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April Challenge - Sun and Shade

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Hello, here are three from me:



General public at the front entrance to Australia's Parliament House, Canberra



Cyclist crossing the Story Bridge, Brisbane



Pandanus at Ella Bay, far north Queensland, Australia


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A quiet spot for reflection in Newport, Rhode Island




Why it got its name: Late afternoon sun lights up a rock face in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, while surrounding rocks and landscape fall into shade. 




A sunstar bursts through the panels of Sachs Covered Bridge creating a pattern of sun and shade on the ground inside the bridge. The bridge is very near to Gettysburg National Battlefield and it is believed to be haunted by many who fought in the battle. Ghost-hunters covered part of the bridge with their equipment when my daughter and I were there. 



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Tried to muse on shade vs shadow, hope I got it right...


Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs



Towards the sun



Sunrise fishing:



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This might be my first contribution to a challenge for once. 


Shadows on the foliage floor in Coleshill Cuckoo Plantation woodland in Coleshill, Wiltshire, England.



Shadows of tree branches projecting on to the cafe shopfront in Faringdon's town centre.




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This is an interesting challenge Colin. I'm not sure how well mine fit the brief, but here goes...


The shaded side of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse with the sun's rays shining through the clouds, south-west Western Australia.




The rising sun shining through, illuminating mist and casting light across the lake while the foreground remains in shade, Lake Gwelup, Perth, WA.




The rising sun begins to illuminate part of the pebble covered beach at the southern end of Cowaramup Bay, highlighting some pebbles while others remain in shade, Gracetown, WA.



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I meant to post here weeks ago but life got in the way. Some splendid entries already, I'm hoping I didn't miss the boat. My three as follows:-


Sunset over Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert, Mojave National Preserve, California CA, USA Stock Photo

Sunset over the Mojave Desert in California. Taken during my Route 66 trip in 2022, I was late and didn't have the energy to make it to the top, but this view still made it worth it. I took my boots off and lay on my back and watched the sky for a few minutes after taking this, probably one of the most calming moments of my life. Followed by a frantic rush down the dune and back to my car which by the time I got to it was in near total darkness. I narrowly avoided p*ssing off a rattlesnake too.



Street photography, Manchester. Great Bridgewater Street looking towards Deansgate. A ray of golden sunlight silhouettes people walking. England, UK Stock Photo

Manchester; Great Bridgewater Street looking towards Deansgate. A fortuitously placed sunray and very much a "grab shot" that turned out to be my favourite of the roll. That roll being some expired Provia 400X that I'd managed to get hold of, shot only last year.



Sunrise over Manchester city, panoramic view of the city skyline, England, UK Stock Photo

Manchester again, taken from one of the high points in Bolton in 2020 so it is missing some newly built skyscrapers. It was another more or less fluke shot, I got up that morning knowing the sun would rise right over the city, but the viewing conditions and fact the sun was behind the city just meant the contrast sucked and so realising my shots were duds I called it a day. As I was about to get into the car after packing up my stuff a cloud parks itself in front of the sun and silhouettes the city "just so", giving this awesome contrast. I really need to do this shot again but the chances of it happening again like this are really slim I reckon.

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Hi everyone, I have been suffering from acute Busyness. I’ve made my shortlist and I’ll post the voting page tomorrow. Sorry for all the delays. 

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