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Have you found any Alamy images in March 2018?

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16/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p35, bitcoin, EG427E, Damien Loverso [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
16/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p37, Holmwood Common in Surrey, AR688B, John Miller/The National Trust Photolibrary


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15/03/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p16, estate agents' boards, ANDXJE, Tim Graham [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
15/03/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p52, Navigli Grande canal in Milan, FPMT5E, beatrice preve [Alamy credit only]
15/03/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p57, Pensacola beach water tower in Florida, JF0AFB, Zoonar/Michael Rosebrock/Zoonar GmbH [CutoutAlamy credit only]


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Guardian online
C86TNJ RayArt Graphics Butternut squash

M7NW8X Chris Strickland Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus)
M73PK6 Ed Brown Wildlife Common frogs (Rana temporaria)
M81E71 Andrew DuBois Wandering Gartersnake
M78853 Clifford Norton 9th March 2018 Mallard ducks


Telegraph online

BEPXTN Graham Mulrooney Clematis Flower Nellie Moser


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An diesen Orten erleben Sie ganz besondere Osterfeuer
In these places you will experience very special Easter bonfires


Easter fire, Elbe beach, Oevelgoenne, Hamburg, Germany
AXP9GW Mauritius images / (Nasner) FRIEDRICHSMEIER / Alamy RM


Easter fire, Amrum, North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
AY99JK Mauritius images / Sabine Lubenow / Alamy RM


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16/03/2018 Daily Mail (print)

Evening light on the Giant's Causeway, N Ireland. D2DPPD Gareth McCormack

Windsor Castle with the River Thames in the foreground. CXHXKF Peter Lane

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Times 17th


BAPYW6  Michael Matthews   Aylesbury Buckinghamshire UK - no credits


Scottish Edition


M67AE5   Daman Bush  Stirling, Stirlingshire, 1st March 2018 UK Weather : Stirling train station at a standstill under a sheet of snow Credit: Daman Bush/Alamy Live News


Irish Edition


M4TFBK   Gareth McCormack Green fields surround the hamlet of Ballynacallagh, Dursey Island, Beara Peninsula, County Cork, Ireland




G13HG5  Greg Balfour Evans  King's Cross Station on Sydney Train Network, King's Cross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia




F2JEEG  London Heathrow, September 19th 2015. An Airbus A320 lands as the sun sets on London Heathrow's Runway 27R. Credit: Paul Davey/Alamy Live News




F1TBFF  Ammentorp Photography Young woman drinking coffee at a cafe and looking at the camera. Caucasian female sitting at table having a cup of coffee at caf




EYGA4T  Tatyana Tomsickova Adorable sweet happy toddler boys, brothers, lying on the ground, looking at camera, high angle view

K05172  Roger Bradley  Ben Crom Reservoir

JHWN04  John Glover Paradise Walk at Borde Hill

DXTP61 Richard Bloom Perennial plant combination with Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' with Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata 'Ruby Port'

CR6GX9   Anna Yu  William Guiness (Aquilegia vulgaris

JMYHGY  Matthew Taylor Aquilegia skinneri 'Tequila sunrise', columbine, in full bloom in an English cottage garden, summer (June




J885JY  John Davidson Photos  Lake district. Windermere Storrs Hall hotel

D1FDRT  James Emmerson  Hilltop, Sawrey, the home of Beatrix Potter, famous author of children's books, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England

FAD86P  Jan Wlodarczyk  The boat moored in Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark

F70NJ8  Sorin Colac  Golden Pavilion at Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto Japan

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Mit so wenigen Menschen kann man von der Nordsee bis zu den Alpen gucken
With so few people you can watch from the North Sea to the Alps


Großer Arber Great Arber Velký Javor, highest peak of the Bavarian-Bohemian-mountain ridge
BN4XTG Mauritius images / Petr Bonek / Alamy RM

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Guardian online

G5MFAA Rebecca Cole Early bumblebee (bombus pratorum) hovering over clover, Yorkshire, UK
M2H4BE Chris Bull Ribena blackcurrant drink on supermarket shelves
H3JCBE  Alan Wilson Customers enjoying a drink at Wetherspoon's on Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh


C7RRMJ Rachel Husband Priddy pond in the Mendips
HKAW5W Tom Richardson Bowland Waterfalls in Little Costy Clough Forest of Bowland
BR5BFN Tracey Whitefoot Dusk at the Visitor Centre at Attenborough Nature Reserve
EJ0JJC  The Photolibrary Wales Beddgelert Bridge over the Afon Glaslyn


Telegraph online

DC1704 David Burton small cabbage white butterfly on lavender flower


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17/03/2018 Amateur Photographer (print)

London street scene with Big Ben in the background and a blurred double decker bus in the foreground. HR384T Sergey Borisov

Tyne Bridge, Newcastle; in silhouette against an orange sky. ENK01F Robert Harding/Neale Clarke

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Sunday Times 18th


KDKP83  Atanta, GA, USA. 14th Oct, 2017. Transgender Pride march in midtown Atlanta with an abundance of teens present, visual proof that students are becoming increasing comfortable Robin Rayne Nelson/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

H3NRWJ  Lindsay Upson  Father holding sleeping baby boys hand


Scottish Edition


M7W3PR Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 13th March, 2018: Campaigners protest against the threatened closure of Scottish Youth Theatre in George Square. The proposal is due to the lack of funding from arts agency Creative Scotland. Credit: Skully/Alamy Live News


Irish Edition


F4WTEF  Dublin, Ireland. 22nd Oct, 2015. A worker walks past the painted logo of Facebook in the Facebook headqauters in Dublin, Ireland, 22 October 2015. The headquaters are responsible for Facebooks operations outside of the US and Canada. That includes the issue of deleting hate messages. Photo: CHRISTOPH DERNBACH/DPA/Alamy Live News

F3F5P4  Masayuki Yamashita  General view of Shinjuku Street from Yotsuya Fire Department,Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo,Japan

DN9C6W  Jonny White   A water bottle refill station at a charity run event

J9FH32 Catherine Karnow  Brothers Kieran and Sean Murphy serve what is widely considered the best ice cream in Ireland

CE828H Ian Francis stock  Bleeding A Radiator .Central Gas Heating

KH8MJ5  keith morris A young brown haired caucasian teenage girl with her fingers in her ears - not listening, in a noisy environment, plagued by noisy neighbours

C9C2PH Philip Marazzi  Robin




M2J6YD  Nick Fox  Airplane of American Airlines serviced at the London Heathrow airport

H4GF8M Jansos   Marmite prices were set to rocket until Unilever came to an agreement with the Tesco supermarket chain

B6FX7F  Roman Sigaev   Lots of beer cans close up may be used as background

J6HKX2  JIRAROJ PRADITCHAROENKUL  Currencies sign icon and smartphone with stock market graph screen and finger with black background. Blockchain , Fintech Investment Financial Interne

D61J8H  Maxal Tamor A man lighting the gas-stove with a match

K0RBKC  Roman Oplev Bitcoin is a modern way of exchange and this crypto currency is a convenient means of payment in the financial and web markets

FC5R06  David Santiago Garcia  Ko Nang Yuan Island, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Thailand

C9CEAE  Jeffrey Blackler Old Street roundabout (The Silicon Roundabout), London during evening rush hour photographed from Bezier apartments building

JCR3MP Luke Deaves GWR liveried class 800 IET sits in Swindon station on a test run between London Paddington and Taunton on 16/06/2017

city-of-london-early-morning Gherkin Walkie Talkie etc - can't find it




KJ69PB  Christian Ohde  Internet cable, high-speed Internet, broadband Internet access

HBD014  Zoonar/Claudio Divizia Vintage landline telephone

EDBRK7 Newscast   Illustrative image of PG Tips pyramid tea bags, a Unilever food product

J2KXC1  Oksana Kuzmina  Children playing together with building blocks. Educational toys for preschool and kindergarten kids. Little girls build toys at home or daycare

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*You're welcome Alan


Guardian online

D47D6B Paul Lindsay  Belfast Night Life, Northern Ireland


J1YA7J GWI/Trevor Sims Begonia ‘Escargot’
DG0WPK age fotostock /Dani Rodríguez Hikers with problems on the cliff


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17/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p7, still from Feud, HYDXTE, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p12, Belgrave Square, C126KT, Jeffrey Blackler
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p15, Ruislip, BM4HCW, Greg Balfour Evans
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p26, Bob Dylan & Clydie King in Trouble No More, M0Y6TC, Everett Collection Inc [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p52, Penny Falls amusement machine, AR7WCD, Alastair Balderstone [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p57, Preston, E0XPT3, JoeFox Liverpool/Radharc Images [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Review section], p19, Rue Mouffetard in Paris, B5MGCA, David Jones
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Review section], p25, lakeside cabin at night in Maine, EW460K, David McLain/Aurora Photos
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Review section], p28, Rannoch Moor, BX5K45, Lee Frost/robertharding
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Priddy pond in the Mendips, C7RRMJ, Rachel Husband [cropped]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Little Costy Clough in Forest of Bowland, HKAW5W, Tom Richardson Bowland
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p5, Beddgelert Bridge, EJ0JJC, The Photolibrary Wales [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p6, Silbury Hill, CF4K2C, Mark Bauer/Loop Images Ltd [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p6, beach at Cwm Tydu, EWFAYX, Richard Iestyn Hughes [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p6, orange tip butterfly, CW5APY, H Lansdown [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p7, Steep in Hampshire, G4A26R, Peter Noyce/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p7, Heddon Valley in Devon, J4M639, Craig Joiner Photography [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p55, Spalding, J2W1KR, iWebbtravel [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p55 [advert], Wylam Brewery in Newcastle, K10G4F, Steve Price [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Food section], p7, garlic leaves, J44AH0, Alfio Scisetti [Rot 90 deg. Alamy credit only]
17/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Guide], p66, still from Party of Five, HDC028, Everett Collection Inc


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