.
  4. Get someone to hold a European flag with Edinburgh Castle in the background.
  5. There are many who would argue that point . . . dd That would be those who have never experienced the hairs on the back of their neck stiffen when a real live pipe band strikes up. + 1 They're just not Tam's bairns....
  6. Bog-all. I only have 58 up though. I am consistently getting better ratings than I used to, but no sales so far. I expect I'll have to upload a whole lot more before I see any sales.
  7. Not really Brexit, but check http://www.whatsoninedinburgh.co.uk/ The film festival is on then and Leith festival is on until the 19th. You might also like to get some pictures of the building of the new Forth road bridge, it is really literally coming together now and looks spectacular. There will also be graduation ceremonies at Edinburgh University on 23rd and dates around then, which give great opportunites for pics of happy young people and parents against the stunning backdrop of the Quad at old College........ Elton John (are we allowed to mention him?) is playing Edinburgh around that time too.....
  8. I asked Alamy about an image on a blog recently. I can see why they won't chase it, so I sent two messages to the blogger myself. I got no reply, so this week I sniffed around and did a whois and found that the blog is hosted on Amazon EC2. I sent a DMCA letter to Amazon via their form and hey presto, the blogger has now contacted me and apologised and removed the image. I have said I still want paid. It's not a lot of money, but it should be MY money. That aside, amazon have contacted me tonight to say they have taken action and I notice that the blog is no longer available. I believe the hosting company have to investigate and take action where appropriate, otherwise they can also be held responsible for copyright infringement. I would have thought that that would apply to twitter also. I didn't expect them to take the blog down now that the image has been removed, I expect it will take the blogger a bit of effort to sort it all out - might have been easier to just reply to me in the first place or - here's a radical thought - BUY the licence instead of using my image with the Alamy watermark on it..... I used the letter on this page as a template: http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2009/07/06/sample-dmca-take-down-letter/id=4501/ edit: spelling errors
  9. My batch submitted on 24/3 just passed this afternoon. It's usually a couple of days at most, but people are probably on holiday just now. Whatever (waves hand like not-bovvered teenager - only vaguely teenager bit left).
  10. I've voted 'much better' because I joined in 2014 and I got my first sales in 2015.
  11. Lisa - I have been meaning to thank you! I was struggling to get any iphone images accepted a while ago. I watched the first few episodes of your guides and that gave me a new perspective on what to upload and which treatments to make. Straight away I got acceptances and now have a few images accepted onto Stockimo. No sales yet, but it's fun to do. I will watch the rest of the series, but so far it's better than I was doing on my own - so thank you very much edit: typos
  12. BBC website article for St Andrew's Day, http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20151125-celebrating-scotlands-wildlife-by-land-sea-and-air: Thistle -The thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland for centuries (credit: WILDLIFE GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo) Scottish Wildcat (no, not a selfie!!!) Scotland is the last remaining stronghold for Britain’s last truly wild cat (credit: Stephan Morris / Alamy Stock Photo) Red Squirrel - Around 75% of the UK’s red squirrels are found in Scotland (credit: Lorraine Yates / Alamy Stock Photo) Bottlenose Dolphin - The Moray Firth is one of the best places to see bottlenose dolphins in the UK (credit: Terry Whittaker / Alamy Stock Photo) Minke Whale - The minke whale is the commonest of the baleen whales seen around Scotland (credit: Terry Whittaker / Alamy Stock Photo) Atlantic salmon -The minke whale is the commonest of the baleen whales seen around Scotland (credit: Terry Whittaker / Alamy Stock Photo) Golden Eagle - There are now over 400 pairs of golden eagles in Scotland (credit: Blickwinkel / Alamy Stock Photo) Scottish Crossbill - Scottish crossbill is the UK’s only endemic species of bird (credit: David Whitaker / Alamy Stock Photo) Capercaillie - Male capercaille gather to show-off at lekking sites (credit: David Chapman / Alamy Stock Photo)
  13. Fine - zips etc., are good. Lightweight, but strong fabric. Have used ours loads of times both here and abroad and have had no problems. Wheels are fine and a section unzips from the back and tucks under the wheels when using as a backpack, so your clothes don't get dirty from the wheels. I think they are very good for the money. We have the bigger ones, but I could see me buying the smaller one for short trips and using it as a daypack - the big ones are fine on your back, but you still want a daypack for out and about when you get there. I think we have bought at least five of these for ourselves and kids and they have been pretty well used, with no complaints. I've had mine about four years, I think. They are not Louis Vuitton, but then I'm not Elton John! Edit: I notice they are saying they are usually £59 - not in my experience - always around £34 for the biggest one.
  14. I have for years taken great pride in surviving the Ryanair 'one bag' rule! My other half and I have bought pull along carry-ons that convert to backpacks and they are supposedly guaranteed to fit in Ryanair's size tester. Lastrega, Do you maybe have a link? wim http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cabin-Max-Approved-Lightweight-Backpack/dp/B005C3QKF4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1442405689&sr=8-2&keywords=cabin+max There are different sizes / prices, so search 'cabin max'.
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