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Have you found any Alamy Images in August 2019?

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1 hour ago, Nigel Kirby said:

Guardian Online 13/08/19
Avpics    Kennington is a London Underground station on Kennington Park Rd in Kennington on the Charing Cross and Bank branches of Northern Line - Image ID: FWAJA8

Thank you Nigel, or 'sick' as the youths say, apparently as a good thing.

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Guardian Online  

F04RK8  Cal Sport Media/Larry Clouse Trail markers on the trail near Colorado's highest peak, Mount Elbert

TR6F2H blickwinkel/H. Duty  collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto), pair sitting side by side on a branch


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My pleasure Vincent 👍



The Times - online




JXT316   Paul Warburton   Wirral, UK. 17th August 2017. Students at South Wirral High School celebrate receiving their A and AS level results. © Paul Warburton



DPMTDG   keith morris   Welsh teenage GCSE school pupils sitting exams in a school hall, Wales UK



B57K83   Roger Bamber   Romanian workers harvest the grape crop in an English vineyard in Sussex.



BMKBHC    jon challicom   Pot holes in a suburban road in North London



FDTGW8   Richard Becker   Garden Bumblebee (Bombus hortorum) adult male feeding on Buddleia (Buddleja X weyeriana) flowers in a garden. Powys, Wales.



ARTW2T   Jack Jeffrey/Photo Resource Hawaii  Iiwi (Vestiaria coccinea) Common nectar feeding Hawaiian honeycreeper found only in high mountain forest, main Hawaiian Islands



FK7B88   Islandstock   Manchester Piccadilly train station, Manchester, England. UK



KEKYCM   Nick Moore   A teenager uses his cellphone on a train



FB3MN2    Perry Svensson   Presidential Office, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China



T0FMDE   ALEXANDROS MICHAILIDIS   Brussels, Belgium. 20th March 2019.EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager addresses a press conference on the concurrence case with Google online search advertising . Alexandros Michailidis/Alamy Live News



RX33P7   Aviation Visuals   Cobham Aviation British Aerospace 146-300 aircraft VH-NJZ taking off from Adelaide Airport.



CW5MND   Michał Gański   Lightning in the sky


. . . . . . all for now . . . . . dental appointment! 🙁



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On 11/08/2019 at 11:47, AlanW said:

The Sunday Times - online





EPMMGK   lynchpics   Chippenham,Wiltshire, UK, 19th May, 2015. On the day before the soft drinks producer Britvic announces it's half year results a bottle of Britvic cranberry juice is pictured in Chippenham,Wiltshire






Many thanks Alan for spotting this. 

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14/08/2019, Guardian, p29, Jyske Bank in Copenhagen, BE7153, Kathy deWitt [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
14/08/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Audrey Eyton, AXX82Y, Shaun Higson / Portraits


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On 10/08/2019 at 17:33, Abiyoyo said:

Thanks for finding that and taking the time to post


Architectural Digest






J1JR5T Antonio Jose Jimenez Cabeza Camarinal Lighthouse at Sunset in Cadiz, South of Spain

EG5718 Julian Eales  The stunning modern architecture at the Bodegas Marques de Riscal, Rioja, Spain, build by architect Frank Gehry.

MBP81N Andrey Khrobostov Magdalena Palace or Palacio de la Magdalena is a palace located on the Magdalena Peninsula in Santander city, Spain.

R9E7K8 Pavel Szabo Stoned building at El Mirador del Rio in Lanzarote created by Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

DDJ6N9 Anthony Coleman-VIEW  Can Lis, Mallorca, Spain. Architect: Utzon, Jorn, 1971. House and courtyard facing sea.

DFGXER Xavier Fores - Joana Roncero Canfranc International Train Station in the Pyrenees, Canfranc, Huesca, Spain

PRXYP2 Andrey Khrobostov El Capricho is a building, designed by Antoni Gaudi, located in in Comillas in Cantabria region of Spain

W3FWKB ALFREDO RUIZ HUERGA Aranzazu monastery build by Chiilida and oteiza in gipuzkoa


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My pleasure Lynchpics 👍



back again to finish today's Times!


The Times - online







W9EW0C   Steven Scott Taylor   Edinburgh, UK. August 13 2019; Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson makes her Edinburgh, UK. International Book Festival debut, discussing the women who inspired her new book with Dame Katherine Grainger, Britain's most decorated female Olympic athlete. Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News



W2CYC4   jeremy sutton-hibbert   Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers Capital, photographed in Ferguson's Marine shipyard on the River Clyde, in Port Glasgow, Scotland, on 12 June 2019.



K463PA   Richardom   Atlantic Puffling, Fratercula arctica, stretching wings at entrance to burrow, Skomer Island, Wales






D9XTW4   PE Forsberg   Govinda's vegetarian restaurant Dublin Ireland Europe

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Wie Tiere mit falschen Augen tricksen
How animals trick with false eyes


A male Maratus speciosus "peacock jumping spider" performing mating courtship dance for a female spider.
JR2ME0 Adam Fletcher / Biosphoto/ Alamy RM

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On 13/08/2019 at 12:12, SShep said:

13/08/2019, Guardian G2, p2, Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich, FF6TBH, SFL Travel [Alamy credit only]




Thank you for spotting this. 


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11/08/2019 Sunday Times Home (print)

Boxing gloves on scales - concept for mediation, settlement and arbitration law. K25WE8 Brain light

Marsh marigold, Caltha palustris, UK BAGENM Derek Croucher

European white water lily, Nymphaea alba, in flower in a pond. EWRHNF Arterra Picture Library

Farquhars Beach, Clarendon, Jamaica. AP0X0W  Look

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Guardian Online  

CAD3MN ZUMA  GREAT WHITE SHARK, breaches while trying to hunt it's favorite food the cape fur seal
C29EYX National Geographic Image Collection/Brian J. Skerry A female leatherback turtle crawls back to sea after nesting.
C5TTG9  Westend61 GmbH/Martin Siepmann  Spain, Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, Aguas Verdes, Rockpool coast in playa del valle
HM593K  imageBROKER/Christoph Ruisz Puffins (Fratercula arctica) on rookery, Staffa


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The Times - online




CBC7A1   Alistair Laming   HM Revenue and Customs, Whitehall, London, England, UK



PW37CB   JoeFox Liverpool/Radharc Images   pile of pound coins on plastic ten pound notes



FWPX27   Matthew Horwood   Admiral insurance sign logo



JGPCN6   Trevor Benbrook   Chelmsford, Essex - 26 June 2017, Lookers Ford car dealership car and sign



CX4JEP   Helen Sessions   AstraZeneca, head office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



W9K6D9  Rich Dyson   Edinburgh, UK. 14th Aug, 2019. Kezia Dugdale takes part in an interview with Matt Forde at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. During the interview she confessed that she played the part of Nicola Sturgeon during Ed Miliband's 2015 Westminster campaign. Pictured: Kezia Dugdale and Matt Forde Credit: Rich Dyson/Alamy Live News


Not many today!


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Guardian Online 14/08/19
Umdash9     People buying a painting from Artist in Split Old Town Croatia. - Image ID: W34P09


Guardian Online 15/08/19
Classic Image    The Peterloo Massacre. The massacre took place on August 16, 1819 at St Peter’s Field, Manchester, England, when the 15th Hussars, a cavalry regiment, charged with sabres drawn into an unarmed crowd who were demanding reform of parliamentary representation, killing 15 and wounding an estimated 500-plus. Engraving published by Richard Carlile, October 1, 1819 - Image ID: PJAN7M

Jeramey Lende     An Apple Macbook Pro displaying the Expedia travel booking website - Image ID: HFRR65

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You're very welcome Sung


15/08/2019, Guardian, p5, Edingurgh Festival Fringe, W9JY56, Sally Anderson [via Live News]
15/08/2019, Guardian, p12, Chicken Cottage, C3PTM2, Matthew Chattle
15/08/2019, Guardian, p21, McDonald's in Oldham, FWDYE5, Mark Waugh
15/08/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p8, David Berman, credited to Tribune/Alamy but I can't find it
15/08/2019, Guardian G2, p3, delivery driver, JYATT2, Andriy Popov [Cutout. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
15/08/2019, Guardian [Clearing supplement], p29, University of Essex, HXBXNW, Justin Kase z12z [Cropped & cutout. Alamy credit only]
15/08/2019, Guardian [Clearing supplement], p39, stethoscope, CNHN91, RTimages [Alamy credit only]

Edited by SShep
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54 minutes ago, SShep said:

You're very welcome Sung


15/08/2019, Guardian, p5, Edingurgh Festival Fringe, W9JY56, Sally Anderson [via Live News]


Thank you very much for this.


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Very welcome Sally


Sept 2019, Country Walking, p5 & p54, Cottingley fairies, FF94GD, Granger Historical Picture Archive
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p9, Highclere Castle, E6NNYT, Adrian Sherratt
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p9, Lacock Abbey, E75TKP, paul weston
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p12, Nellie Bly, HRP3ME, Science History Images
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p14, Chess Valley near Latimer, KX19B3, Mark Croucher
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p18, Ariana Grande, HDENDA, Pictorial Press Ltd
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p18, Doris Day, B3N7K2, Pictorial Press Ltd
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p19, Mount Everest, B1D6MK, Kaiser/Agencja Fotograficzna Caro
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p21, credit to Mohamed Osama/Alamy but i don't know what for
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p32 & p117, Blea water in Lake District, JF7JHF, keith taylor
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p34, Riggindale valley credited to Dave Porter/Alamy but I can't find it
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p34, summit of High Street, F139PF, Dave Porter
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p37, Carn Mor Dearg arete, C5WEJC, WILDLIFE GmbH
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p38, Slieve League in County Donegal, J0G7EC, Vincent Lowe
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p38, Slieve League in County Donegal 1870, K1TXYB, De Luan
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p39, Striding Edge, BB2RGK, Clearview
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p41, Liathach, E074TX, CBW [circular crop]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p41, An Teallach, E9GP8E, Stewart Smith [circular crop]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p41, Aonach Eagach, KWFBRC, Mark Greenwood [circular crop]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p41, Bruach na Frithe, BER6HR, Marcus McAdam [circular crop]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p42, Devil's Dyke in Cambridgeshire, C4WJEY, Stephen Kelly
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p47, Jarvis Cocker, C575N0, E.J.Westmacott [cutout]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p51, Kinder Downfall, EDER47, richard wheeler
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p54, Cottingley fairies, FFRWKC, Granger Historical Picture Archive
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p56, Fairy Pools on Skye, EBR5D5, Frischknecht/blickwinkel
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p56, Fairy Glen in Lancashire, D4Y3F5, Jon Sparks
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p57, Fairy Steps in Cumbria, ABKWT5, Vincent Lowe
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p58, Welford Park, APRAKW, Trevor Payne
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p58, Grasmere gingerbread, AK0PPP, RosaIreneBetancourt 9 [credited to Education/Alamy]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p58, Helm Crag, AMGE8N, Robert Read
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p59, Bath, C5YGMF, Trevor Smithers ARPS
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p65, wild boar in Forest of Dean, CY7XG6, Drew Buckley
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p68, footpath sign, B1NP3B, incamerastock
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p68, Kiwi, CX5P2R, Life on white [Flipped L-R]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p68, Helmsley, ATMNY8, Realimage
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p68, Mam Tor, CECNAM, Bill Allsopp
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p69, fieldfare, E45TDY, Fergus Gill/Nature Picture Library
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p69, Rose & Crown at Snettisham, D8K376, Holmes Garden Photos [cropped]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p69, sun cream, BTNNC8, Helen Sessions
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p72, Tennyson, HRHCEA, Science History Images
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p77, aerial view of trees, R0AKTG or R0AKTM, Angus Gormley [Identical. Cropped & rot 90 deg]
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p80, Saltaire, BRTDGK, Ian Dagnall
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p81, Bournville, F28X5T, paul weston
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p81, Port Sunlight, CEX061, Marianthi Lainas
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p95, Cheviot in Scottish Borders, ANXEPJ, : : David Taylor Photography : :
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p95, Rhossili beach, D3DTAP, Jeff Tucker
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p99, Exmoor, C7P9X3, Bob Gibbons


ISSN:  09532757


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