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Ready pix went on sale this morning (Saturday)

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Did anyone else notice- no waiting till Monday for images keyworded on Friday?  I approve.

My image count only reflects about half of them, though.

This has been the case for a while and there was a thread a bout it few months ago



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spacecadet, green-arrow thanks for posting about Ready For Sale photos now updating during weekend...

(lightbox of images taken a couple of days ago - super! http://bit.ly/13sZWh3 )


Thanks for posting the lightbox. Nice images.


You are lucky that you are able to take photos in shopping malls. Over here most shopping malls/arcades/centers/centres have a no photography policy. But I do manage the odd surreptitious one occasionally. ;)



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Thanks, Ed. City less humid these days?  At carnival last night, it was actually a bit cool here on the island.



Thanks, Allan - I got permission before the special event.


Looks like a worthwhile day, Ann. Nice work. 

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