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  1. @shearwater I would say the majority are in the UK with a smattering in the USA then elsewhere. I do have a company in southern France that needs to be sorted but it's time amongst my other stupidly busy schedule.
  2. Well, I could do To give you all some eye watering facts of what's going on in my own backyard of copyright infringements there is some 55000€ outstanding which needs to be taken through the courts. Like Chuck I am registering my work in the US before it goes into any agency. It's simply the best way forward. Taking screen shots is simply not good enough. You have to do the following: 1) Open up the page where the infringement is, then open up another tab that has a date on it such as an online newspaper. I use the Daily Mail as it's free. Now take a shot showing the image in place along with the date and a headline too. 2) Right click the image and choose "Open Image in New Tab" so that it shows the path of the image on the infringers server. Repeat screenshot process as above. 3) Write letter one from the site above. You MUST give them 14 days in which to respond. 4) If they don't then send them an invoice. Do NOT inflate it beyond what the infringer should have paid. If it goes to court, and I've been to court, the judge is going to ask you how you justified it. You cannot include your time writing to them; researching it etc as in small claims these things can't be claimed back. 5) If after 30 days then haven't responded take them to court. Use the eFile system as it's nice and easy. In the UK familiarize yourselves with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This piece of legislation can destroy many arguments. Note that there is no legal requirement to put a © symbol on any work. It is down to the person or company using your work to verify that it is free of copyright and they MUST try finding where to license it first. Check who you're dealing with. Get the right address etc so that this cannot be challenged later on down the line. Keep a spreadsheet too of when you found it; when you emailed them so these things can be tracked. If the infringement is in the USA you better make sure you've registered it first otherwise you'll get nowhere fast. I get one on average every 4 days. PS Don't waste your time asking Pixsy to chase infringers. They are useless!!!
  3. No! You should do though! I have thought every so often of just ordering it and sending it to you as a surprise. I bet you would find uses for it and you could actually add things such as long exposure cityscapes to your portfolio as it's strong enough to do them.
  4. Last resort. You have the cable still that connects your computer to the camera? That will work! And again, definitely get that Manfrotto. It weighs 190g so you won't be lugging it around.
  5. Tablet? By the way. I can see why you didn't use the Velbon D-700. For you it is TOO big. Definitely consider that Manfrotto one. As it really is miniscule.
  6. See. Even you have been turned to the dark side With the focus stacking I would suggest sticking your camera on your tripod and trying to control it remotely. You still got your Canon 5D Mark III? If it has Wifi and you have a smart phone then see if you can control the camera using the Canon App.
  7. Course I know you well enough Ian! I know that sticking a camera on a tripod is about as likely as me going to Vietnam tomorrow. It ain't going to happen! But! And here's a thought for you, and I guarantee you will earn your money back, go and buy the table top tripod from Manfrotto. You can stick it in your pocket as it's that small. Costs about £25. It will enable you to slightly bend your own rules.
  8. There you go! I'm like you. i want to go out and start doing stuff. problem is if i do that it will add to the already HUGE mountain. Go have fun with that macro lens and discover a new world! Oh, and find a way to stabilize it so you can do focus stacking. Now there's a challenge for you!
  9. Ian No worries OK! Indeed a rethink is needed. I sit here going crazy because I have lost a lot of work. But I'm also trying to stay positive. Only look at good news. Trying to think of new ways to earn money with my camera. Send off around 3000 images that haven't been sent anywhere. Go and challenge yourself to do something different with your camera. You're an intelligent guy and so I'm sure you can be challenged.
  10. How essential is it when you get commissioned by a company. That the commission gives you money. That feeds you. Your family etc? Ian, these discussions could go on forever. Back and forth. The main thing we ALL need to do now is not start going down these roads and concentrate on getting rid of this virus as quickly as possible. It is doing to pretty much everyone!
  11. Being stuck in France this past two weeks has been frustrating in one way (a trip to Vietnam has gone up in the air) and in another way it's allowed me to sort things out that didn't get done in a while. Looking through the thread it's easy to see why emotions are running high. We're all feeling. We're all losing work because of this and trying our level best to do what we can. There was a report the other day of a news photographer being stopped on the Champs Elysées by the police. Surrounded he explained to them that he needs to stop and change lenses etc as it's part of his job. Being a professional photographer it could be quite easy to push the limit of what is and isn't allowed. I certainly understand the need for people to get out and exercise but the problem is that you give people an inch and they take a mile. is it essential for Ian or anyone else to go out and take pictures as that's our job? Honestly, if it came to it and he got a fine then the only way to know for sure is to contest it in court. Here in France they have said that they want NO businesses to fail. Ian's business has been for a long time taking images to earn his way. It's an extremely difficult line that needs walking with caution.
  12. I've just had a moment to check mine. It is down by over 50% of what it normally is. Every year I have claimed it has been consistent so I am shocked beyond belief that it has declined in such a drastic way.
  13. Colin. Thanks! Apology accepted and no offense has been taken. I think it is sad that you kind enough to give the reply you did and you get your own red arrow just for being courteous. Right now I am in Vietnam doing something similar to Keith. I am staying in Hoi An for two weeks (long story why), learning Vietnamese and photographing local people’s portraits. My geographical area is extremely limited but what I have done is made many connections by making new friends. I am trading English lessons for help in learning Vietnamese. The language is helping me get images most others wouldn’t.
  14. Just to reiterate. I absolutely respect what Keith did as a photographer. To have done what he did in such a small geographical area is nothing of phenomenal in this day and age. i guess my original post didn’t convey that. And again, the last thing I really want to be seeing is someone we all know losing their life. It is extremely tragic and beyond sadness when someone is taken before their time.
  15. I only learned of Keith’s passing last night. It is very tragic what has happened and whenever one of our own is taken then we can only grieve. with regards to his comments to me. We are very different photographers. We each have our own styles and ways of working. It really is not the moment to name people in this way and to start making comparisons between our respective ways of working.
  16. I hope not as I'll be in Moscow for 1 month at the end of the year. i'd like to use my downtime to sort out the keywording on my images.
  17. Thanks everyone! In fact, one useful thing it has done is that it's made me go through what I have and see what needs tightening up in terms of keywording etc. I did find some images that didn't even have a caption so at least one good thing has come of this curiosity. As for green bars, I've been waiting for the usual suspects to come along who I know are well placed to offer insight on this. Very appreciated that as usual a feature has been added but no details offered up by Alamy as to how much difference it makes and that contributors are giving the best feedback.
  18. Thanks Betty! I need to properly look at what I have and what I think should be optimized or not. Of course, you never do what someone is likely to be searching for.
  19. Afternoon all For once I have some free time between relentless traveling around the place and so I'm taking a closer look at my Alamy imagery. Have any of you noticed a difference in the overall visibility and sales of your work by pushing that green bar all the way up to optimized? I ask as I have about 5500 images that are classed as being poor discoverability. I'm wondering how much use of my time it is going through these and seeing what I can do to push the bar until the end. Thanks
  20. Copyright in your work is automatic. The only way it is different is that if you have produced the images for someone else. It is highly recommended to register your work at the US Copyright Office. Average wait time to receive the documentation is 9 months but lately things have been done in 3 weeks. Always very useful to add metadata behind the scenes. Watermark: honestly, you can add it but if someone is going to steal your work they will either crop it off; clone it or just keep it in there believing that it gives them the right to use the image.
  21. I went from a 5D Mark II to a Mark IV. Seriously, get it! Got to Hdew Cameras and they have them for £1799 new.
  22. From what I remember of Britain's places where you need to go such as town halls; doctors etc there are a number of leaflets etc in different languages to help people. The UK is very well equipped to deal with ex-pats from other countries. Again, France is pretty diverse with a number of people from a number of countries but you rarely see leaflets etc in any other language apart from at tourist attractions.
  23. Curiosity, have you been an ex-pat? I can absolutely feel the pain that Ed does as living here in France their bureaucracy is a nightmare! The French know it but will do nothing about it. A few years ago I was told by a French worker to read Asterix in Rome. It takes the mickey out of the French administration in the 50s. And it has not changed!!! I'm very sure that the pain and frustration that Ed talks of in Spain is pretty the same as it is here in France. You are often faced with the "it's not my department" line as well as taking a form to an office and it needing about 3 different people to actually get it all signed off. And no, I am not kidding. A couple of years ago I was given a car to use. Great! You go the office in the centre of town to sort out the change of ownership. But it takes one person to make sure you have filled out the form correctly then you are told to wait in another queue to pay the fee. The one good thing the French have is that if you need something like a copy of your birth certificate then it's free unlike the UK.
  24. Maybe some ideas for you Ed: https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/index/europe Or you could just become a digital nomad. There are a number of YouTubers who do this. Go somewhere for three months. Get an AirBnB so you don't have to worry about local taxes; setting up internet etc.
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