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  1. Totally agreed, same boat, same thought! Whats up with this, Alamy?! want to increasingly allienate your suppliers as time goes by?
  2. I do a daily search of the last 24 hrs on google images with alamy as the search term. Although this can turn into a psychiatric illness it is a good way of finding current news images. Also, it is worth doing a image drag of your zooms and popular images through google images. MS = Member Services. Andy Thanks Andy. Seems like its down to Google to find them, providing the client is actually crediting them in the first place....! mmmh
  3. arghh....just replied by way of multi-quote, and it failed to load my reply properly...!
  4. Thanks Wim, I found the info for dijiimaj.com on the Distributor list. The other one (inmagine.com) is from Hong Kong. Thanks, I have really been disappointed with the way Member Service (MS) deals with issues and hence wanted to find out what other avenues or experiences people have. I have contacted inmagine and inquired if that image in question is available for lisencing and they confirmed that it is. So it appears that even I have opted out of any distributing scheme, my images continue to be available for sale - whether I get to know about it or not. What way would I have to find out whether any of the agencies have sold any of the images they list of mine?
  5. forgive me for barging in... at the danger of being off-topic, but how do you find sold images that are not showing up in your Alamy Sales? Google image search? what if they printed only etc... Also, please someone tell me what/who is 'MS'. Thanks
  6. Hi fellow photographers Recently I decided to check what of my alamy images might have found their way onto the web, and combined my surname and alamy in a google image search. It did bring up a few, but none were on Alamy's page strangely. Most of them show up on www.dijitalimaj.com. But strangely not all. So whilst a fairly recent image is on there (http://www.dijitalimaj.com/alamyDetail.aspx?img={7053FE86-1C39-4308-B77F-D983C6AF228A} ) more recent ones are not. The image there has the Alamy watermark, so I think they somewhat sublicense them, but I fail to understand under what agreement. I have specifically opted out of 'Novel Use' and 'Distribution' scheme, since sales there were minimalistic at best. This was done in April 2013. Then there is another image provider called Inmagine.com. They also have one (and only one as far as I can tell), image of mine, but with their own watermark. I have never given them my images, and the specific image there is identical to the one on Alamy. It was one from my initial submission, back in the mid nineties. What do you guys advise me to do next. I would like to know how the images ended up with these two stock agencies, and if they sold any instances. And under what agreement Alamy could have put them up there. Please advise Thank you
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