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  1. Thanks for the spot Nigel, glad something is doing well with all the rain we've had!
  2. I use Fast photo tagger, was last updated in Dec i think. Has none of the extras of Press IPTC but does all the basics needed for Alamy
  3. Thanks for spotting this & making the effort for all the other pictures too
  4. Yep, and when the hounds (accidently) catch a whiff of a real living fox that vicious piece of rag gets to live another day. Accidents happen though huh?
  5. You should be able to use it in Chrome on your phone, its not nice to do it this way on a tiny screen but is possible, you just need to go into your chrome menu and tick use "Desktop site"
  6. Im at https://www.instagram.com/nembrotha/ Mostly wildlife but I throw in the odd random now and again
  7. Pretty sure you can add keywords/captions on an Android phone, just need to click "Desktop site" in your chrome menu. There's still lots of scrolling involved but it is actually usable
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