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Oh no.... it's another of those "I got my first sale" kinda posts!

Well, of course I'm proud and dead chuffed about getting my first Alamy sale. Of course I'm dancing on the ceiling even though I've spent more than my earnings on a bottle of wine to celebrate!

But, I do have a couple of questions.

Now before I ask the questions, I'll take the opportunity to mention that I believe that Alamy is a decent company with good morals, ethics and beliefs. I'm not here to pick fault. I'm curious to understand just how this thing works.

I'm wondering about the fine details of the lines under the Details column in my sales report.

I'm seeing:-


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Consumer goods
Media: Calendar - page-a-day only
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Start: 01 January 2018
End: 01 January 2019
Print run: 20,000; Includes thumbnail use on the back page


So, taking this one line at a time,


I guess Country means that my photo can be sold in a worldwide marketplace by the licencer?

I guess that Usage: consumer goods means that my photo is gonna appear on goods that can be bought in shops etc?

I guess that Media : calendar means it's gonna appear on a calendar?  Page-a-day only - now I'm not too sure about that. So my photo won't be on a "monthly" calendar?

Print run: up to 10,000 well this is a "no Sh*t Sherlocker" for me, I guess my photo can appear in a maximum of 10,000 printed calendars?

Placement: Inside, so I'm not the January cover shot then? I'm happy that my photo is appearing in a calendar, I'm certainly not gonna kick up a fuss because I'm not January!
Start 01 January 2018

End 01 January 2019

Does this mean that my photo is in calendars already on sale?
Last line reads    Print run: 20,000; Includes thumbnail use on the back page. Is this a "comments from the buyer" line?

just curious!


Okay, so I admit, I'm trawling every single shop that I pass with calendars on sale in the hope that I drop lucky enough to find my photo in a calendar!


Dead chuffed anyway! (Yorkshire for "happy")

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Congrats on your first sale! 

Yes, your image is in a run of up to 10,000 2018 calendars. Presumably on one page and the back of the calendar shows thumbnails of all the images included.

If you post a link to the actual image other folk may come across it for you.


Ps Pass through Chesterfield often on route to Sheffield....love the twisted church spire!

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Chesterfield? _ Oh poop, I moved to North Wales over 3 years ago. Maybe I should look at updating my profile?
Anyway, Legend has it that whilst cruising around the doughnut (that is a Chesterfield "thing") the devil took a wrong turn, reached out and pulled the church spire into a twisted, immoral shape.
<------ dashes off to update profile.
<---- thinks 'so what was my password'?


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I believe that this is a type of calendar that sits on a desk and we tear out one page a day. At least I think that's what Alamy said.


Well done John on your first sale John!



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