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  1. Pretty sure you can add keywords/captions on an Android phone, just need to click "Desktop site" in your chrome menu. There's still lots of scrolling involved but it is actually usable
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Sun online https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6437099/donald-trump-kim-jong-un-singapore-summit-demands-hotel/ Fullerton hotel, Singapore travelstock44 FYNJM4 Glyn Thomas Photography E996FK
  3. waterproof cameras

    Very difficult without spending serious cash. Sony RX100 in a Sony housing maybe. I have stuff on Alamy using an Olympus EPL1 (4/3) and housing which could probably be bought pretty cheap 2nd hand now. One of the problems is that youre not only relying on the camera but the quality of the glass/plastic on the housing
  4. Bumble bee ID help please.

    Early Bumblebee? https://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/red-tailed-bumblebees/early-bumblebee/ Text there says "The yellow abdominal stripe is frequently lost or reduced in workers"
  5. Photo on Alamy Facebook

    No problem, nudis are my favourite reason to dive :-) Just wish they all had Scientific names!
  6. Whats harsh is trying to sneak in a phone pic and moaning about it when you get caught out
  7. Photo on Alamy Facebook

    Looks more like Hypselodoris tryoni to me, especially with the trailing behaviour
  8. been awhile

    Probably just cheaper to license them from the microstock site you also have them on.
  9. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Thanks for the spot guys,
  10. Thanks for the spot Clare, much appreciated
  11. Thanks for the spot Clare
  12. Should I be worried?

    Just had this appear as a sale, check out the Alamy Ref. KGB CRY. They're Starlings, not Stalin, do I expect a knock on the door from some dubious looking Russians?
  13. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    Thanks for the spot Bryan
  14. Canon g9x?

    I've got a G9x mk2, passes QC ok although i bought it mainly as a go everywhere pocket camera.
  15. I've never done that as i've never been told to, but Alamy always tag it onto my news pictures