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  1. If you upload via the archival/reportage route and notify Alamy via email can they, or even want to pull the images into the live news feed?
  2. If tearsheets are irrelevant why does Alamy want to see one to grant live news access? They want to see something THEY have, but won't tell YOU where it was published. What am I missing here?
  3. Well after dwelling on this for awhile I have made my decision. I of course will continue to shoot live news, just won't submit it to Alamy. Can't give your clients what they want if you don't have it. No more deadlines, captions they way Alamy wants it. With other clients they want it fast too, but they do captioning, they have better info than the photographer and they will at least tell you where it was sold/published. I will continue to send my news pics to stock, since with Alamy that is where most of my sales come from anyhow. With all the changes I wonder when that will be restricted to
  4. Thank you everyone. I have learned a lot. I am also going though a lot of older stuff looking for more to upload. Thanks again.
  5. Just curious, how many photos do you upload at a time? Being that if one fails they all fail. For now I have been doing about 5 a day. Thanks, Chester
  6. I am confused. Is Alamy and Corbis merging or something. I thought they competed against each other. I understood Demotix was owned by Corbis. Just confused.
  7. Well I tried it and round up on page 21. Least it's not the bottom. Plus I have a lot of keywoods to update. It's a start. CB
  8. When I upload the first one is shown. Almost always when Alamy news sees them, they put the one they feel is best in front. CB
  9. So as I understand it, I keyword in LR5, for my purpose or if I send it elsewhere, but also have to keyword it in Alamy once it is in manage images.
  10. When I keyword in LR5 and upload them and go to manage them, I find all my keywords are gone. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong? I upload to the Live News feed, and they show there. Thanks for the help.
  11. Got mine in the mail and here is what I found. Westways January/February 2015 The Magazine for Auto Club Members (Auto Club of Southern California) Pg 28 Year of the Dragon 2012 Yaacov Dagan/Alamy Pg 28 Fall 2014 David Parker/Alamy Pg 29 Christchurch Cathedral Square Jo Chambers/Alamy Pg 56 Moviestore Collection LTD/Alamy Pg 56 Ron Niebrugge/Alamy
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