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  1. Many thanks Vincent! I used to get this magazine (and reported Alamy image use here), but have let my membership lapse this year as there is no chance I will be using the caravan very soon ๐Ÿ˜•. Any chance you could send me a grab shot of the spread? Don't worry if not - thanks for the spot anyway - much appreciated! Anna
  2. Thank you Bryan - for this spot and for all the work you put in so regularly. It is much appreciated. Anna
  3. Thank you Steve - your hard and consistent work is very much appreciated! Stay safe. Anna
  4. Thank you Bryan - one of mine ๐Ÿ˜€. Now to make sure it appears on my Loop Images remittance - eventually! Anna
  5. Thank you Meanderingemu - much appreciated and I'll check to see if there are others ๐Ÿคž Anna
  6. Thank you Steve - very much appreciated. And won't it be nice when we can all drive out and do some country walking again..... Anna
  7. Hi Steve, Yes Linda came up trumps and Alamy now have their 'proof' and will look into it. ๐Ÿคž Thanks, Anna
  8. Hi Steve! Back in May you reported one of my images used in Country Walking (p.79 Anna Stowe Landscapes uk). This has still not appeared in my SOIS so I have contacted Alamy and they say it has not been downloaded so can I give them proof of its use. So - I am hoping that like me you are a bit of a magazine hoarder and maybe, just maybe, still have a copy of that issue? If you have, would it be possible for you to take a picture of the relevant page and maybe email it to me? It will probably turn out that they bought it 4 years ago and are allowed to use it however many times or that anyway it will be a pittance in remuneration if my claim is valid - but still - its the principle...... Don't worry if you no longer have the magazine - like I say, I won't have missed out on a fortune! Thank you by-the-way for the amazing work you do in finding all the image uses - not just in CW but in all the other publications too. Cheers, Anna
  9. OMG!!! When I first started this thread - way back when - it was really just a comment, an unburdening of my professional self that was feeling a bit sorry for herself. I expected maybe two or three sympathetic responses and that was it. I certainly did not expect it to go to 5 pages and range so widely. Obviously I touched a (very raw) nerve! Tbh I was not blaming anyone, company or individual, for the 'falling price of stock'. As I said very early on, I think it is a symptom of the technological advances of the digital age which have affected photography - they have been both the re-birth and the death of photography. I don't think Alamy are to blame. They need to be competitive, as do all the other agencies and it is truly a race to the bottom, because so many amateurs can take perfectly good photos very easily nowadays. They are just happy to see their names in lights and willing to give their photos away for a bit of kudos down the pub. I don't expect they realise what harm they are doing to the livelihoods of professionals. But then why should they and why should they care? Yes, Alamy could, maybe, have some kind of 'Premium range' so that it wasn't just a numbers game, or set a lowest price point or whatever - but I'm not sure that would help. And I do believe that Alamy, like any other business, does have our interests at heart. Not because they are angels or martyrs, but simply because their bottom line depends on them getting the best deal - and therefore we get (a percentage) of that best deal too. Whatever crap payment we get for an image, remember Alamy also gets a crap percentage of it too. So - I'm sorry that my innocent winge has sparked so much debate - well not really sorry, but certainly surprised! Over and out!
  10. That's an interesting bit of maths. Though I suppose the 18 images per month will change (increase) since, if you do add that number, you will be changing the current rate of total image submission upon which that number was based? So the actual situation is that we need to pedal increasingly faster in order to stand still! Kind of what I thought. I have also suspected that when I have a little bout of uploading, my zooms, CTR and sales all increase a bit. Conversely, if I have not uploaded anything for a while it all goes down. So much for my naive little idea when I first joined Alamy 15 years ago that I would get to 10,000 and sit back and retire on the constant flow of monthly income! Ha! ๐Ÿคฃ
  11. I totally agree - digital has been the birth and the death of photography as an art form and as a business. Whilst making it far more viable as a business for professionals ( remember the days of copying slides or sending your precious original to an editor?!!!) it has also meant that everyone has a camera, and it is relatively easy and cheap to produce images - even more so now that technological advances mean you need less skill to take a technically competent image. And that is what the low prices are reflecting - an oversaturated market. To be honest I donโ€™t think there is much either we or agencies can do about it - there is just too much photography going on. But we have choices. 1/ Do something else. 2/ Do what we love doing and accept that it wonโ€™t make us rich or 3/ (because not only will it not make us rich but probably wonโ€™t even feed us) some combination of 1&2. I really canโ€™t see much changing in the future. Sorry if that sounds pessimistic and defeatist - I cal it realism.
  12. So this year my average price per image has been $29. In 2010 it was $115. That is before Alamy and distributors took their percentage. Either way a fall of nearly 400% ? Not too good at maths so I may be wrong about the percentage but itโ€™s still a massive drop. These days if I have a sale that is in three figures before everyone takes their share I do a little happy dance!
  13. I quite agree - and I shall carry on submitting because I enjoy the taking and as you say, its a small supplement as far as income goes. But I would certainly not advise any newcomer to bother.
  14. I know this will come as no surprise to any of you and I'm sure we are all experiencing the same thing, so this is really just a moan to get off my chest.....but today the number of sales I have made this year exactly equals the number I made last year (249). However the revenue is $2352 less, and less than it was in 2010 when I had far fewer images and only 64 sales! Where will it end I ask myself? End of moan.... I guess if they were sitting on my hard drive sales and revenue would be $0.
  15. Regarding Personal Use - perhaps one could make it a condition of purchase that with this use no refunds can be given. They pay a pittance anyway, but at least it might deter the really devious buyers who set out to get something for nothing from the start. Also - surely if we have stated that an image has no model or property release, then anyone wanting an image for non-editorial use would realise that certain images will not be suitable. Why do we need to add the restrictions ourselves on top of declaring the lack of releases? other than that I am happy with the proposed changes.
  16. Many thanks for reporting Bryan! Anna Stowe Golden evening light falls on the west facade and spire of Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, England, UK - Image ID: CE92DJ
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