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  1. Sounds like a good opportunity to travel and earn !!
  2. New to Stock

    Hi all, I am a photographer and illustrator in both digital and the old fashioned way which includes drawing and painting. I am new to contributing to stock image sites and so I am just looking to connect and learn. Is there a place or blog on this site that gives ideas on what kind of images people are looking for? Looking forward to being part of this site. Thank you
  3. Article about Gary Crabbe also an Alamy contributor.
  4. Hello from Manchester

    Hi I am new to the forum and this is my very first post just to introduce myself. I started with photography since 2008 when I got my first digital camera but first uploaded on stock around mid 2012. Like many photographers I shoot almost anything but my interest lies in travel, destination and landscape photography. Initially Alamy sales were far and few but now I have started getting fmore requent sales, almost 1-3 sales every month. I am hoping for many more sales as my portfolio grows. Wish a best of luck and many more sales to all the contributors . Shahid A Khan
  5. how to share a picture from alamy to

    Hello Friends, I am New here, how I share my images to form my alamy account. please tell me. Regards
  6. Hello!I'm new here and just learning the Process how to make $$$ from here i am trying hard to put my caption and tags,,,I need your advice how to get better thank you
  7. Hello Alamy world!

    Hi there, this is Giogionny! I'm really new to this kind of system, so I will probably ask many questions to all of you! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here and for the advices you will be giving me! Have a great day!
  8. Alamy Photograph found onör-nya-blufföretaget Photographer Förenade Bolag/Alamy Found by York Photographer
  9. Found in the Guardian 1-7-17 Photograph of a 5rhythms dance class. Photographer: Jeff Gilbert
  10. Guardian and Observer to go tabloid

    Sign of the times printing outsource to Trinity Mirror Group
  11. Telegraph Syndication?

    Anyone on here had a telegraph story appear on Yahoo? My picture appeared in the Telegraph on Feb 1st The story also appears on Yahoo here It's not an RF image and Yahoo are displaying it on their site, and not just providing a link to the story. Interestingly the Yahoo version of the story contains the full picture credit picturesbyrob / Alamy Stock Photo whereas the Telegraph have only credited alamy It would seem to me that as Yahoo is presenting it on their site, to it's readers, it's a separate use of of my RM image.
  12. Oh dear!

    Can't see this helping!
  13. Words fail me!

    Just found one of my watermarked alamy images used on a Twitter Feed, check out who is using it!
  14. Photography found in newsweek by Travstock
  15. Hello from Riverdale, Bronx, NY

    Hello, I am new to Alamy, new to stock photography and I am very much finding my feet. I have a question for anyone who is a bit more established: once a picture sells for the first time, does it become easier to make subsequent sales? Most of my work is outdoors: landscapes, nature, wildlife, still life, gardens, plants, flowers. agriculture, industrial, occasional architectural, sports, some portraiture and performing arts. I am still trying to figure out what to put up that might lure potential buyers. I am sure the metadata I put on the pictures is as important as the images themselves and one will not sell without the other. I shoot in RAW and I like my pictures to look natural, in terms of lighting, colour, contrast and composition. I do sometimes convert into black and white. I generally avoid editing techniques involving HDR and, if I use HDR at all, I do so with the lightest of touches. Anyway, if anybody has any advice, I would be happy to receive it. Thank you! Anthony
  16. Photographer Page

    Another sugestion. Alamy could design a page for each photographer, so we wouldnt need (or even think of) having our own website. You can today select a photographer´s portfolio, but you don´t have the feeling that it is that photographer´s page, a place he call home... I dont think that is too hard to do. Just a landing page where you could customize it your way, add your plants, feng-shui, your family pictures, ...., feeling like home... Current page is just too boring, look at mine. I am adding some cool examples: Hope this helps. Cheers,
  17. Have you found any alamy images August 2015

    Photographer David Mark
  18. A Great Loss - Jane Bown dies.

    It has just been announced that Jane Bown the veteran Observer photographer has died. Only last week, seeking inspiration, I was rereading Exposures, her book of portraits for which she was renowned. Despite her reputation for portraits her enthusiasm as reportage.. I love her work, so sorry there will be no more. As low profile as she was, especially outside UK photography circles, I would agree with those that suggest she is one of the greatest photographers of her generation.
  19. Please feel free to share any sort of happy news* about Alamy forum members here, as time goes on.... (*about family milestone, photography of fellow member or yourself....) I'll start off it off by congratulating Ed Endicott for having his photo appear in Photoshelter's Weekend Inspiration SELECTS #20. When I received Photoshelter's Selects email today, I immediately recognized Ed's photo as the one he posted last month in the "Your favorite images you have uploaded to Alamy this month" thread created by winstainforth. smiles - Ann
  20. Interesting case. Photographer's photo was stolen from Twitter feed and used commercially by the big G, and the follow-up case earned compensation of $1.2 million
  21. Still money to be made from photography apparently