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  1. This has been a great story! Got be one of the best image theft stories ever! I have sold a couple of shed lock pictures....then last month had my shed broken into....so now offering for sale photos of a shed broken into in an attempt to pay for the new £30 lock I bought......four or five sales should do it
  2. Just seen it seems to be linked from/to the Daily Mail online
  3. Just came across a few Alamy pics on this site, including one of mine from yesterday's live news. No watermarks. Worryingly has lots of "share" buttons that invite one to post images on Facebook, pintrest etc. Looks like a licence to steal our images to me. Anyone seen this before or had any experience? I have e mailed member services to see what they know about it. http://www.friynds.com/m/news/view/-n-UK-Weather-to-see-Britain-bask-in-warmest-weekend-of-Spring-as-temperatures-head-for-18C-n
  4. Thanks.. sounds logical. Shame it's been grey and dull most of the time here in the East of the UK for the last 4 months!
  5. I have used it but had problems last time I tried (Nov). Images processed and exported via Photogene wouldn't upload through stockimo news - the "is this a live news button" just wouldn't show. Not tried it for a couple of months now. I have previously used it with an iPad with photos from my DSLR which used to work, but last time I tried the FTP transfer wouldn't work (this was some time ago when they brought in the new news logins (6 months or so ago?). Again, lost patience and haven't tried it again.
  6. Well I just seen my account balance and what I thought was a low price for my first sale of 2016 just got worse! Initial selling price $4.45, but now I see the Alamy and Distributor cuts leaves me with $1.34, or 94 pence. That is my all time record low sales value on Alamy.... my second sale was a bit better.....so lets hope theres only one way.....up!
  7. Thanks Bill and Michael. That's really helpful. I tend to just take a compact camera with a fixed lens when I am skiing ( I'm not a good skier! and it hurts less when I fall and isn't too expensive). Then I use my DSLR when otherwise out and about.
  8. Hi, I am skiing in Banff, Canada in a few weeks. Can anyone give any advice or point me to any publishing/selling restrictions or issues please? Can I take street scenes with people and buildings in them and sell them like I do in the UK? I have found some National Park photo guidelines which outline the need to apply for a permit for commercial shooting, but I won't be setting anything up, just skiing and mooching around with a camera - not settling up lots of equipment. Any advice gratefully received, Thanks.. Julian
  9. Well I'll prop up the bottom of the pile with a mind-blowing 5 year German website licence for $4.45. Now available to be stolen too. And it's my daughter's boyfriend so I'll owe him a pint. That means I am about £1.50 down! Happy days! Here's hoping for better to come
  10. Women snoozing in deck chairs Weymouth, Guardian online Kathy De Witt http://www.theguardian.com/news/2011/jun/17/weatherwatch-summer
  11. I didn't get an e mail but did get cash in my account relating to an infringement - the first - well done Alamy - keep it up. And I have another pic that is everywhere that I will inform them of now.
  12. The live news link was worse than I thought...just followed the above advice and clicked on all images in the search box, then noting. Tried again. Nothing. Then the penny dropped that I had to click on the magnifying glass as well. I know I will get used to it but that is very clunky and unfriendly.
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