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Hi Southmind,


I am also waiting... but usually when you upload on weeked it will be "valid" as a monday upload. So the 24 hours you should count from monday. So i guess somewhere today it should happen.



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The pattern with my weekend submissions has been this:  two or three quick Monday morning okays from QC, then a slow turnaround where the okay comes through on Tuesday or even Wednesday.  Say la V. 

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1 hour ago, Bill Kuta said:

Ah, another thread I am glad to see--I also am waiting on a submission from Saturday. Hoping to keep my long streak alive.



Same here. Uploaded a couple on Saturday, and then another on Sunday. Also still waiting. Was afraid I'd missed a dust bunny in post or something. :-)

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12 minutes ago, Betty LaRue said:

Uploaded 4:30 pm yesterday USA time, passed 2 something am this morning. Less than 12 hours.


USA Time must be faster than Europa time ! Finally, mine arrived ... slowly ... Too many snails photos, I think.

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