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  1. I'm a bit behind in checking this thread, but thank you so much for the find! Anna
  2. Thank you for the spot Clare - much appreciated. This one was zoomed recently so i guess that is why.
  3. Good start to the month - especially as I have also had a sale refunded today (a personal use sale from July 14th - hmmmmmm??) Thank you Bryan - much appreciated as always. Anna
  4. Thank you Steve - and yes, Alamy - recently zoomed. Much appreciated. 😀
  5. Thank you so much Bryan! A good start to the month - lets hope it continues! 🤞
  6. Thank you Bryan! That was taken a few years ago - nice to see it's still selling 😀
  7. Thanks for the spot Steve! Never thought I would get into a bird watchers' magazine - I'm hopeless at wildlife photography! 🙃
  8. Thank you Bryan! All your constant hard work is very much appreciated. Anna
  9. Many thanks Vincent! I used to get this magazine (and reported Alamy image use here), but have let my membership lapse this year as there is no chance I will be using the caravan very soon 😕. Any chance you could send me a grab shot of the spread? Don't worry if not - thanks for the spot anyway - much appreciated! Anna
  10. Thank you Bryan - for this spot and for all the work you put in so regularly. It is much appreciated. Anna
  11. Thank you Steve - your hard and consistent work is very much appreciated! Stay safe. Anna
  12. Thank you Bryan - one of mine 😀. Now to make sure it appears on my Loop Images remittance - eventually! Anna
  13. Thank you Meanderingemu - much appreciated and I'll check to see if there are others 🤞 Anna
  14. Thank you Steve - very much appreciated. And won't it be nice when we can all drive out and do some country walking again..... Anna
  15. Hi Steve, Yes Linda came up trumps and Alamy now have their 'proof' and will look into it. 🤞 Thanks, Anna
  16. Hi Steve! Back in May you reported one of my images used in Country Walking (p.79 Anna Stowe Landscapes uk). This has still not appeared in my SOIS so I have contacted Alamy and they say it has not been downloaded so can I give them proof of its use. So - I am hoping that like me you are a bit of a magazine hoarder and maybe, just maybe, still have a copy of that issue? If you have, would it be possible for you to take a picture of the relevant page and maybe email it to me? It will probably turn out that they bought it 4 years ago and are allowed to use it however many times or that anyway it will be a pittance in remuneration if my claim is valid - but still - its the principle...... Don't worry if you no longer have the magazine - like I say, I won't have missed out on a fortune! Thank you by-the-way for the amazing work you do in finding all the image uses - not just in CW but in all the other publications too. Cheers, Anna
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