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Accidental "personal use"- what could someone think they'd bought from you?


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Following on from the revelation that Alamy regularly refunds PU licences from people who think they've actually bought an executive jet or a wife, what desirable object could you offer?

I'll start.


A giant papier-mache manikin head.



A German war memorial- vineyard included?



A 1902 De Dion Bouton.


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Bought your ticket for your first time in space?  Be prepared now with your own space suit.




For sale for $14.99 - The Rogers Centre.  Comes with 50,000 seats, retractable dome and your own statue of Ted Rogers.  Baseball team not included.





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Can't complain, $14 for personal use when some newspaper usage is often more like $6! Have only had 3-4 personal use in the last year, so not too bad. Think I will withdraw from newspaper sales, although it always gives me a cheap (operative word) thrill to see one of my pics in the Metro free snewspaper on the way in to work!



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