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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

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Guardian online

PKHF18 Richardom whimbrel, Numenius phaeopus, foraging in salt marsh, Morecambe Bay
FWDX13 Ronald Wilfred Jansen wolves in the snow on the riverside quay, Belarus


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7 minutes ago, imageplotter said:


Hi TeeCee,

Many thanks. I can't get past the paywall, sadly, is the credit line a typo at the Telegraph site or just one here on the alamy forum? ( sadly it does happen a lot, occasionally they credit the wrong tog as well :-) )


It's just credited to Alamy Live News on the page: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/08/pictures-day-8-october-2018/dogs-owners-protest-wooferendumagainst-brexit-along-route-westminster/


You can register for free to see most of the pages

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Just now, Avpics said:

It's just credited to Alamy Live News on the page: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/08/pictures-day-8-october-2018/dogs-owners-protest-wooferendumagainst-brexit-along-route-westminster/


You can register for free to see most of the pages

Yes, cheers, I'm aware of that but I had already renewed the freebie one too many times, hehe. And my version of  pressreader only has the print edition. Quite a few of the dog pics got usage (via another agency), so it's nice to find one more via Alamy also.


Alamy Live News also got the front page of The Times yesterday (8/10/18) with a dog pic by Stephen Chung in case it wasn't listed on here yet.


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Wer diesen Wanderweg beschreitet, wird mit wilder Natur entlohnt.
Whoever takes this hiking trail will be rewarded with wild nature.


Sharp Rock coast South Africa Tsitsikamma National Park Otter trail
A7G3TC Mauritius Images / Reinhard Dirscherl / Alamy RM

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Found one of my own photos.




M190XG - Harte and Garter Hotel in Windsor... if nothing else, these royal weddings are helping me sell the occasional photo taken in Windsor!

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07/10/2018 Sunday Times Travel (print)

Girl cosplayer at the Nipponbashi Street Festa, Osaka, Japan. D5E436 Trevor Mogg

Portrait of Cornwall based celebrity chef Nathan Outlaw. F71T0G Simon Burt

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Cheers Phillip!


Times 10th


Vadym Drobot  Close up portrait of a woman pouring orange juice in the glass while sitting at the kitchen - Image ID: KK89XM

young woman trying to remember - can't find it

Andrew Holt  The London Nautical School London SE1 England - Image ID: ANPG71

Washington Imaging  Gateshead law courts or Magistrates Court north east England UK - Image ID: D4E9PW - :)

Agencja Fotograficzna Caro  Man angling on a sailing boat - Image ID: BJ7AGP

Anna Berkut  Young happy woman dancing on the beach at sunset with sea background, silhouette - Image ID: D8EDGT

Entertainment Pictures RELEASE DATE: June 28, 2007. MOVIE TITLE: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. STUDIO: Heyday Films. - Image ID: F6M0D1


Scottish Edition


Brent Davis The word, Depression, surrounded by anti depressant pills. - Image ID: DTHMDM


Irish Edition


George Munday  The Gasometer, now converted into apartments rising above small terraced housesin Somerset Street, Dublin City, Ireland - Image ID: EYXF0B




rudi1976 Perth. Cityscape image of Perth downtown skyline, Australia during sunset. - Image ID: M55ECC

Suzanne Long   Damaged Please Drive Carefully sign cautioning that camels may cross road Broome Kimberley region Western Australia - Image ID: AR7BBP

PLANETPIX/ALAMY Kim Jong Un with Mike Pompeo - can't find it

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Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Mag Autumn 2018

Cover: Marc Zakian

Steve Atkins Photography Contents + DPS 38-9

Sandra Stanbridge p41,

Lee Wright, Andrew Darrington, Nigel Blake, Arterra Pic Lib, Veronica Carter, Gary Cook p42-3, all fungi

REDA & Co Srl, Rex May, Arco Images GMBH p46-7,

Rex May p48,

Blickwinkel, robertharding p52,

B Christopher, TommyK p54-55


Magazine available if anyone wants tear sheet.

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Telegraph online

KGE2T5 MichaelGrantWildlife  A worker Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) pn a sunflower head on a bright summer day.


Guardian online

DWXWT5 christopher jones English mistletoe growing in an apple tree orchard in Shropshire.A traditional Christmas decoration


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Irish Sun online today:

E5XAAX Deborah Vernon New homes constructed on UK building site, Derbyshire, Britain - summer

PC6DJH Andy Gibson Cork, Ireland. 1st Aug, 2018. Shoppers in Patrick Street, Cork city rush to get out of the rain during one of the wettest days of the last few weeks. The rain will give way to hot, sunny weather this weekend with temperatures expected to hit 28° Celsius. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News.

PT9NN1 Andy Gibson Macroom, West Cork, Ireland. 8th Oct, 2018. A Garda tent covers the body of a 44 year old murdered man. The man, from Clonakilty, was pronounced dead shortly after 2am this morning. The State Pathologist is due on the scene at 4pm today. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News.

BJHB4P Tetra Images Family embracing. Cropped

Euro bank notes - can't find it

E75B8M Ekin Yalgin One hundred euro money banknotes flying and raining on black umbrella, isolated on white background.


D3PWGN Agencja Fotograficzna Caro Hamburg, Germany, a smoking cigarette in an ashtray

MKF9RT Albert Shakirov Multiracial group of friends having lunch together. Afarican man and two attractive white women looking at menu book choosing dishes

BEG76Y RichardBakerHeathrow A hotel waiter delivers a meal ordered from room service in the Heathrow Airport Sofitel, attached to Terminal 5.

B33F2T Peter Stone Euros in Euro coins and Euro notes.

PN6NEF Andy Gibson Cork, Ireland. 20th Sept, 2018. People hurry to their destination in heavy rain in Cork City Centre. Cork is one of 7 Irish Counties to be issued a Yellow Weather Warning by Met Eireann with Storm Bronagh expected to hit Ireland on Sunday. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News.

PMTX70 David Creedon Garrettstown, Cork, Ireland. 19th September, 2018. Kitesurfer Ramunas Kaskelis from Carrigtwohill surfing in the high winds during Storm Ali at Garrettstown beach Co. Cork, Ireland. Credit: David Creedon/Alamy Live News


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10/10/2018, Guardian, p25, portrait of Mary Borden, KDKXER, Historic Collection or PBAK08, History and Art Collection [Identical. Alamy credit only]
10/10/2018, Guardian, p25, Mary Borden and Her Family at Bisham Abbey by Sir John Lavery, PAR9DJ or P1JAEP, Painters [Identical. Alamy credit only]
10/10/2018, Guardian [Journal section], p3, Save Latin Village protest in Haringey, J02FKW, Peter Marshall [Alamy credit only]
10/10/2018, Guardian [Journal section], p10, African mother & baby, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
10/10/2018, Guardian G2, p2, Chicago Ferris Wheel 1893, HRP64Y, Science History Images [No credit - poss not via Alamy]



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Guardian Online 09/10/18
Jon Arnold Images   Oxbow bend on the Amazon river, North West Brazil - Image ID: A82Y83

Guardian Online 10/10/18
Arco Images or Bildagentur /Schoening     www.tui.com, Internet, monitor, hand, magnifying glass, Monitor, Hand, Lupe - Image ID: HMHACB or HWJEAE  
Nigel Bowles    A swan swims and feeds amoungst the rubbish and pollution thrown into the River Thames in Limehouse London - Image ID: MW63HJ

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Fund in the Sun by Adie




Portrait of a mother using nose spray to cure her little girl Close up.

Contributor: Andrey Khokhlov / Alamy Stock Photo 

Image ID : MHH684






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