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Have you found any Alamy images in March 2018?

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Guardian online


DBJ1KN Antony SOUTER Shelburne: Shelburne Museum - 'Triconderoga' steamboat [1906]
AP9WH4 Andre Jenny Winterset, Madison County, IA,
KEM1Y8 Kanwarjit Singh Boparai Crazy Horse Memorial sculpture under construction in the Black Hills of South Dakota
D6JAT1  Blaine Harrington III Wooly mammoth, The Mammoth Site (paleontological site), Hot Springs, South Dakota USA
DT78K0  ZUMA Press Salvation Mountain
M0CF7B Benny Marty Perth Downtown aerial
M43Y7H Jim McGann Western Australia and Perth City
H43W7F  Elizabeth Given Tourists at King's Park Botanic Garden

GDAPY7  Arco / G. Lacz Killer Whale, orcinus orca, Adult with open Mouth




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Guardian Online  22/03/18

DBK2DK     Lumi Images    Fresh Grapes On Wine Barrel, Croatia, Slavonia, Europe
DC1N1R    Richard Wayman     Customers using self service checkout at Sainsburys supermarket

Guardian Online  23/03/18
E0GE02   SFL Travel     High street fashion retailer NEXT, UK

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Guardian online

M92P6K Greg Norgaard A group of swans migrating through the valley with Mt. Eager in the background.
M8J0BT Ian Jones A rat foraging
M92Y5N Erikas Plucas A thirsty timber wolf, Lithuania.
M8X7YD Jan Husar/SOPA Two white northern and one white southern female rhinos are grazing.
M8WG4E Earnest Tse Asian Common Toad


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On 18/03/2018 at 15:54, Bryan said:

Sunday Times  18th


ISA special


kcw83f  Stanislav Halcin New UK currency, 10 pounds, 5 ponds, 1 pound coins - no credits


Thank you Bryan

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YupUCheers Stanislav!


Times 24th


G08A2N   Zoonar/Fotomania61 Homeopathy

HPB5XH Cyberstock Viagogo online ticket selling website on smart phone screen

F97YMA  EyeEm Smiling Young Woman Using Mobile Phone At Home

CENY1J  Jim Holden  Generic Law court picture a members of the bar wearing barristers wigs

FM15DM  René van den Berg   Reverse vending machine in an in Germany


Scottish Edition


E5T950  Shine-a-light  Gleneagles 5 star Hotel Perthshire Scotland

lambing shed in the Borders shelters the flock’s youngest members from freezing conditions outside
CHRIS STRICKLAND/ALAMY LIVE NEWS - can't find it, elapsed live news?




B7F2GJ  B. O'Kane escalators, Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland

CE56PW Paul Lindsay Wild Heather at Doan in the Mourne Mountains, Co. Down, Northern Ireland




DW5HEC  Bhandol House of Fraser Department Store on Oxford street, London

KYHN3X  Phillip Clegg Cold morning at Cresswell




BPG5A1  Anna Stowe Landscapes UK  View over Buttermere & Crummock Water from the Haystacks path, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England, UK

GK6PFN   Andrew Rawcliffe Cummock Water and Buttermere from Haystacks - looks like a crop of this

F4Y7C7   Joana Kruse Flatford Mill, Suffolk, England, UK

F5GKN7   Stephen Birch Pathway through Epping Forest in autumn

near to Loughton Camp

DND9NN   Robin Weaver  Wolfscote Dale, Dove Valley, Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

BA5NBE    Ange  Barnard Castle County Durham England UK March View across River Tees to the ruins of the Norman Castle perched on a rocky crag

C3KCA0     ian woolcock    Bridge and river ford in the Dorset village of Melbury Osmond with a cottage in the background

K06NRT   Mark Sunderland The Nidderdale Way Long Distance Path near Providence Mine Pateley Bridge Nidderdale AONB Yorkshire England

JGNFNR    Doug Blane  Churnet Valley, UK. 8th July, 2017. The UK's longest real ale festival the Churnet Valley Rail Ale Trail Beer festival 2017, two trains one steam & one diesel,

C3EDJ8   John Miller Early morning view south from Holmbury Hill North Downs, Surrey Hills

JEEPG6   Craig Joiner Photography  A kissing gate on the West Mendip Way footpath at the top of Ebbor gorge on the Mendip Hills, Somerset, England

EPJ7C7    joan gravell  Gray Heron Ardea cinerea standing on a corrugated iron roof Aberdaron Gwynedd Wales Cymru

CYRFX1   paul weston   Abberley Clock Tower and School in autumn, Worcestershire, England, UK- looks like a crop of this

K39AA0    Steve Hawkins Photography the walkways and old boathouse at newtown creek national trust sites on the isle of wight showing fields and tidal estuary for birdwatching

C2R0X8     Clive Nichols Seaside garden - blue painted wooden trellis fence and windbreak in gravel garden

AF3K5H    Holler, Hendrik   Errázuriz Winery in Panquehue in Aconcagua Valley, Chile

A59F69  Plantography  Chaenomeles Crimson n Gold

J1H54B   GWI/Botanic Images Inc.  CHAENOMELES 'CAMEO'


E9R2HF   RM Floral chaenomeles speciosa moerloosei Flowering quince cultivar hardy shrub white pink flowers spring flower bloom blossom RM Floral




KCCMEP DGB Loch Lubnaig near Callander; River Lennie, Ben Ledi; Stirlingshire; trossachs; Sccotland UK

G1870B   John Crux  Bee Hive formations at the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia - possibly a crop of this

G17D9K   Bhaswaran Bhattacharya  Kalka-Shimla narrow gauge mountain railway, Shivalik Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, India

G1865X  Bhaswaran Bhattacharya   Nilgiri Mountain Railway, an UNESCO World Heritage Railway, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

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Telegraph online

AE87WH  Andrea Jones Images Coronilla valentina subsp glauca growing in dry gravel bed at RBG Kew Richmond Surrey

BPR3HB Dmitry Rukhlenko - Travel Photos Crooked Cook Pines (Araucaria columnaris) in Peradeniya Botanical Gardens



Guardian online

M2MT3D Andriy Blokhin Woman lights  Christmas Eve candle light lantern in paper bags.
BGPHX6 Arterra Picture Library/Clement Philippe Tourists at the river Amblève and the waterfalls of Coo, Stavelot, Belgian Ardennes, Belgium
GE71NW Lucas Vallecillos Colegiata de Santa María del Manzano.Castrojeriz. Burgos province. Spain.


J1KGYF  GWI/N R Colborn Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram’
F09861 Chris Clark 5 Baby Leeks ready to transplant
E7TJ7W Chris Clark Raised bed of Leeks
EWD20J parkerphotography Riverside cafes. Ljubljana, Slovenia
A5JJ85 superclic old town of Kamnik in Slovenia




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National Geographic / Travel

Related: 21 Photos of China’s Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Tianzhu Feng tempel village near the summit of the Wudang Mountains, Wu Tang Shan, Taoist mountain, birthplace of Tai chi, Hubei
BAY662 Karl Johaentges RM (credited to photographer and Alamy, apparently no longer on Alamy)


Suspension bridge across a river, Anlan Suspension Bridge, Mount Qingcheng, Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China
C1W1X8 Yoshio Tomii RM (credited to distributor agency and Alamy only)


Potala Palace in the morning sun, winter palace of the Dalai Llama, Lhasa, Tibet, China, Asia
DGG584 Stefan Espenhahn RM (credited to distributor agency and Alamy only)

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Just spotted a really large picture (1.5 pages) of a leopard in a tree attributed to K Sobiera/Alamy in the latest issue of Stern. 

I've ploughed through quite a few pages on Alamy, but couldn't find it. Sorry. Didn't have my mobile on me, so had to search from memory.

Should attract a good fee, though. 

Looks like Alamy have finally "arrived" in Germany. 

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24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p4, Brazilian forest, ERDWE6, Igor Alecsander/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p40, flamingos, EN7TW3, Ger Bosma
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p41, ruby-throated hummingbird, ERRK9A, Matthew Cuda
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p53, vineyard in Loire valley, A2365N, Mick Rock/Cephas Picture Library Ltd [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p54, tip left in restaurant, A5T1P2, Ben Molyneux food and drinks [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p56, ADT burglar alarm, AYD933, Photofusion Picture Library [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian, p58, mechanic checking car tyre, D24E69, David Burton [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p2, Colegiata de Santa María del Manzano in Burgos, GE71NW, Lucas Vallecillos [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p2, Amblève river and waterfalls of Coo, BGPHX6, Clement Philippe/Arterra Picture Library [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p6, camping lights in paper bags, M2MT3D, Andriy Blokhin
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p10, 'Ticonderoga' steamboat at Shelburne, DBJ1KN, Antony SOUTER
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p11, Lisbon tram, F7HNCX, Jan Wlodarczyk [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p11, grilled sardines, E8EMMX, Benoit Daoust [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p51, leeks, F09861, Chris Clark [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p51, raised bed of leeks, E7TJ7W, Chris Clark [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p51, Omphalodes cappadocica 'Cherry Ingram', J1KGYF, Garden World Images Ltd [Cropped & cutout. Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p53, The Star Inn in Harome near Helmsley, D74EM8, PURPLE MARBLES YORKSHIRE or DGKNDE, Nigel Kirby/LOOP IMAGES [Identical. Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p54 [advert], York Minster, DRNT70, Bailey-Cooper Photography [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p55 [advert], Bishopthorpe Palace, BA11AF, Bailey-Cooper Photography [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p55 [advert], daffodils in Museum Gardens in York, HXEY8A, MSP Travel Images [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p55 [advert], Chapter House Street in York, DK6RR5, The Foto Factory [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Food section], p3, chocolate chips, EBMA8M, mtphoto19 [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Food section], p7, bay leaves, G01RE3, Maximilian Weinzierl [Alamy credit only]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Food section], p15, raisins on a wooden spoon, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Journal section], p11, sequoia forest in California, BAD46X, Stephen Flint
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Journal section], p27, Ngaio Marsh, KJY4C4, Paul Fearn [cropped]
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Journal section], p30, San Andres island, DR3T03, Daniel Torres / VWPics
24/03/2018, UK, Guardian [Journal section], p33, Brecon Beacons, AWDXNX, John Morrison


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April 2018, UK, The Garden, p6, Blenheim Palace, F20JX7, Stuart Black
April 2018, UK, The Garden, p12, Fraxinus americana, F01EYR, GFK-Flora
April 2018, UK, The Garden, p16, handful of worms, BJEWTB, Tim Gainey
April 2018, UK, The Garden, p21, bumblebee, KKM90C, mauritius images GmbH [flipped L-R]
April 2018, UK, The Garden, p47, Dioscorea japonica, DBECY5, Steffen Hauser/botanikfoto [Alamy credit only]
April 2018, UK, The Garden, p47, Moringa oleifera, BKP800, inga spence [Alamy credit only]
April 2018, UK, The Garden, p98, spring onion seedlings, BAH4MR, keith burdett

ISSN:  03085457

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8 hours ago, geogphotos said:

Hidden Villages of Britain 9781849944878


Tie in with Channel 4 programme so should be a good one for DACS



Thanks....two of mine there....
as you say, good for the DACS 'publication history' claim next year



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Sunday Times 25th


BC1X4A   Jenny Matthews    Brick Lane Sunday June 21st Discarded rubbish mainly take away drinking glasses

KP08AY   Peter Glass  Young woman's hands

BEDX2F   Bernd Zolle  Lion (Panthera leo) with a mane in the first morning light, Masai Mara Nature Reserve, Kenya, East Africa

J27XH9    Stockbroker  Grandfather And Granddaughter Enjoying Autumn Walk

HG9FJA     BRIAN ANTHONY   Rough sleeper, West End, London, England, U.K


Scottish Edition


D466BP     Stockbroker  Boy Eating Meal In Hospital Bed 

E84TR7      jeremy sutton-hibbert   Nicola Sturgeon on Scottish independence referendum campaign trail at Steel Engineering, Glasgow, Scotland

EC8CJB    Stephen Taylor  A colour image of the front of Fettes College


Irish Edition


JFXWMY    jackie ellis  Treated knotweed plants and warning sign in the Republic of Ireland

C5GCYK    Paul Doyle  Babies in creche, Surrey, UKí





FKTYNC    Dark Horse  Waist down of business colleagues standing pavement face to face talking

DHK6RC  travelstock44  New York Stock Exchange, Manhattan, Wall Street, New York

CERNAN ELIAS   Man carrying shopping - can't find it

JR6238  Graham Prentice   Panoramic view of Cory Riverside Energy London Reclaim tug boat pulling barge with waste containers on the River Thames as a green highway, London, UK

A7DDY7   Roger Bamber   Experienced older bricklayer laying bricks on a housing development

KEWK80    Andor Bujdoso    Picture of people running on treadmill in gym

D8FPKT   incamerastock    Old street and cafe in Frome, Somerset, England, UK

ENK1EF  Chris Hepburn  City of London skyline, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

CRK1D6     Medicshots  A silhouette of a doctor drawing a blood sample from the arm of a young female patient

M11BAD     Valery Skurydin  doctor checking chest x-ray film. Doctor examining a lung radiography




 H74P3R   Stockbroker  Realtor Showing Young Couple Around Property For Sale

KARDDP    Eden Breitz   London,Greenwich. Luxury New-Build riverside apartment buildings under construction. Bellway and Barratts Developers new flat developments

G2K0H1    Kolostock   Male Doctor examines elderly male patient using stethoscope

CEPMX4     BestPix  Emirates Airbus A380-800 creates spray landing on a wet runway at Manchester airport




CWNC8E   Yadid Levy   Musician playing the bandeon at Caminito area in La boca. Buenos Aires, Argentina

E1AN9X    Anna Berkut    delayed flight

DHTXPA    Sophie GALLIER Villa on Santorini island in the Cyclades (Greece




DFHTB0   hipgnosis  Row of terrace houses in typical English street

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Guardian online

KW6E2A Andrey Armyagov Belgian chocolate produced in Belgium.
D3N195 Gary K Smith Potting bench springtime still life showing wooden box of seed packets
E615ND imageBROKER/Christian Hütter Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seedlings
G3M8E0 Victoria Simmonds Bloomsbury square and park where people are sitting enjoying their lunch
N006P0 Johann Van Tonder / StockimoNews  Russell Square, London


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