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  1. National Trust? Bah Photographers standing on legal common land know this as the National Truss.
  2. I like this. So, in order to get my cut of this payment, I have to do absolutely nothing other than be the photographer of the photograph? So, I just sit there and the 10 percent of the money rolls in? err, yep. So, if I upload a photograph to Alamy and to nobody / no other stock site / else, Alamy will keep track of that photograph and protect my income? That is what I call a "no shit sherlock" situation.
  3. As I understand it, an image can be either "rights managed" or "royalty free", but it can NOT be both. So, if you upload your image to several stock websites, then it can not be "rights managed" on one website and "royalty free" on another website. Unless you've got deep pockets and are friends with a solicitor.
  4. Here is my experience with printers. Having once been a "computer engineer" I would never ever pay money to buy anything with Packard in the name. Looking at the printers owned by professional photographers, both Epson and Canon seem to be very popular. I once owned an Epson colour laser printer. The prints had a shiny, semi gloss appearance and were, frankly, superb - even when printed on sheets of £2.49 per ream A4 paper. Personal experience of Epson and Canon printers - if you don't print a photograph every day, the print heads soon clog up, they've got a life of about 12 months
  5. A photographer has been arrested in Kent whilst photographing things to do with asylum seekers, Kent and burning flames. Comments on the "story line" welcome.
  6. To be fair, I have used google reverse image search to find quite a few uses of my photographs. It even found a photograph which had been strongly edited and showed less than two thirds of my original photo - even to me, it looked nothing like my original photo. Technology does have limitations. My very first sale on Alamy was of a local church, used on a page per day calendar. Typically, a calendar publisher wouldn't bother putting each and every page of each and every calendar they sell onto the interweb. Also, reverse image searches run into problems if they have to reverse search pdf o
  7. It's earned me the cost of petrol and the cost of a burger sandwich lunch for my afternoon spent in and around this location. Other photographs have been sold. Criticism welcome!
  8. Geometric minimalism - I'm relatively new to photography and I am certainly no expert. However, as I'm in the learning stages, I often look to beginner tutorials. It seems that geometric minimalism is about having strong "lines" obeying many of the simple photographic composition rules? I'm thinking "rule of thirds", "fibonaci spiral" etc.
  9. Thankyou, Ian, Space and Harry, for the valued replies. I know this thread / topic is quite old now, so I won't labour things by replying individually with separate quotes. Ian, again, thankyou for the valued reply. I have heard of Keith Morris, and I have previously taken on board his theory about staying local. I used to travel Europe. I've traversed the Milau viaduct, I've been to the Ronchamps Chapel, the Cite de l'Automobile in Mulhouse, I've spent dozens of weekends in Amsterdam, I grew to know my way around Paris better than my own home town. Yet despite all this, my very
  10. Thankyou for the great answer. It's good to receive some first hand experience from yourself. Your comments do suggest the importance of carrying a Press Card. Yes, I was basically asking about the likelihood of being stopped and the consequences. I certainly don't earn enough income from my photography to qualify for a Press Card, but of the sales I do have, my editorial photographs are definitely the best sellers. I do know that several have appeared in "coffee table" magazines and I do have some timely newsworthy photographs which have appeared on websites and in print. But, does that ma
  11. I cared to look, and that is why I am here. Fair answer, but not the answer we want. So, if my local Police force have correctly and legally licenced from me, in exchange for money, one of my photographs, I can claim to be a professional photographer? So, when stopped entering into Dyfed, how would you explain to the police man that you are there?
  12. It all depends on where you draw the border between artistry and actuality. I have spent over 5 years living within the shadow of Flint Castle. Did JMW Turner really just happen upon that glorious, orange sunrise which he portrayed on his watercolour which hangs in the National Gallery? Did John Constable include in his famous painting, the passing dog which widdled upon the wheel of the Haywain? Did he?
  13. For keywording, I firstly add the word "editorial" if it is required, then I add the 5 W's. Then, looking for inspiration, I check out a variety of keywording websites. I make good use of the Photomechanic software. It's very intuitive, fast and adapts to my own workflow. I ingest with photomechanic. then import to Lightroom where I make basic adjustments, then I export from Lightroom before making tweaks in Photoshop if necessary. I then keyword / tag / add other metadata in Photomechanic which I use to save my file as a 100% quality jpg, ready to upload via FTP to the stock agencies.
  14. I've followed this topic with interest. In common with most internet forums, there seems to be an awful lot of one upmanship and bullcrop. However, there are some nuggets amongst the waffle. What we probably want to know more than anything else is:- How many professional photographers have been stopped / questioned by the Police. How many professional photographers have been fined. How many professional photographers were allowed to continue their trade. How many professional photographers stopped / fined were carrying a "press pass" and what was the result of showing the pr
  15. I read this topic and thought to myself "Nah, don't be silly, backgrounds don't sell on Alamy because people can buy them much cheaper elsewhere". Before rushing to madly type those exact words as a reply, I had a quick squint at my sales history. It didn't take long, it's quite small - my sales history. 18 month ago, somebody paid over $5 to use one of my photographs of a brick wall, for 3 months in "any placement, inside or cover". This gave ma a warm glow of satisfaction, knowing that my time spent taking a photograph of a brick wall had not been time wasted. Bizarr
  16. Oh, my image? http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=63444113-A477-4FD9-B40A-7784DA491425 Thankyou!
  17. Chesterfield? _ Oh poop, I moved to North Wales over 3 years ago. Maybe I should look at updating my profile? Anyway, Legend has it that whilst cruising around the doughnut (that is a Chesterfield "thing") the devil took a wrong turn, reached out and pulled the church spire into a twisted, immoral shape. <------ dashes off to update profile. <---- thinks 'so what was my password'?
  18. Oh no.... it's another of those "I got my first sale" kinda posts! Well, of course I'm proud and dead chuffed about getting my first Alamy sale. Of course I'm dancing on the ceiling even though I've spent more than my earnings on a bottle of wine to celebrate! But, I do have a couple of questions. Now before I ask the questions, I'll take the opportunity to mention that I believe that Alamy is a decent company with good morals, ethics and beliefs. I'm not here to pick fault. I'm curious to understand just how this thing works. I'm wondering about the fine details of the lines
  19. Having seen today's (or was it last week or perhaps last year) news headlines.... Yellow car owned by old man who lives in a privately owned cottage, which just happens to be next to the most photographed row of houses in the world. He has no garage, no back yard and I doubt that the local council would grant planning permission for him to build a pre-fab concrete garage next to his house. So, he parks his car, legally, outside the front of his home. It seems to be upsetting a few people, especially a local semi-pro photographer who is indignant about the amount of extra working time he has
  20. The caption reads as follows:- "Alamy Live News. EAFHX2 Wimbledon, London, UK. 14th Nov, 2014. Pedestrians and commuters struggle on a rainy day in London © amer ghazzal/Alamy Live News This is an Alamy Live News image and may not be part of your current Alamy deal . If you are unsure, please contact our sales team to check." Found lower down below a report about the M25 pothole. Perhaps today is the proof readers day off?
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