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  1. Personal use. Derelict Grande Hotel do Parque before destruction, Caldas do Geres, Minho, Norte, Portugal.
  2. Natures Home RSPB Magazine Spring 2019 P28 - Image ID: P4TNK4 - Pjr Travel
  3. I needed to pay import duty on the Hejnar, had to visit the post office depot before I could receive the package.
  4. I'm looking as well, and found this youtube video very interesting, worth a look, search for "INSTANTLY improve your DRONE landscape photography | DJI mavic". He explains you can stitch images together for larger files.
  5. I've had 410 for over 15 years, and have found them a delight to use after trying all sorts to find stable heads without creep when locking down. My original one is a bit stiffer now but still usable, and I have a new one (6 months oldish). I've done the Hejnar adaptation and it's good, although fairly expensive. Where I've found it useful is I can now point the camera straight upwards by reversing it on the arca plate. Much better than removing centre column and putting it at 90 degrees. You'll find pointing camera upwards very limiting on the 410. If you need extra plates for other cameras or lenses let me know as I now have quite a number gathering dust, shame you've ordered already as I have a spare new 410 also, could've shaved some money off for you, and will do for the plates. Any questions feel free to ask. Cheers
  6. Nature's Home RSPB Magazine Winter 2018 Cover Hemis / Alamy - Pintails in flight 1 Alamy from 5 images, 4-5, 1? Alamy from 10 images, 16-17? Snow Bunting on coffee table, Arndt Sven-Erik Image ID : HN31PR, 24 1 Alamy from 8 images, 31-32, 1 Alamy from 6 images, 45, Nigel Dennis Image ID : DGY82E, 49, 1 from 8 images, 63-65 DPS migratory arctic birds land, Alamy Stock Photo credit only, 62-63 Life on white - Image ID : EFNAC0, 85 Difficult to work out which images are which, so not great info from me I'm afraid.
  7. First Alamy sale, personal use. Morning sky and clouds reflected in the River Thames by Staines bridge at dawn, Swan hotel / public house in the background Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home useStart: 11 October 2018End: 11 October 2023
  8. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Mag Autumn 2018 Cover: Marc Zakian Steve Atkins Photography Contents + DPS 38-9 Sandra Stanbridge p41, Lee Wright, Andrew Darrington, Nigel Blake, Arterra Pic Lib, Veronica Carter, Gary Cook p42-3, all fungi REDA & Co Srl, Rex May, Arco Images GMBH p46-7, Rex May p48, Blickwinkel, robertharding p52, B Christopher, TommyK p54-55 Magazine available if anyone wants tear sheet.
  9. Spot on with both answers Joseph, many thanks, think I should've worked out the measures thing on my own though...!
  10. Can't find how to delete post - any help? I've noticed that Alamy measures shows total views for me as 423, but when I click to my(Your) images it only shows 223. I left it a couple of days to see if it would update, but no change (except total views increased by one). Is this normal? I had thought this could be down to a photographer with same name, but seems unlikely after a search. Not a big concern, just wondering.
  11. Thanks for the replies all. I think wim's points have made up my mind that adding info would be wasted effort, we can fix perspective/stack focus, and even make fake miniature effects with software, why bother losing more time than using a ts or software to produce images has already taken? Cheers Marshall
  12. Many of my images are taken using tilt shift lenses, 90mm +28mm to improve focus and / or correct verticals, also to make panoramas. Do other tilt shift users include this information in the tags or other image info, or not. I'm intrigued as it seems to me that in some circumstances it could inform potential buyers that the image looks that way because of the lens used, rather than digital adjustments. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated. Regards
  13. We've had 13 deaths from bees,wasps,hornets 2001-2013 according to office natl stats (bigger if you read newspaper stats), but cows win in the UK. Gens sharks and bees one worries me though, does that mean bees are stinging while you try to escape sharks!!!
  14. I've uploaded a few to alamy recently, these are a few of the results, from Canon 6d raw files 5472x3648; 2 horizontal(H) frames to (H) Pano 7551x3554px JPEG 16.0mb 3 horizontal(H) frames to (H) Pano 10491x3608px JPEG 22.2mb 6 vertical(V) frames to (H) Pano 16194x5663px JPEG 55.5mb 3 vertical(V) frames to (H) Pano 6609x5469px JPEG 21.5mb (almost square for large file from 24mm tse shifted) all my alamy export settings use: file settings JPEG quality 100 sRGB, image sizing 300ppi no other boxes checked, as MDM posted above.
  15. I found an alamy blog or something along those lines, where there was mention of time-lapse or sequences and how they could be of interest to buyers. But, after searching for ages, and occasionally trying again while waiting for LR to do something like saving metadata or exporting, the post has eluded me. So far nothing has turned up, anyone else have any idea about this? There are a few image pairs in my library that could fill this criteria, and I would like to try to find how to keyword them. The following are examples that could work, sorry I couldn't work out how to paste into topic. PBH75D and PBH75C Just tried the insert other media URL option and nothing seemed to happen either. Cheers Marsh
  16. Same for me too, images on sale in AIMS, but not in real database. Possible that month end is getting priority on system over images?
  17. Hi dlmphotog, yes I am using LR to do that already, saves quite a lot of work. The caption I am talking about above is the one for the actual submission that was uploaded to alamy, say 20 photos - alamy gives a submission reference number and calls it untitled e..g. Untitled submission - ABC123456 you can edit the Untitled submission portion to give a more descriptive name to it. Not sure if I will need it in the future, but it doesn't hurt to edit it for now. Cheers
  18. OK, thanks Betty. I went into AIM, selected a submission that had the untitled and alamy ref.. Clicked, and was able to give the upload a caption, and it appends the alamy ref.. So I can add a descriptive title and keep the alamy info. Also you can add the caption to submission uploaded, but pending QC. That works for me. It all clicks (Pun?) Cheers Marshall
  19. That's my thinking exactly! Thanks cryptoprocta! Giant fossa? Really! Thought I recognised the latin, but apparently not...
  20. Also, just noticed that my submissions end up as untitled with an alamy reference number. Do you title submissions? I use FTP. Just realised, totally dopey question. IMHO.
  21. Hi all, recently began uploading and can't work out a workflow for adding alamy file number. I use lightroom, and have thought about appending the alamy ref., but thinking about it, the info is already in alamy so why bother? What do you do?
  22. Hello Starsphinx, Ed, Marvin & Christy, guess I need to get adding more images now..... Cheers
  23. Hi all, I've already picked up on some useful info by reading the posts in this forum, in fact just confirmed to myself that that the poor discoverability thing is a little nuts by reading a post, after a little search. So, first 3 now on sale, hoping that AIM isn't spot on about them being discovered..... Photographer for 40 ish years now, mostly nature, landscape, closeup, plus some urban. Used to be with OSF, till bought, then bought, and bought up. Spent around 12 years teaching photography intro to adult education. Hope I can pass on any help here if I have an answer, to repay the help I've taken advantage of. Maybe I'll someday understand the pseudo thing before I nod off reading about it! Cheers Marsh
  24. I once had two Contax film bodies fail, after over 4 months bouncing around with me on a cycle trip around Portugal. The next couple of weeks cycling back South from the North were both frustrating and a relief without a camera. I now carry Canon full frame and EFS bodies, this allows back up and options for framing/cropping with TS lenses. I once managed to pop a 5DII into my bag instead of 6D, I'm still trying to work out which Algarve beach was which for that 10 day trip, so much easier with GPS!
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