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Have you found any Alamy Images in August 2019?

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3 hours ago, SShep said:

Sept 2019, Country Walking, p38, Slieve League in County Donegal, J0G7EC, Vincent Lowe
Sept 2019, Country Walking, p57, Fairy Steps in Cumbria, ABKWT5, Vincent Lowe


Thanks once again - as Pearl says, great job.



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18 hours ago, AlanW said:

The Times - online




CX4JEP   Helen Sessions   AstraZeneca, head office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Thanks so much again Alan!


9 hours ago, SShep said:


Sept 2019, Country Walking, p69, sun cream, BTNNC8, Helen Sessions

ISSN:  09532757


Many Thanks Steve! First one I can add to my DACS list for the next cycle.



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Guardian Online  

C0BXKT  Carlo Bollo  a couple carrying their surfboards entering the ocean at Fistral Bay
KY9HW6  Haydn Denman Mods attend annual gathering at the ‘Mods Weekender’ at Brighton seafront during the August Bank Holiday.


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Guardian Online 15/08/19
incamerastock    Waterloo Bridge, on the River Thames, London, UK - Image ID: D29P4D

Guardian Online 16/08/19
Ivar Veermae    Train moving, the Berlin Hauptbanhof, railway station, terminal - Image ID: D7MDGB

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You're welcome Helen 🙂



The Times - online




W88345   Rob Arnold   A wind turbine installation vessel, Bold Tern, working on erecting Siemens wind turbines on Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm



DCHWG6   Lynne Sutherland    UK police officers patrolling at a large crowd venue



W9RXKG  David Whinham   Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 15th August, 2019, Police investigate killing of a man who was stabbed to death with screwdriver at Old Eldon Square in the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, Credit: David Whinham/Alamy Live News



BCMW1A   Martin Lee   Bowl of Hard Sweets



E1AEHD   Jeff Morgan 05   Barry Cryer performing his "Twitter Titters" show with Colin Sell on the piano at Hay Festival 2014. ©Jeff Morgan



W9RTX9   Jim Holden   Cuckmere Haven, UK. 15 August, 2019. Artist Keith Pettit places the first a series of steam-bent chestnut spheres on the beach at Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex. Made in collaboration with trug maker Charlie Groves, the complex shapes are inspired by the skeletal remains of ancient coccoliths - the calcium carbonate remains that make up the chalk of the South Downs. The exhibition ‘What Lies Beneath’ will be at the iconic coastguard cottages overlooking the Seven Sisters cliffs (pictured). Credit: Jim Holden/Alamy Live News



FFECJP   steven gillis hd9 imaging   Hazlehead Wind Farm, Penistone near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK.



KCREX8   Tony Farrugia   Metro Bank, Join The Revolution, blue bags.



KK1B5D  eye35   jenners Edinburgh scotland edinburgh jenners department store interior showing three different retail levels or floors Edinburgh Scotland uk gb europe



C68XPA   Alistair Laming   Ely Cathedral, Ely Cambridgeshire, England, UK



EJDNWG   travellinglight   Trafalgar Square, London, with the Church of St Martin in the Fields, and the statue of George IV.



H1P238   Jane Williams   Young white couple looking through an estate and letting agent's shop window at houses to buy or rent in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK



C577FC   Pixellover RM 8   Close up view of a young Caucasian woman browsing Amazon online shopping store on an iPad 2 with wireless internet connection



W5HW87   JASPERIMAGE   Farm near Sandend, Aberdeenshire, UK. 29th July, 2019. UK. This is a farm very busy with catch up at Harvesting Oil Seed Rape near Sandend in Aberdeenshire. Lot of time was lost during June due to adverse weather. Credit: JASPERIMAGE/Alamy Live News



GD0JAM   Roberto Finizio   Monza, Italy 9th July 2016 Shura performs live at I-Days Festival 2016 Credit: Roberto Finizio/ Alamy Live News



KGWGK7   Robert Evans   Abertay University buildings in Dundee Scotland. Formerly the Dundee Institute of Technology. It was granted University status in 1994.



FT21KC   Sergio Azenha   Silhouette of a person using a laptop computer at home



  DX4J2C   WENN Rights Ltd   Pamela Flood and Ronan Ryan The Wedding of Colin Devlin and Sonya Macari at the Church of the 3 Patrons in Rathgar



CYM6G0   JoeFox Liverpool/Radharc Images  the shelbourne hotel dublin republic of ireland



E3KC0T   Stockbroker/MBI  Group Of Teenagers Drinking Alcohol In Bedroom

Edited by AlanW
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Thanks to Clare for finding one of mine earlier in the week.



Guardian online...



‘Most people who access the countryside respect it and want to look after it.’ Photograph: Dave McAleavy Images/Alamy



Edited by AlbertSnapper
spelling mistake. oops.
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Guardian Online 16/08/19
Dave McAleavy Images     Ramblers - Image ID: BY15DY
Jacky Parker    A selection of different herbs grown in tin cans - Image ID: C5PK1B

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You're very welcome Pearl, Vince and Helen


Sept 2019, NFU Countryside, p6, British Lop pig, BNE2W2, Wayne HUTCHINSON [Alamy credit only]
Sept 2019, NFU Countryside, p15, The Thatch at Croyde, C666NR, Anna Stowe [Alamy credit only]
Sept 2019, NFU Countryside, p42, Wigmore cheese, M900DA, Isabelle Plasschaert [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
Sept 2019, NFU Countryside, p42, Mayfield cheese, M91GA3, Isabelle Plasschaert [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
Sept 2019, NFU Countryside, p61, Roald Dahl, M5992P, Phil Crean Archival [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


ISSN:  1462-0839


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1 hour ago, SShep said:

Sept 2019, NFU Countryside, p61, Roald Dahl, M5992P, Phil Crean Archival [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


ISSN:  1462-0839


Thank you muchissimo😘


Via Alamy alright as it's not anywhere else...it's become a best seller for me since I scanned it last year, wish I'd done it 10 yrs. ago.


What's NFU Countryside? Book/mag/other?



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1 hour ago, Phil Crean said:

Thank you muchissimo😘


Via Alamy alright as it's not anywhere else...it's become a best seller for me since I scanned it last year, wish I'd done it 10 yrs. ago.


What's NFU Countryside? Book/mag/other?



Countryside is a monthly magazine from the National farmers union.

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*You’re welcome  Phil


Guardian Online  

W99Y8M  Natthawut Ngoensanthia  Green caterpillar "Daphnis nerii" on the leaves of Sesame tree.
T810H4  robertharding/ Antonio Busiello California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) swimming in the kelp forest
GF7C55  Clarence Holmes Wildlife A frontal view of a Fungus Weevil (Eurymycter fasciatus) exploring the surface of a dead tree.
W9EAF3  Robin Loznak/Zuma  bald eagle
PWDRG2  Anton Sorokin A tiger stingray (Potamotrygon falkneri)


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Guardian Online  

MF6K3A  Sonia Bonet  Panoramic of the village of Jorquera on the mountain and the river Cabriel surrounding it.
F58P2B   incamerastock/ ICP-UK  Town of Alcala del Jucar in Castilla-La Mancha
B60PDM  imageBROKER/Barbara Boensch  View over the valley to the Jucar River and Ventano del Diablo

PFJETY  Dorling Kindersley  Greek cress, full frame
K092TG  Steffen Hauser / botanikfoto  Japanese spikenard (Aralia cordata)
HC2RA5  RM Floral  luzula nivea snowy woodrush white flower
BR1TK7  Holmes Garden Photos/Neil Holmes Erigeron glaucus 'Sea Breeze'


Edited by Clare Gainey
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Don't know when exactly this was published...



Illustrations and Photo Credits

Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo: 5 Anthony Collins Cycling / Alamy Stock Photo: 12 Barrie Harwood / Alamy Stock Photo: 33
Bernd Mellmann / Alamy Stock Photo: i, iii, 35 Bildarchiv Monheim GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo: 34 Bill Grant / Alamy Stock Photo: 15

Don Smetzer / Alamy Stock Photo: 32 EyeEm / Alamy Stock Photo: 8b GOODLUZ / Alamy Stock Photo: 30
Hero Images Inc . / Alamy Stock Photo: 27 Hero Images
/ SuperStock: 10

Jimj0will / Alamy Stock Photo: 6
Kuttig - People - 2 / Alamy Stock Photo: 7b Lumi Images / Alamy Stock Photo: 13

Malcolm Fairman / Alamy Stock Photo: 28a Maskot / SuperStock: 25
Mike Kemp / Blend Images / SuperStock: 1 OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay: 7a

Paul Doyle / Alamy Stock Photo: 4
Phil Crean A / Alamy Stock Photo: 29b
Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo: 31 Robertharding / SuperStock: 28b
Roman Kosolapov / Alamy Stock Photo: 8a RosaIreneBetancourt 6 / Alamy Stock Photo: 2 Stephen Dorey ABIPP / Alamy Stock Photo: 11 View Stock / Alamy Stock Photo: Cover D, 3 World History Archive / SuperStock: 29



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You're welcome Steven 👍


The Times - online




D49J25   Ian Dagnall   Watching TV via BBC iPlayer on a laptop computer



G2YGG3   Mark Kerrison  London, UK. 4th June, 2016. David Miller, Professor of Sociology at the University of Bath and co-founder of Public Interest Investigations, addresses the PREVENT, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties National Conference 2016 at Goldsmiths, University of London. Credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News



B7WCMA   Jeffrey Blackler   Closed down shops being redeveloped in Windsor



KG7KD2   Oksana Krasiuk   Podology treatment. Podiatrist treating toenail fungus. Doctor removes calluses, corns and treats ingrown nail. Hardware manicure. Health, body care c



EREYH1   P.Keightley/Lebrecht Music & Arts  Ian Rankin at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011. Scottish crime writer, best known for his Inspector Rebus novels:



E880JB   Chris Bull  Police carry out drugs searches around the streets of Manchester. Police search a suspected drug dealer in the northern quarter



DBPY8D   Anthony Brown   Barricane Beach, a small sheltered cove near Woolacombe in North Devon, UK



W9YEYW   lev radin/Pacific Press  Manchester, NH - August 15, 2019: President Donald Trump speaks during campaign MAGA rally at Southern New Hampshire University Arena

(a search on Alamy for 'Donald Trump' brings up 240,825 images! 😲)



HMWGNC   Stonemeadow Photography   Lace monitor (Varanus varius) in the scrub



KNRYP7   Dylan Garcia   Prudential plc, Reading Offices, Reading, Berkshire, England



ED30G6   Paul Melling  Preston Railway Station platforms



WA3RB1  Action Foto Sport   London, UK. 17th Aug, 2019. LONDON, ENGLAND. AUGUST 17: Jofra Archer of England celebrate the catch of Tim Paine of Australia by Jonny Jos Buttler of England during play on the 4th day of the second Ashes cricket Test match between England and Australia at Lord's Cricket ground in London, England on August 17, 2019 Credit: Action Foto Sport/Alamy Live News



WA3XA6   Action Plus Sports Images   Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, UK. 17th Aug 2019. International Rugby Test Match, Wales versus England; Eddie Jones coach of England watches his team warm up before the match - Editorial Use Only. Credit: Action Plus Sports Images/Alamy Live News



DWBYJK   Sofie Delauw   Young woman using laptop while breakfasting



D05YRN   Kevin Britland  A post office travel money card and euros



FWXC6J   Helen Hotson   Evening sunlight over Helman Tor, a rocky granite outcrop near Bodmin in Cornwall



M68CBY   sculpies   scenic view of famous mountain lake oeschinensee in switzerland kandersteg late summer in the alps with snow covered mountain peaks



PK43DE   olrat  Place des Moulins in the district of Le Panier, the historic center of Marseille, is a square with trees lined by old townhouses and small buildings.



W1M78K   Colin Fisher  Glasgow, UK. 3 July 2019. PICTURED: Jeane Freeman, Health Minister (in blue jacket) Wellbeing and resilience programme extended to emergency services. Front line emergency workers will get access to tailored mental health resources, following the extension of a wellbeing programme. The Scottish Government is committing £138,000 of funding for the Lifelines Scotland initiative to cover Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service. Credit: Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News



W2CYBY    jeremy sutton-hibbert   Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers Capital, photographed in Ferguson's Marine shipyard on the River Clyde, in Port Glasgow, Scotland, on 12 June 2019.



P91GTA   sandy young  PRIDE Glasgow 2018 PICTURED the walk up St Vincent St, Glasgow.

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17/08/2019, Guardian, p17, engraving from Geat Expectations, FFA3DK, The Granger Collection [Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian, p45, warning on faulty tumble dryer, H5JP85, Stuart Aylmer
17/08/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p3, still from The Player, F6HKNX, Entertainment Pictures
17/08/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Piero Tosi, HBMNX0, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p38, surfers at Fistral beach, PT4KM4, travellinglight [Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p53, Actaea simplex 'Brunette', RB20G7, Antonio Siwiak [Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p53, Luzula nivea snowy woodrush, HC2R9M, RM Floral [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p53, Japanese spikenard, K092TG, Steffen Hauser / botanikfoto [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p54, Greek cress, PFJETY, Dorling Kindersley ltd [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p54, Erigeron glaucus 'Sea Breeze', BR1TK7, Holmes Garden Photos [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p2, surfers at Fistral beach, C0BXKT, Carlo Bollo [Alamy credit only]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p5, Mods at Brighton, KY9HW6, Haydn Denman
17/08/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p7, Bamburgh Castle, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
17/08/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Jorquera in La Mancha, J9GCDX, Jose Fuste Raga/mauritius images GmbH [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Review section], p23, border fence at Tijuana, ENRP45, Xinhua [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
17/08/2019, Guardian [Review section], p25, Kamchatka, DWN40H, robertharding


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National Geographic Traveller / India
New Zealand’s Wild Cities: A Kiwi Kinda Adventure

Yellow-eyed Penguin - Megadyptes antipodes - or Hoiho, Curio bay, South Island, New Zealand
DEAEFG Xavier Fores - Joana Roncero / Alamy RM


Boy (12) iteracting with Wellington waterfront Max Patte, sculpture, Solace in the Wind
JECD1E fotoshoot / Alamy RF


Also, a shot by Sylvain Cordier in the September National Geographic (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/08/our-favorite-scientific-breakthroughs-bone-daggers-squirrels-cheese/) is attributed to Hemis (which I don't see due to my location). It looks to be from the same shoot as this one on Alamy.

Edited by DDoug
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The Sunday Times - online




ARTAEB   Ernie Janes   Chinese Water Deer Hydropotes inermis



DJC6EN   Park Dale   Premium Bond Certificates



TWPEEK   Robert Evans  Smith & Williamson Accountancy Company London Offices on Moorgate in the City of London Financial District



RTA0C8   Stephen Barnes/Northern Ireland News  Philip Jansen, Chief Executive Officer of BT since 1st February 2019.



E5T197    DB Pictures   Passengers board a Ryanair flight at Seville airport



R00JH3   Blake Callahan   Credit cards



M4AJ7C   Tero Vesalainen   Job interview or meeting with bank worker in office. Business man considering. Discussion about loan, mortgage or insurance. Human resources.



T0E0WY   Cyberstock   Person holding smart phone with Monzo bank logo displayed on the screen.



DR2GX3   Fotomaton   Metro Bank, Edgware, Middlesex, England, UK



D8HD8E    eye35.pix   Multi-coloured houses in Portree harbour Isle of Skye Highlands and Islands Scotland UK GB EU Europe



W6R7KE   Arch White  Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland. 2nd August 2019. First Day of Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the International Festival, and there was very obvious Police presence on the High Street, with several officers on patrol possibly for reassurance for residents and visitors alike.



W9KW3K   Arch White  Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Royal Mile, Scotland. 14th August 2019. Characters from the Divet Show promoting their show and bringing glitter, glamour, fun and over 30 world-class stars. Assembly George Square. Credit: Arch White/Alamy Live News.

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