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Have you found any Alamy images in March 2018?

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8 hours ago, SShep said:

11/03/2018, UK, Observer, p27, Old College Bar in Glasgow, CW2YNN, Alan Wilson [No credit - poss not via Alamy]



Thanks for spotting that SShep, it's from Alamy - not available elsewhere.



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You’re welcome Kumar

Guardian Online  12/03/18
DH37PF     Moviestore collection    ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER 1999
CT9KET   amc    Círculo de Bellas Artes roof terrace madrid spain
F99464   Neil Setchfield    Lara Theatre or Teatro Lara Malasana District Madrid
FD6BRR   Enrique Davó     A sculpture angel in Almudena cemetery of Madrid city, Spain

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EMJ7EF     lovethephoto     A typical UK primary school classroom with coloured pencils in the foreground and pupils in the background
A3NMR5   D. Hurst    Woman with black eye
B913C2    Lana Lang     Dense crowd of spectators
AWTTE1     Frederic Cirou/PhotoAlto    Little girl lying on sofa cuddling with teddy bear, blue light of television
BWB373    Image Source Plus    Doctor reading medical chart in hospital corridor

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Times 13th


G3956R   Mark Waugh.  Reddish Vale viaduct Stockport country park sixteen-arch brick viaduct built in 1875 to carry the Hope Valley Line over the Ta

M7NT18  London,UK,12th March 2018,On display at Bonhams 19th Century European, Victorian and British Impressionist Art photocall: PHILIP ALEXIUS DE LÁSZLÓ, PRBA, RP, NPS(British, 1869-1937)Portrait of Ellice Endicott, Mrs William Endicott, née Ellice Mack Estimated at £ 25,000 - 35,000 The sale takes place on the 14th March at 2pm©Keith Larby/Alamy Live News

G0P15C  Matthew Horwood  Cardiff University building in Cardiff, south Wales

GR3HRW  Derek Phillips  Chinese takeaway meal


Irish Edition


D3MREK Lee Martin   Oxfam Shop Sign




E9NRY6   A.P.S. (UK)  aerial view of Carlisle Lake District Airport in Cumbria, UK

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BH8HN3    Outdoor Images      A British Gas service van on call in the snow at Beccles , Suffolk , England , Britain , Uk
JYX8KW    allesalltag     Senior woman with hearing aid device

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Wildes Deutschland: zehnmal Natur zum Staunen


A greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) flying over the Zwillbrocker Venn preserve
A4J8M6 mauritius images / C.O. Mercial / Alamy RF


Aerial view over tidal mudflats of the Wadden Sea National Park, North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
D340C2 mauritius images / (Sven-Erik Arndt) Arterra Picture Library / Alamy RM

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USA, The Washington Post, Style section, March 13th 2018 issue


Pg. C1, Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Credit is to Collection Christophel but I only can find one from INTERPHOTO




The Washington Post, Health and Science section


Pg. E4, Running, Ammentorp Photography  (credit to Alamy only)




Also a photo use, on E3, of an MRI machine in use but could not find (Alamy credit only)

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Cheers Alan

13/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p10, Shah Jahan mosque in Woking, DCNHF5, Greg Balfour Evans [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
13/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p30, train in Lincoln, F4H091, Terry Mathews
13/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p31, woman looking at magazine rack, E5J1ED, Alex Segre
13/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Journal section], p1, 2012 anti-austerity march, CM767C, Michael Kemp


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12/03/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p41, Maboneng in Johannesburg, EJWEBH, JeffG [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
12/03/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p42, rooftop bar in Maboneng, F01MRN, Nicolas De Corte [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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C45H39  Tim Gainey  Ridge and furrow ploughed field pattern. UK


CMP9T6  Marcus Harrison - finance   Mass of UK one and two pence coins. 1p and 2p




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Times 14th


CEMXW7 Stuart Boulton  A registrar fills in a marriage certificate at a UK register office wedding

F42Y3W   Sigrid Olsson  Father helping daughter practice writing

E1C84H  Michael Kemp    Stand of tabloid newspapers at a newsagents. London, UK. The Sun, the Daily Mail, The Star, Daily Mirror predominantly

AFAJ88    Jeremy Hoare   Conservative Club at Great Ayton North Yorkshire

AGGGBR  Michael Dietrich  Galapagos Fur Seal (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) pup on the beach


Scottish Edition


CF2CXD Jason Friend/LOOP IMAGES   View from Glen Banchor near Newtonmore looking towards the Monadhliath Mountains

Wall mural outside Wellpark brewery, Glasgow - can't find it




F88BNE  Mike Greenslade  Macquarie Bank building, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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CP4JYR   Ashley Cooper   Willow trees grown for biofuel next to a biofuel power station in lockerbie, Scotland, UK


AMEDWC  blickwinkel   Small boy sitting between coloured balls, Germany


BX5K45  robertharding  Winter view of Rannoch Moor at sunset with dead tree, frozen stream and snow-covered mountains in the distance, Scotland, UK


FHYKF2  Stephen Spraggon  Pennard Castle on the Gower Peninsula, Wales






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14/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p31, quiche Lorraine, BXXCDM, Funky Stock - Paul Williams [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
14/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p31, punnet of raspberries, C46C03, Tig Photo [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
14/03/2018, UK, Guardian G2, p2, Chinese takeaway, A2A4M9, foodfolio [Alamy credit only]
14/03/2018, UK, Guardian G2, p8, banknotes of various countries, HBPGMF, Gennaro Leonardi [Alamy credit only]
14/03/2018, UK, Guardian G2, p8, snorkeling, EN09WW, Anna Berkut [Cropped to vertical. Alamy credit only]
14/03/2018, UK, Guardian G2, p10, The Face magazine featuring Lara Croft, C4NMEK, Joe Bird [Alamy credit only]


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