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Have you found any Alamy Images in August 2019?

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El País. El Viajero 30.08.2019


HBRD29 Zoonar GmbH Village Monsanto - Portugal

C42TX7  Michele Falzone   Buçaco Palace Hotel, Buçaco National Forest, Beira Litoral, Portugal

HWH2EH Hemis Portugal, Upper Douro Valley and its vineyards listed as UNESCO World Heritage, surroundings of Pinhao, cruise on the Douro river

W55YKB Mehdi33300 University of Coimbra


D10026 Islandstock Windsurfing sign on Sotavento beach on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Two windsurfers in background

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*You’re welcome  Jim


Guardian Online  

PAYMNK garfotos A potted specimen Senecio candicans Angel Wings
D9WYJB or D9WYKF Alison Thompson  Mizuna seedlings (Brassica rapa nipposinica).


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5 hours ago, Bryan said:

Nick Maslen   Branch of discount shoe shop Shoe Zone with "closing down" posters in windows in Evesham, Worcestershire - Image ID: T8YG20

Many thanks for the spot Bryan and welcome back.



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USA, The Washington Post, Sep 1st 2019 issue (some sections come out a day ahead)


Arts & Style section


Pg. E8, Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, TCD/PROD.DB


PROD DB © Paramount / DR GOOD BURGER (GOOD BURGER) de Bryan Robbins 1997 USA avec Kel Mitchell et Kenan Thompson cafetaria, vente a emporter, frites Stock Photo


Pg. E16, From the movie "Shawshank Redemption", Sportsphoto




Travel section


Pg. F1, Bhalil, Morocco, Mat Simmons


Mohamed in the back streets of Bhalil, Morocco, near Fez Stock Photo


Pg. F2, Great Barrier Reef, Redbrickstock


Diagonal-banded Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus lineatus), Great Barrier Reef Stock Photo


Pg. F4, Bhalil, Morocco, Mat Simmons


Berber cave village Bhalil Stock Photo



Pg. F4, Bhalil, Morocco, Jeronimo Alba


Bhalil, colored entrance door to a school. Morocco, Maghreb North Africa Stock Photo


Pg. F4, Bhalil, Morocco, Jean Hall




Pg. F6, Bhalil, Morocco, Jean Hall




Pg. F6, Bhalil, Morocco, Mat Simmons


Berber cave village Bhalil Stock Photo

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31/08/2019,Guardian [Review section], p8, Uber Eats delivery, TRGCTH, Gennaro Leonardi [cutout]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Review section], p17, monument to Karl Marx in Moscow, B2BRPJ, Alex Segre
31/08/2019,Guardian [Review section], p26, rear view of woman watching the sunset through a window, S16XMB, itanistock/Stockimo
31/08/2019,Guardian [Review section], p35, Essex landscape, GWBHXY, BRIAN HARRIS
31/08/2019,Guardian [Magazine], p28, packet of Graze punchy protein nuts, M1MMBG, Keith Homan [Alamy credit only]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Magazine], p49, toy Henry Hoover, C992F3, razorpix [Alamy credit only]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Magazine], p55, mizuna seedlings, D9WYKF or D9WYJB, Alison Thompson [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Magazine], p55, potted specimen Senecio candicans, PAYMNK, garfotos [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Magazine], p63, athlete doing squats with barbell, GBE2MN, Vadym Drobot [Alamy credit only]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p2, cyclists and Camel estuary, JAB3JR, Gary E Perkin
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p2, railway viaduct in Glen Ogle, G3804A, Andrew Wilson
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p3, Ballater station, R2H6NK, JOHN BRACEGIRDLE [Cropped. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p4, Ystwyth trail, KFM36D, Ian Jones [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p4, Wirksworth High Street, D8JD6R, Lightworks Media
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p4, railway bridge on Marriott's Way in Norfolk, DDTCG7, Jim Laws
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p5, Terris Novalis at Consett, DA2KAD, Clearview [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p5, bridge over Forest Way, G03A32, Susan Robinson/Zoonar GmbH or BNWX6A, Sue Robinson [Identical RM & RF. No credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
31/08/2019,Guardian [Travel section], p6, cycling on tidal causeway in France, KJ5RJE, EYESITE [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
31/08/2019,Guardian, p4, teenage students sitting exams, M1N7JH, MBI
31/08/2019,Guardian, p39, imitation vintage car in Prague, W86633, Tetiana Vitsenko
31/08/2019,Guardian, p50, Jacobs Mini Cheddars packet, R25KYT, Ian Harwood [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
31/08/2019,Guardian, p52, student using laptop, RP1703, Aleksandr Davydov
31/08/2019,Guardian, p54, Tesco delivery van, CP96D5, Orhan Tsolak [Alamy credit only]


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Travel + Leisure
Grab Your Cooler, These Are the Best Rivers to Float in the U.S


A People Playing And Floating On The Russian River
HT7JH9  (Ron Koeberer) Alamy RM


Pennsylvania Point Pleasant Delaware River New Jersey view River Country outfitters scenery tubing recreation relax float curren
M3395M Education & Exploration 2 / Alamy RM

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On 13/08/2019 at 12:12, SShep said:

13/08/2019, Guardian, p3, Isle of Canna, M0WPXC, Lukasz Kochanek
13/08/2019, Guardian, p19, Goldsmith's University, F41JJB, davidxgreen [Alamy credit only]
13/08/2019, Guardian G2, p2, The Fat Cat pub in Norwich, D88YTG, Cath Harries [Alamy credit only]

13/08/2019, Guardian G2, p2, Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich, FF6TBH, SFL Travel [Alamy credit only]
13/08/2019, Guardian G2, p2, The Forum in Norwich, DY9C9J, travelibUK [Alamy credit only]


Thank you SShep for spotting this.



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On 24/08/2019 at 16:39, VbFolly said:

British Wildlife magazine, vol 30, no 6, August 2019, ISSN 0958-0956

P398, Agriotypidae (Agriotypus armatus, Agriotypus abnormis), parasitized larva of a caddis fly with silk ribbon, Germany. blickwinkel/ H. Bellmann/F. Hecker, Image ID: TR61R5

P407,  Common swift (Apus apus) flying to a nest box with its throat pouch bulging with insects it has caught to feed its chicks, Hilperton, Wiltshire, UK. Nick Upton, Image ID: KN2JMA

P418, Aerial view of a mixed broadleaved wood in autumn Norfolk UK. David Tipling, Image ID: BPHX4D

P419, Thursley Common National Nature Reserve, Thursley, Surrey, UK. SFL Travel. Image ID: C50FPR

P424, Male White-faced Darter Dragonfly (Leucorrhinia dubia). Whixall Moss National Nature Reserve, Shropshire, England. Richard Becker, Image ID: BY22G6

P424, Argent and Sable Moth, Rheumaptera hastate. David Whitaker, Image ID: ARTY71

P433, Newly born White Park Bos taurus calf and mother Berkshire UK. Malcolm Schuyl, Image ID: A352HB

P434, Red Squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris - eating a monkey nut National Trust Reserve at Formby Point Lancashire. Wildlife in Pixels, Image ID: B0CHHP

P458, 4pm Saturday 16th June 2018. Magor Marsh Nature Reserve, Magor, South Wales. UK weather rain storms spoil the planned Family Fun Day and kids Bioblitz. David Broadbent, Image ID: P3J162

P461, A field of 9' (3m) tall mature Miscanthus × giganteus, or Elephant Grass, growing in an experiment in bio-fuel generation at Aberystwyth University IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences) wales UK. greenwales, Image ID: F96MGK


Thank you VbFolly for spotting this.


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On 05/08/2019 at 12:39, Nigel Kirby said:

Guardian Online 04/08/19
Imladris   The unusual pink flower spikes of the South African plant Eucomis comosa, also known as the Pineapple Flower or Pineapple Lily. - Image ID: K84WC1
Tim Slater    Small Copper butterflies feeding on a Pineapple Lily flower. - Image ID: PR6N0C

Guardian Online 05/08/19
photograph    Hospital corridor at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital. London UK. - Image ID: CREM2W 

Thank you 🙏 

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On 03/08/2019 at 18:15, SShep said:

01/08/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p9, Clipper Round the World Yacht Race at Hainan, M72P1M, Olli Geibel

Thanks, this is not showing as a sale anywhere in my account. What should I do?!



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