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  1. Good morning, Lens flare can be and is used for artistic effect, and I have a couple of lenses that are susceptible to flare (or good for creating it depending on your view of the subject). Assuming that images meet the usual criteria for upload, i.e. no dust spots etc etc, would flare be acceptable or would it be frowned upon by QC? Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the responses, I'll be buying the licence once the trial expires. I'm impressed with DxO, and I now have the confidence to shoot higher ISO on the 7D knowing that I can deal with the noise.
  3. Many thanks, I checked out the App Store and settled on Photon which works well. I can now keyword from the lounge & bounce ideas off the missus at the same time! Sorted.
  4. It would be nice if you could manage images on an ipad, however it seems that flash player is required which of course isn't on ipad or iphone. Just thinking about key wording etc whilst sitting in my armchair rather than being hidden away with the mac in the other room.
  5. Hi, Is anybody using DxO Optics Pro for image processing?. I've downloaded the trial version and I'm fairly impressed. If using, would you go DxO to Lightroom to Photoshop or would you miss out the Lightroom bit?. Cheers.
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