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Have you found any Alamy photos June 2023?

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July 2023, Gardeners' World, p4, rose, PYNBMC, Malcolm Haines [Cropped & cutout]
July 2023, Gardeners' World, pp68-69, rose, PYNBMC, Malcolm Haines
July 2023, Gardeners' World, p89, young woman painting fence, B8XHND, Splish Splosh

ISSN:  09617477

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Times online 20th



freeartist Traditional greek Amorgos island,Katapola bay K31JH1

MIKEL BILBAO GOROSTIAGA La Salve Bridge and "Maman" spider sculpture. Bilbao,  EGKK73



Arnold Drapkin Newport, Rhode Island, USA. 9th Sep, 2005. Two passengers watch the Saga Ruby cruise ship W2GEA3

Oleg Upalyuk vodka finland : M3TGYB

Maureen McLean  Slough, Berkshire, UK. 14th December, 2022. An Elizabeth Line train  2M2YGKN

Michael Foley Headquarters of John Lewis, Victoria Street, London,  2J117N1

Fang Zhe Beijing, Lujiazui area in Shanghai. 17th Apr, 2020.  2BF599B ? No credits



Colin Fisher Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 17 July 2020  Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH)  2C7FKD2 and 2C7FKD5

Craig Brown  Oban, Scotland, UK. 16th May 2023.  MV Loch Frisa arriving in Oban, 2R1YJC2

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 14 June 2023. Fiona Hyslop t 2R7B50X

EcoPics A cloud of Midges / Gnats small flies swarming above a grass banked woodland stream in Scotland UK  2H8C77M

Iain Masterton  Aerial view of Flow country blanket bog in A' Mhòine (Moine) peninsula in Sutherland, 2J9H4WK ? No credits



Mango Art The Garden of earthly delights painting by Hieronymus Bosch : 2R43CHB

Album Dutch school. Detail of The Garden of Earthly Delights (left panel): Hell.  PNJ82H

Michael Foley  Union jack flag over the Bank of England, Threadneedle st, City of London, England. 2HMX1M8

Album Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II (1868-1918) with the Cross of Saint Vladimir. : RCTFYC

Carl Court Russian businessman Maxim Viktorov holds a Guarneri del Gesu violin GAJGDR

ZUMA Prince Michael of Kent and his spouse Princess Michael of Kent (r) visiting St.Petersburg CAMART

Imageplotter London, UK. 19th June, 2023. Artist Jenny Kendler 2R847JF

David Bagnall  Traffic Warden Civil Enforcement Officer photographing the tax disc of a car in Birmingham B8KH77

WENN Glastonbury Festival 2014 Stella McCartney,alasdhair willis ED7M93 ? ambiguous credits

Danny Lawson  Nick Fletcher MP speaks during the Northern Research Group conference  2R6EA4D

Tom Uhlman  sea otter Elkhorn Slough california  BHC8AN

Michael Kemp  2010 Virgin London Marathon. Supporters of MacMillan Cancer Support.  BKEWP9

Aleksandr Davydov  Peaceful beautiful lady relaxing sleeping in cozy bed, 2A9P4W3 - ? No credits

IFTN The Rocky Horror Picture Show, H65Y6J



R.McNeillie  Noctilucent Clouds over Scotland  P5CG5X

Edited by Bryan
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20/06/2023, Guardian, p11, Glyndebourne, AHYTF3, john norman
20/06/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p10, Olympics velodrome in London, FJ74BM, marc zakian 2 [Alamy creedit only]
20/06/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p11, Sir Michael Hopkins, DB8B0F, WENN Rights Ltd
20/06/2023, Guardian G2, p6, woman smelling clothes, 2HAJCY5, Antonio Guillem [Alamy creedit only]

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USA, Travel + Leisure magazine, July 2023 issue


Pg. 14, Quito, Ecuador, Karol Kozlowski PR61R4

Pg. 54, Northern pygmy owl, Blickwinkel F002WW

Pg. 55, Western sandpiper, Don White, KP3GCE

Pg. 55, Photo of a roseate spoonbill credited to Cal Vornberger that I could not find


Edited by Michael Ventura
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21/06/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, Angela Thorne & Penelope Keith, 2J0F776, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix
21/06/2023, Guardian G2, p7, still from 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie', HDX2H7, Collection Christophel

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10 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 21st



Alan Wilson  The Quad of Old College, part of the University of Edinburgh. 2G4NJDY


Thanks Bryan for finding this, much appreciated 👍


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USA, National Geographic History magazine, Jul/Aug 2023 issue


Pg. 12, A 14th century B.C. Egyptian Bed at a museum in Turin, Italy, Realy Easy Star/Toni Spagone EK048N (Alamy credit only)

Pg. 15, A photo of a 18th century Prussian rifle credited to Alamy that I could not find

Pg. 39, The Sphinx, Egypt, Michael Greenfelder PM23M0

Pgs, 50 & 51, The Altar of the Queen, Tarquinia, Italy, Rupert Hansen C95YY8

Pg. 52, Painting by Ulpiano Checa credited to AGE Fotostock/Alamy but could not find

Pgs. 58 & 59, Temple of Tikal, Guatemala, Brian Van Tighem G5801Y

Pg. 60, Aerial view of the Maya pyramid of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico, Alfredo Matus 2BBEDJ9

Pg. 61, A panel carving showing the Ajaw of Cancuien, Realy Easy Star PYECY7 (Alamy credit only)

Pg. 63, A Maya dignitary figurine, Artokoloro 2HB2R00 (Alamy credit only)

Pg. 76, Field glasses from the battle of Gettysburg, PA, Maurice Savage M00K7K

Pg. 81, A wool kepi cap, Maurice Savage M00K73

Pgs. 90 & 91, Lincoln Address Memorial, Gettysburg, PA, Jason Meyer H4EXET

Pg. 92, A Greek stamp, Hipix 2K4JK8E

Pg. 93, Sponge divers in Greece circa 1900, Abbus Acastra PE1YD5




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Times online  22nd



John Morris The "Olde Ferrie Inne" Symond's Yat, Herefordshire  B36J9E

Mr Standfast  On the River Avon between Bath and Bathampton somerset : K4KYXG

David Chapman Pandora Inn; Restronguet Creek; Cornwall; UK - Image ID: R9G15H

Steve Vidler  England, Hampshire, Stockbridge, The Mayfly Pub and River Test 2EACJN7



gbimages  Premier Inn, Churchill Way, Cardiff, Wales,  FG9EBC

Yui Mok The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby during the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh 2F9C1WF ? No credits

zoompics  Exterior of Wagamama Restaurant in St Peter's Square, city centre Manchester,  TRGN5W



Ian Davidson London, UK. 20th June, 2023. Alex Chalk, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice,  2R898YM



Iain Masterton Port Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 3rd November 2022. Views of Caledonian Macbrayne ferries under construction  2KAR93C

Colin Fisher Livingston, Scotland, UK. 21st July, 2020. The factory of pharmaceutical company Valneva,  2C84K37

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 30 May 2023. Fergus Ewing MSP 2R4X73D

Ian G Dagnall St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Mainland, Orkney, Scotland,  JJG476

David Lyons Scapa Beach near Kirkwall, Mainland, Orkney, Scotland. : M8NBWD

Paul Glendell Kirkwall harbour on Orkney Mainland Scotland  AP5CAP

Scott Camazine engorged Ixodes tick, a vector of Lyme disease  BP1H3E

Kay Roxby man wearing shorts walking through talk bracken in Scotland,  WA39WY

FLPA Killer Wahle (Orcinus orca) group of three swimming together in the Strait of Gibraltar, K8RECK

Patty Tse Orca, or killer whale (Orcinus orca) feeding near the boats of Moroccan fishermen, JPGN6P



horst friedrichs Meg Munn former member of Parliament  2FYK6HW

Vitalii Nykolyshyn Pensive student looks computer screen  2B0857K

mundissima  Authentic Practical Driving Test Certificate , 2022.

Sun Fei Xigaze, China's Tibet Autonomous Region. 20th June, 2023. A rider picks up a hada,  2R89W8M

Kumar Sriskandan  Sign for The Cambridge Union Debating Society, CPDBJ9

Graham Hunt Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. 9th May 2023. The accommodation barge Bibby Stockholm  2R0RH15

Stephen Bell  Soho, London, UK. 5th February 2022. London Wardour Street Offices of Christine Lee & Co (Solicitors) Limited.  2HN1DNE

Ian Merton Hatfield house and gardens located in the county of Hertfordshire, DD017A

Homer Sykes Robert Cecil Lord Salisbury at Hatfield House Hatfield. Hertfordshire UK. BYPJJ8

Aleksei Gorodenkov Camera Inside Kitchen Fridge: Dad Lifts Cute Little Daughter 2EGFKTE

Fati Sadou Ian Rosenblatt attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 31st Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party 2PC69T4

ROGER GARFIELD Glastonbury arriving - can't find it

WaterFrame  Orca Killer Whale, Orcinus orca, Strait of Gibraltar, G12K3T

Guy Corbishley London, UK. 9th August, 2022. UK Weather: Greenwich Park remains dry parched 2JPFWBP

THA Elvis Presley signing autographs for young fans, circa 1956.  2K3E2AP



Ros Drinkwater Harry Orde Powlett 8th Baron Bolton Bolton Castle  A55WPP

Edited by Bryan
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