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  1. Calendar, print run 5000, $$. Pleased with this as last January i didnt sell a single image. Good to get the ball rolling early in 2020. 😄
  2. Ian’s earlier post on Orphan Works Puzzlement ..But Alamy puts them up for sale. Plenty of “photographer unknown”, and ‘`copyright not claimed” images like this one - J0R23N. Is that because “orphan works” is only a thing in UK law so if the purchaser is elsewhere the original copyright owner has no remedy?
  3. I’ve bought some boxes of amateur 1960s transparencies which i’m copying with a mind to selling here via archive/ reportage. They’re all of London - trooping the colour, state opening of parliament etc. My question is about copyright - are these images now mine to sell?
  4. $$$ gross -70% (30+40 distro - ouch). Calendar use, Japan. Still it makes up for the $1 NU sale yesterday.
  5. Decent $$ Calendar inside and front cover, 20,000 print run. Worldwide.
  6. $$$ Calendar front page, I’m delighted, i walked a few hundred metres from my house looking for anything to photograph when I was shooting weather for live news. I saw this in the otherwise empty car park. The car was the only thing around that had any colour and I liked how it stood out from the snow.
  7. I’m interested to know why that doesnt breach Microsofts copyright? Also thinking i should take images of my laptop screen which has multiple software company logos at any given time.
  8. I could never do a wedding, or portraits for that matter, ,<shudder> - too many people, too much pressure. if i take 1000 images and drop my card somewhere i’ve noone to answer to except myself.
  9. Wow Betty that struck a chord with me. I spend hours out by myself with my camera and I get completely absorbed in what I’m doing. The exception recently has been photo trips out with a friend who i introduced to Alamy who is equally enthusiastic. Angela
  10. I’d like to give the class a 24 shot 35mm film and say “right, you’ve got to make that last a week and you have to get them processed at Boots. All creativity done in the camera. No post-production tinkering allowed. Oh, and you’ll have to wait two weeks to see what you’ve got”. OK, i’m a dinosaur.
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