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Have you found any Alamy Images in use MARCH 2019

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Cheers John

02/03/2019, Economist, p24, Puch & Judy at Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park, F2R115, Guy Corbishley [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]

ISSN: 0013-0613

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1 hour ago, SShep said:

Cheers Danny

03/03/2019, Observer, p8, pro-Europe protest in Edinburgh, RTK95J, Steven Scott Taylor [via Live News]
03/03/2019, Observer, p21, still from Cable Girls, J57JRJ, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]
03/03/2019, Observer, p22, sunrise over the Roches Point Lighthouse in Cork Harbour, RTK75B, David Creedon [via Live News]
03/03/2019, Observer, p28, Neo-Nazis, AC1TP0, Jim West [Alamy credit only]
03/03/2019, Observer, p33, Dal Lake in Srinagar, K17T4M, Duy Phuong Nguyen [Alamy credit only]
03/03/2019, Observer, p50, Barafundle beach, C4YDE3, Chris Laurens [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

03/03/2019, Observer, p50, Perranporth beach, E88TBJ, ACORN 1 [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
03/03/2019, Observer, p50, Rhossili Bay, B2X5EC, Manor Photography [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
03/03/2019, Observer [Sport section], p24, people playing cards, KP28TY, Atmán Victor/age fotostock
03/03/2019, Observer [Review section], p22, Alois Alzheimer and coworkers, HRKRM5, Science History Images
03/03/2019, Observer [Review section], p38, Whitechapel Bell Foundry, A4CM6G, Mike Booth
03/03/2019, Observer [Review section], p45, still from Angels & Demons, C030J4, AF archive [Alamy credit only]
03/03/2019, Observer [Review section], p46, man unable to sleep, E8XA0D, Thomas Baker [Alamy credit only]


Thank you for the spot Steve,you do a sterling job, definitely via Alamy. All my images are set to exclusive at the moment.



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You're a hard act to follow Steve but a few here today

3/3/2019 Mail On Sunday (print)

Bolognese dog against a white background. CYN51K YAY Media AS

Exterior of Red Lion pub, Helston, Cornwall. F0DWEJ Mr Standfast

Headshot of Dr Aseem Malhotra, a cardiology specialist. E9B9PG Neil Spence

Nurse preparing patient for mammogram at x-ray machine in hospital. F8EPY2 Juice Images

Combine harvester at work in a wheat field. B2MAE1 Alistair Scott

Waitress in traditional costume serving beer at Tallinn's Olde Hansa restaurant. B22FFC Ingolf Pompe 45

Close up of British Airways Executive Club and Air Miles cards. C7XP9A Radharc Images

Gardens framing the castle at Abbotsford, Scotland. G3J71W Ian Dagnell

Flowers of the Siberian squill, scilla siberica. C2PAE2 John Glover

Man stealing purse from woman's pocket. R4PYG5 Panther Media/Andrey Popov

Waverley Paddle Steamer departing from the town of Largs, Scotland. KXPX7K Kenny Williamson

Japanese knotweed leaves against a white background. AX730X Westend61

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Guardian Online

GG2KA2 David Chapman Cape Cornwall from Castle Kenidjack
K2EH8R Nature PictureLibrary/David Noton Western ramparts of Maiden Castle
JY8X29  Joana Kruse Belle Tout Lighthouse, Seven Sisters, South Downs, East Sussex
PDXTNC  Diana Jarvis Photography Sharpenhoe Clappers beech wood, Bedfordshire
BPFH2E John Oakey Pike O' Stickle
D8WPAK Mick Sharp Bryn Cader Faner



R38CMJ JazzLove Crow protecting its territory and chasing hunting buzzard
HAAD4R Fred Corcoran casa vizcaino, seville spain
GC8ANC Bob Berry Cyclists riding along the banks of the Guadalquivir River
EJC5NT Wiskerke Traditional Flamenco dresses or Traje de Gitana.
H9P3XD Sorin Colac Seville, Spain. Spanish Square (Plaza de Espana)


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Times 5th


Chris Batson   online internet web site of ebay - Image ID: C940KD

veryan dale   School children playing in a school playground in an inner city london primary school. - Image ID: E3MF2C

Downing Street, London, UK 26 Feb 2019 - Chris Grayling - Secretary of State for Transport arrives in Downing Street for the weekly Cabinet meeting. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News - Image ID: RRFXEA

Crosby, outside Liverpool, an Antony Gormley statue - lapsed live news?

Oksana Bratanova    Hot Chocolate with chili pepper and chocolate pieces over rustic wooden background. Homemade Hot Chocolate Drink for autumn and winter holidays.- Image ID: K9NHA1

lolostock   Smiling young man chopping lettuce at a table - Image ID: DFF808

Kiko Jimenez   Portrait of happy young woman listening music with headphones - Image ID: M98585

Piotr Skubisz     Spaniel looking up intently - selective focus on his eyes. - Image ID: APPXEH

Painting representing Emperor Tewodros II, 1816-1848, Addis Ababa National Museum, Ethiopia, Africa - Image ID: RDFMH3 - a couple of these

Dorking, UK. 3rd March 2019, Participants battle through the wind and rain competing in the 2019 The Winter Nuts Challenge, England.© Jason Richardson / Alamy Live News. - Image ID: RTYW95


Scottish Edition


DC Newsfeed  Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Saturday 6th October. EIS teaching members march through Glasgow city centre in protest against proposed cuts to further education colleges. EIS President Larry Flanagan was in attendance. - Image ID: CM5456

John McGovern   Traffic passing bridge renovation roadworks, Crown Street, Glasgow. - Image ID: F5KB44

Bailey-Cooper Photography   Atrium of the National museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland. - Image ID: HXYCPB

Kay Roxby    GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - 1 FEBRUARY 2015: Plastic debris and rubbish on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow in the city centre - Image ID: EFDGX8


Irish Edition


Andy Gibson   Electric car being charged in a car park in Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland. - Image ID: MN55H5

Peter Titmuss    Clerys Department Store Clock O Connell Street Dublin Ireland made by Stokes of Cork - Image ID: AY2D2N

Serving Guiness bar ireland - can't find it

Keith Leighton   Heroin User's Paraphernalia - Image ID: D2042C

Robin Beckham   A teenage girl, head between her knees, sitting by a window with light pouring in. - Image ID: DAH2X4

True Images   A boy looking at Facebook on a laptop computer - Image ID: F73CA3

Everett Collection     20th century illustration of the Avicenna (Ibn Sina) writing while surrounded by books and luxurious Persian decor. His major philosophical treatise, KITAB AL-SHIFA' (BOOK OF HEALING) synthesizes the learning of the ancient Mediterranean with Islamic philosophy. Its subjects include logic, mathematics, metaphysics and it was deeply influenced by Neo-Platonism. - Image ID: C13JEF

Paul Glendell  UKs first solar electric power station under construction at Fen Farm near Louth Lincolnshire and ecotricity wind farm behind- Image ID: C53FAC

David Robertson  Black Law Wind Farm near Forth, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK- Image ID: A44TNG




Martin Harvey Aerial view of Jacaranda trees in blossom,Johannesburg suburbs, making it one of the greenest cities in the world.South Africa - Image ID: E04PTH

Peter Phipp Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees at night in Paris.- Image ID: BEAP30

The image from the Nazi Propaganda! shows a poster for the elections for the Reichstag, which depicts a photograph of Adolf Hitler with the papal nuncio Alberto Vassallo di Torregrossa at the cornerstone laying of the Haus der Deutschen Kunst (House of German Art) in Munich, Germany, 15 October 1933. Below, Torregrossa is quoted: "I didn't understand you for a long time. I tried to for a long time. Today, I understand you." For the election campaign, a sentence is added: "Today also every German Catholic understands Adolf HItler and votes with "Yes!" on November 12." Photo: Berliner Verlag/Arc- Image ID: DF1B23

Bangkok, Thailand. 13th Feb 2019. Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha seen speaking to his supporters during his visits at Bang Khae market to observe Management of Land Traffic on Phet Kasem road in Bangkok, Thailand. The Election Commission sets on March 24 as Thailand's national Election Day. Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News- Image ID: RM40FY




he Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK. 22nd May, 2017. The annual pinnacle of the horticultural calendar, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, preview day. Hamptons estate agency office exterior is traditionally decorated for the Chelsea Flower Show, this year as Hamptons on Safari. Credit: Malcolm Park editorial/Alamy Live News.- Image ID: J71J5R

Gregory Wrona Paperchase shop on Tottenham Court Road, London, United Kingdom- Image ID: BR0AWK

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4 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times 5th

Irish Edition

Andy Gibson   Electric car being charged in a car park in Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland. - Image ID: MN55H5


Thanks for the spot, Bryan!

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*You’re welcome  Wim


Guardian Online

ERXMT9 Luxio rusted WWF sign in nature reserve
BDWDA1 Alex Segre Rack of birthday cards in Clinton Cards shop
CWEFD0 MBI Pack of dental floss


RJDTRP Christopher Cook Barn Owl hunting in the Cotswolds.


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Found on the BBC website




Bath city Georgian architecture, against the backdrop of the Royal Crescent, a woman walks briskly through Victoria Stock Photo


Photograph of Bath city Georgian architecture, against the backdrop of the Royal Crescent, a woman walks briskly through Victoria Park in the centre of Bath, UK.

Photographer: Michael Brooks / Alamy Stock Photo

Found by Aiden

Image ID: K42GB8



HELSINKI, FINLAND - JUNE 16, 2017: Scene of the Esplanade Park with locals and visitors, in Helsinki, Finland Stock Photo


Photo of HELSINKI, FINLAND - JUNE 16, 2017: Scene of the Esplanade Park with locals and visitors, in Helsinki, Finland

Photographer: RnDmS / Alamy Stock Photo

Found by Aiden




Seattle, Washington, USA - February 21, 2018 The newly completed Amazon Spheres are open providing innovative work Stock Photo


Picture of Seattle, Washington, USA - February 21, 2018 The newly completed Amazon Spheres are open providing innovative work spaces.

Photographer: Rocky Grimes / Alamy Stock Photo

Found by Aiden

Image ID: M7NYXN

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Guardian Online  05/03/19
Sergio Azenha      Overhead view of a student studying - Image ID: FT21N7

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Cheers David & Craig

05/03/2019, Guardian, p15, British Virgin islands, EAN6NF, Sean Pavone [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
05/03/2019, Guardian, p35, people eating at Giraffe restaurant, PA490E, Grant Rooney
05/03/2019, Guardian G2, p3, closed library, M0F931, UrbanImages [No credit - but via Alamy] :)




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