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Have you found any Alamy photographs in January 2020

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On 03/01/2020 at 07:13, Bryan said:

Thanks for the spot Craig, useful encouragement at this time of year!


Cheers Iain, Pearl and John !


Times Online 3rd


Bricks and Mortar


Realimage  Ludlow Shropshire West Midlands England UK Britain 11th century Norman and Medieval Castle exterior walls - Image ID: B0FW06


And again Bryan.  Thank you



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04/01/2020 Amateur Photographer (print)

A few more .....

Urban fox at night. HT57XS Alex Witt

Common Blue butterfly. DDWX05 Alex Fieldhouse

Woman praying with rosary beads in her hands. EY7C7B Tetra Images

Frozen pond with autumn leaf below the surface. BGPN22 John Boyle

Oil and water. BGPX9C Alexy Stiop

Close up of water splash with abstract reflection. BRD1GF Nikola Bilic

Leeds Castle firework display 2019. 2A858GT Tony Watson

Optical illusion of a hand holding the sun on a hill during sunset. TTT9CG Cavan Images

Royal Crescent, Bath. BWRGE1 Andrew Michael

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11 hours ago, Pietrach said:


Thank you @SShep  Is there any chance you could post an image/scan of the page here? (long shot I now).

Thank you again.


Hi Pawel,


No problem.  I'm travelling at the moment but hopefully I should be able to put a scan up once I get home in about a week's time.




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On 03/01/2020 at 08:13, Bryan said:

ukartpics   London, UK. 7 June 2016. Pictured: Royal Academian Grayson Perry with his wife. Celebrities and VIPs arrive for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2016 preview party.  21 August 2016. - Image ID: G35AHH



Thank you Bryan. 🙂


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04/01/2020, Guardian, p15, Vathia Gonia beach in Ayia Napa, 2AHFE4K, Kirill Makarov
04/01/2020, Guardian, p17, boy playing outside, DYJH7M, Borges Samuel
04/01/2020, Guardian, p43, Monzo website on 'phone, H920D0, Cyberstock [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian, p43, credit cards, C261F0, Realimage [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian, p43, overdue stamp on letter, A246D1, Elmtree Images [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian, p43, worried woman with bank statement, E7N4K9, David J. Green - lifestyle themes [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian, p44, M&S banking app, FK06NE, DWD-Media [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/01/2020, Guardian, p46, washing machine, CWA44E, Lynne Sutherland [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/01/2020, Guardian [Magazine], p47, Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena, AAKKNK, Val Duncan/Kenebec Images [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p2, Gothenburg, GCRF96, Alexander Weickart [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Val di Vara in Italy, CP6C1M, Universal Images Group North America LLC/DeAgostini [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, HWF981, Evgeni Ivanov [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p5, Sant Antoni festival in Fornells, GE4024, ZUMA Press, Inc. [Alamy credit only]
04/01/2020, Guardian [Review section], p13, silhouette of boy with football, WC5NPC, Valentin Marki/EyeEm
04/01/2020, Guardian [Review section], p35, Northey Island in Essex, CF3MBN,  Jean Williamson/LOOP IMAGES


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USA, Food Network magazine, Jan/Feb 2020 issue

All Alamy photos are credited to Alamy only


Pg. 17, A green smoothie, Judith Collins

Green Drink Stock Photo


Pg. 20, Photo of a fried chicken sandwich that I could not find


Pg. 25, Food Truck in New York City (cut out), Ira Berger


Wafles & Dinges, a food truck on Broadway in the Soho district of New York City Stock Photo


Pg. 25, Deep dish pizza (cut out), Brent Hofacker


Chicago Style Deep Dish Cheese Pizza with Tomato Sauce Stock Photo


Pg. 25, Pork lard (cut out), Viktor Fisher


Pork lard spread on ceramic plate Stock Photo


Pg. 64, Salmon fillet, Picture Partners

Fresh raw salmon steaks isolated on white background Stock Photo



Pg. 98, Dr Lulu Hunt Peters dietitian, Pictorial Press Ltd (possibly another contributor)


LULU HUNT PETERS (1873-1930) American doctor, writer  and dietician about 1922 Stock Photo

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Cheers Bettina and Pearl !


Sunday Times Online 5th


RayArt Graphics Female doctor examines the blood pressure of elderly patient - Image ID: B5R618

New York, USA. 4th Jan, 2020. On January 4, 2020 hundreds of New Yorkers joined the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, and other advocacy groups on a rally in Times Square, calling on people from around the United States to organize local demonstrations to demand: No more U.S. troops to Iraq or the Middle East! U.S. out of Iraq now! and No war/no sanctions on Iran! Credit: Erik McGregor/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2AJMG7X




Glasgow, UK. 24th Nov, 2019. Pictured: Jackson Carlaw MSP - Interim Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. Seen on their General Election campaign trail at Pacific quay in Glasgow. Credit: Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2AAYAPC

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 20th Aug, 2014. Edinburgh Zoo introduce Velu an new baby chimpanzee born to mum Heleen,  (Shot through glass) Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News - Image ID: E6C8GE




Jonathan Goldberg  Call centre staff on the phone - Image ID: BHT8AW

Aviation Images Ltd  Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ-200ER taking-off from Palma International with thomsonfly Boeing 757 and DHC-8 Q300 parked at the terminal, air-traffic con - Image ID: KFARM9

Alexander Rochau  Sporty young woman skiing on the glaciers of Monte Rosa - Image ID: T7X7E9

JSK  Street Art, graffiti of Lebanon's iconic singer Fairuz by Lebanese artist Yazan Halwani in Gemmayze, Beirut - Lebanon - Image ID: P6H2K5




Image Source Groceries on kitchen counter - Image ID: BK7FGN

lowefoto  The 101 Embankment office and the CitySuites apartment buildings, from Greengate Square, Salford, Manchester, England, UK - Image ID: J3Y73A




PjrTravel  For Sale signs outside flats in Maidstone, Kent, England. - Image ID: EKC49P

Troika   Neil Woodford has moved to Oakley Capital where he has launched his own fund called Woodford Investment Management. Photo by Michael Walter/Troika - Image ID: KG3K3C

Bonmarché store front woman motion blur - can't find it

Kumar Sriskandan  People shopping in Homebase, Newmarket Suffolk UK - Image ID: CEP0EA




Realy Easy Star / Toni Spagone Italy Sicily Egadi Islands Favignana -Piazza Matrice , Church Maria Santissima Immcolata - Mother Church - Image ID: GEGTP6

Andrzej Wojnar Driving on strada bianca in Italy - Image ID: CX0R51

Bailey-Cooper Photography Friezes painted on the walls and ceiling of Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore - Image ID: F0DT6P

Roman Babakin  Woman backpacker at Path of Gods on Tyrrhenian sea, Amalfi coast, Italy - Image ID: KT8H4P

StevanZZ  Lucca panoramic aerial view of city and San Michele in Foro Cathedral at sunset. Tuscany, Italy, Europe. - Image ID: 2AF04RK

Paul Williams  13th century facade of the San Michele in Foro is a Roman Catholic basilica church in Lucca, Tunscany, Italy - Image ID: H63A3G

Hiva Oa smiling woman - can't find it

Sorin Colac  Marquesas Islands, Nuku Hiva. Notre Dame Cathedral. French Polynesia. - Image ID: H8HDWP

Carmen Gabriela Filip  Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. Tiki on the bay of Nuku Hiva. - Image ID: KX950B




Francisco Martinez  Sunset over Balephuil Bay,Tiree,Inner Hebrides,Argyll and Bute,Scotland - Image ID: H637R5

Richard Newton  The towering hill of Ann Sgurr on the Isle of Eigg, Scotland. - Image ID: TAK30F

Ellen Rooney   The Telegraph Garden designed by Marcus Barnett and winner of a gold medal at The Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK 2015 - Image ID: ER2G9Y

Andrew Baskott  Arched entrance in a hedge of Copper Beech and Holly looking into the colourful Rose Border garden at Kiftsgate Court, Cotswolds, England - Image ID: C7XC5E

Rosa gallica; ‘Versicolor’ - can't find it

Ros Crosland  Green Beech hedges in winter at York Gate Garden, Adel, Leeds. - Image ID: R385GA

mike jarman  Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Golf Ball' - Image ID: M7N4C7

Edited by Bryan
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Sunday 5th January

The Observer

Hayley Blackledge    colourful mix of vegetables on a wooden board with knife GDF0AX

John Hayward  Hereford cattle at Stone Acton with Wenlock Edge in the distance, Shropshire. FY3M04

Katerina Sulova  Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib T6PCAB

 Christopher Pillitz Winchester College. A5RRME

Edited by Thyrsis
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2 hours ago, VbFolly said:

BBC Countryfile magazine – Issue 159 – January

P86, Farthing Downs, an area of open space owned by the City of London & forming part of the green belt land to the south of London. - Image ID: G2K994, SJ Images


Thanks for spotting this one, much appreciated.


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05/01/2020, Observer, p16, vegetables & knife, GDF0AX, Hayley Blackledge [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer, p25, group of cows with calves, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
05/01/2020, Observer, p30, Zdenek Hrib, T6PCAX, Katerina Sulova/CTK Photo
05/01/2020, Observer, p47, windows at night, credited to Yuliya Mykolaivna Heikens/Alamy but I can't find exact one
05/01/2020, Observer, p48, Mustique, JEEMPD, Colin Anthony Photography [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
05/01/2020, Observer, p51, Winchester College, A5RRME, christopher Pillitz
05/01/2020, Observer, p58, electric cars charging, EXXBEG, Kenny Williamson [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer, p61, Tibits restaurant, PXF196, Wilfrido Tunon [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
05/01/2020, Observer [Magazine], p6, Helen Sharman, FDG432, Matthew Horwood [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer [Magazine], p33, C19th fashion, G3B64N, Chronicle [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer [Magazine], p39, eucalyptus in snow, B5FMWH, Philip Quirk [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer [Magazine], p46, Mandarin duck, M6W11G, Sarayut Thaneerat [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer [Review section], p25, Raspberry Pi workshop, 2A20Y27, Mark Hawkins
05/01/2020, Observer [Review section], p27, Rochdale canal, PJ0TG2, Mark Helliwell [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer [Review section], p27, hedgehog, HYN6XA, Anney P [Alamy credit only]
05/01/2020, Observer [Review section], p27, woman with recycling box, B3BA7H, picturesbyrob [Alamy credit only]


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