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Have you found any Alamy photos June 2023?

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Times online 24th



robin chittenden Vagrant Emperor (Anax ephippiger) Waxham Norfolk 2GNAYPG



designer491  Lifetime ISA Individual Savings Account sign and coins.  2AWW4CR

Timon Schneider mobile phone with logo of British utility company OVO Energy Ltd  2J2Y4H7



David Sewell  Common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) MW65PH

RM Floral Salvia confertiflora,salvia  KW7MGA 

Several Alamy Salvia photos here

AngieC White flowers on a mock orange shrub, Philadelphus Belle Etoile  2C4Y406

John Richmond Pink and white scented flowers of the hardy deciduous honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina'  PA3KG0

Tim Gainey  Flowering Wisteria floribunda yae kokuryu at RHS Wisley Gardens,  E0DGD8

Jason Smalley  Dianthus Mrs Sinkins  A697FD



Craig Brown Oban, Scotland, UK. 16th May 2023. Calmac ferries to the Hebridean Isles  MV Loch Striven : 2R1YJD0

Peter L Hardy  Scallop dredging boat operating in the Firth of Lorne SAC off Scotlands West coast AC7K4D

Amar and Isabelle Guillen  A scallop dredge is lifted up on a ship deck by a fisherman DKKD53

Andrew Ray  A red deer stag in Glen Etive. TWF4AH

Cairns  deer stalker and lady guest, United Kingdom, Scotland  CNY35F

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 31 May 2023. Stephen Kerr MSP  2R52EX3

Gerard Ferry  Glasgow, Scotland, UK 21st June, 2023.  New “Banksy” artwork just around the corner 2R8HNHK

Arch White Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 21 June 2023.  Summer Solstice on the Firth of Forth. 2R8E1PP

IAN GEORGESON Priest holding gold crucifix - can't find it, image deleted ?

Alex Thomson  Stornoway Town Hall early morning reflection Isle of Lewis Western Isles Outer Hebrides Scotland  G2W4J8

UrbanImages The offices of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, local government for Na h-Eileanan Siar or the Outer Hebrides.  GG62CD



Kurt Paulus  Doctor, doctor's smock, breast pocket, stethoscope, Pager, ballpoint pen, H43AFK

Action Plus Sports Images 23rd June 2023; Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire, England: Royal Ascot Horse Racing, Day 4; Oti Mabuse  2R90T40

Matt Crossick Somerset, UK. 23 June 2023. The crowd at the Other Stage, at the Glastonbury Festival a 2R91D51

Guy Bell Glastonbury, UK. 23rd June, 2023. Fans of all ages watch as Texas and lead singer Sharleen Spiteri2R9180G

Guy Bell  Glastonbury, UK. 23rd June, 2023. Older couples are well prepared with cooking stoves  2R8XN6Y

Guy Bell  Glastonbury, UK. 23rd June, 2023. Two couples share a large bell tent 2R8XN9H

Guy Bell  Glastonbury, UK. 23rd June, 2023. Excited fans watch as Carly Rae Jepsen plays the Other Stage - 2R91736 and 2R9173H

Guy Bell Glastonbury  - fans too many to look !


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On 23/06/2023 at 07:29, Bryan said:

Times online 23rd


Sally Anderson  View over rooftops to Leith, Walk Inchkeith island in Firth of Forth & MS Victoria ship, Edinburgh, 2KDTJB2

Sally Anderson Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 06 June 2023.  Council Leader Cammy Day on the first tram to take passengers.2R60JMK

Sally Anderson  MS Victoria ferry ship in Leith Harbour, used as acommodation for Ukrainian refugees. 2M56JRD


Thanks a lot Bryan.

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Telegraph 24 June


Female walker on top of Malham Cove in Summer Yorkshire England UK

Contributor: Peter Lane / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: B1M4CT


Picturesque view of the quaint town of Kayserberg, Alsace, France

Contributor: Jennifer Barrow / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2B88DE1

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7 hours ago, Bryan said:

UrbanImages The offices of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, local government for Na h-Eileanan Siar or the Outer Hebrides.  GG62CD


Thanks for spotting this one Bryan  :)


and you're very welcome Clare



24/06/2023, The Guardian, p9, graduation day at Manchester University, E4G6E7, Campus Shots
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p11, Ttanic, 2JTYMDC, Shawshots
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p17, Amsterdam, 2MX0M11, Ian Goodrick
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p21, Besalu in Catalonia, 2HGA9H7, Gareth Kirkland
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p27, 'Banksy' graffiti, 2R8HNJA, gerard ferry
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p35, growing flowers, credited to Arthit Buarapa/Alamy but I can't find it
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p42, mobile bookshop in Budapest, PHY58G, Gareth Dewar
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p45, Astrup Fearnley Contemporary Art Museum in Oslo, EH4GPN, MAISANT Ludovic/hemis.fr
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p49, cardboard house & money, 2C3PBGY, f:nalinframe
24/06/2023, The Guardian, p51, housing & interest rate concept, 2D6JX4N, Andriy Popov [Alamy credit only]
24/06/2023, The Guardian [Magazine], p53, Kim Kardashian, 2J5RNFH, LANDMARK MEDIA
24/06/2023, The Guardian [Magazine], p53, viperfish, 2C65YP9, Solvin Zankl/mauritius images GmbH
24/06/2023, The Guardian [Magazine], p79, Faro station, 2G6E2A5, Eunika Sopotnicka/imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG



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Rail Magazine issue 986 (June 28 - July 11 2023)


Page 40/41 - Urban landscape train tracks & distant London skyline with South West Trains passenger service returns to depot at Clapham Junction train station UK - Image ID: G2P77E

Justin Kase zsixz / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 45 - U.S. engineers rebuild main railroad line running from Brest to Paris in France (August 26, 1944) - Image ID: CW6BDK

Photo 12 / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 48/49 - aerial view of the Manchester skyline, UK from Piccadilly Station towards the city centre, UK - Image ID: F2G7NE

A.P.S.(UK) / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 62 - crowded tube train? Can't find source but Alamy Credit only - EDIT: subsequently found on Agefotostock - England, London, High Street Kensington Underground Station, Exterior View of Passengers on Train - Steve Vidler


Edited by TheCrofter
image found on Agefotostock
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25/06/2023, The Observer, p23, Weston Cast Court in the V&A, G7GYBY, Philip Toscano/PA Images [Alamy credit only]
25/06/2023, The Observer, p25, Bruce Willia on Russian bank advert, D0AP1B, WENN Rights Ltd
25/06/2023, The Observer, p44, teddy bear on wooden stairs, 2BH9A5D, Friedrun West/mauritius images GmbH [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
25/06/2023, The Observer [Magazine], p35, beach bar at Hossegor, R8AF22, Stephen Hughes [cropped]
25/06/2023, The Observer [Review section], pp8-9, A View of Delft by Carel Fabritius, 2F9MPFM, Niday Picture Library
25/06/2023, The Observer [Review section], p14, Chapelle de Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, A8AR05, David Reed
25/06/2023, The Observer [Review section], p15, Villa Savoye near Paris, C8846B, VPC Travel Photo [Alamy credit only]
25/06/2023, The Observer [Review section], p16, Open Hand monument in Chandigarh, CC0XWY, Bjanka Kadic
25/06/2023, The Observer [Review section], p16, Assembly Building in Chandigarh, KWNWWN, Andrey Khrobostov
25/06/2023, The Observer [Review section], p29, still from 'Alice', HCA0YX, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]

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Times online 26th



David Cooper  The 14th century Guildhall is a Grade 1 listed building in Guildford High Street,  PTWXKA

Gordon Bell Old Amersham Berkshire in the Chilterns : W41E48

Anne Rippy  Grand Union Canal - Berkhamsted, borough of Dacorum, Hertfordshire, GGWRXX

Jonathan Player Milliner Philip Treacy,  G3W7GJ

RJT Photography  Fego restaurant and cafe, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, 2BTYR7R



jean brooks Gustav Klimt's studio now a museum, Klimt Villa, Vienna, Austria 2M3Y2BG

neighbors cat - PW  Neue Pinakothek Munich, Artmuseum, Munich, Bavaria, Germany,  MHXDMG

volkerpreusser  Unterach am Attersee: church, bust of Gustav Klimt, Austria, GDF771

Piere Bonbon  Ca' Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art, Venice, Italy F58W5G

VPC Photo 'The Maiden' (1913) by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt in the National Gallery in Prague,  E3TACB

E.J.Westmacott  Mäda Primavesi by Gustav Klimt (1912) The Metropolitan museum of art (met) , New York City,  F5ACW3

Chris Howes Spilberk Castle entrance, Brno, Czech Republic, 2AGN8YH

Alexander Nikiforov  Rafting in the Tara river FJ6PJ8

Guenter Fischer  UAZ four wheel drive on the way to the Khugnu Khan mountain range, Mongolia PBRK36



Vuk Valcic London, England, UK. 22nd June, 2023. Exterior view of the Bank of England  2R8MHH2

Davide Bonaldo A woman seen inside a Primark clothing store shopping for baby clothes. 2K80M5F

Simon Dack Young woman carrying a Boots the Chemist paper shopping bag  2ANAA0C

Umdash9  Container ship being loaded and unloaded at Felixstowe docks suffolk  2J6R5AD

Frode Koppang  A oil platform in the North sea with a supply vessel alongside during sunset.: RRHEGT



Marc Ward An artist's depiction of the constellation Sagittarius the Archer. : F6ND33

Denis Shitikoff  Haricot beans. Bean plants go up to the sky on pillars 2JJ1NKY

The Print Collector  A horse-drawn carriage, London, 1926-1927.B0KHRP



Lynne Cameron Motherwell manager Craig Brown GCMMCY

Owen Humphreys Scotland Manager Craig Brown meets fans at the Stade De France in Paris  2D2YPD2

Chris Bacon W.CUP Scotland/Brown 2 G4C00B

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 22 June 2023. Fiona Hyslop at the Scottish Parliament.  2R8R3B6



Matthias Oesterle Ciutadella, Spain. 24th June, 2023 'Jocs des Pla' (medieval tournament)  2R95H42

Tim Jones  RNLI Lifeboat responding to an emergency B9NHCW

Richard Barnes view from Greenwich Park, South East London UK, looking towards Canary Wharf : 2J5MCNP

Beaver Devon ? - can't find it

amer ghazzal London UK. 18 June 2023 .A row of semi detached homes in Wimbledon, 2R7YKK9

Heorshe Supersports store in Central Pattaya (CentralFestival Pattaya Beach) shopping mall. 2R7HN66

Chris Pearsall  ExxonMobil technician refuelling British Airways BA146 aircraft at Birmingham Airport  B6BFCH

Stephen Chung London, UK. 21 May 2022. Participants take part in the 45th Annual Historic Barge Race,  2J98CN2 and 2J98CB6


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