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  1. And this is why I do infringements myself because of these shenanigans. Once you get used to what needs to be done it is very simple.
  2. An dI believe @Alamy we're still waiting on you to give us justification as to why you're dropping the commission rate when you have repeatedly said that it wouldn't be dropped.
  3. I think what we DO understand about the agency business is that time and time again we are getting screwed over. How many times did @Alamy say the commission wouldn't be dropped etc? And yet here we are again! And no response from them either which speaks volumes. They go on and on about how fair they are to photographers but their words are now meaningless and full of cr@p. They are no better than any other agency out there.
  4. I think the overall and overriding issue here is that @Alamy have said time and again no commission cuts and yet they then go and cut the commission. Sorry @Alamy but you are just in this for yourselves and you are deceitful 😠
  5. Dear @Alamy So I'm sat here reading the mountains of responses again and yet again I see that you are hiding away. If you really are, as you claim to be, reading through people's responses then don't let this fester as it will only annoy people even more. In a public place such as Twitter you post: With up to the minute international news imagery covering innovations and global trends in banking and finance, it's easy to source content for your next project and remain at the forefront of your industry. So it's easy to source is it @Alamy? Who exactly is sour
  6. @Alamy May I ask if you actually taking any note at all of the sheer and utter discontent that contributors have right now? There are pages and pages of it and you should be taking very close observations as to how people are feeling. In the current climate where people are losing jobs; seeing hours cut etc you come along with this new contract. A contract which serves one purpose which is you. People have long held Alamy in high regard because of your fairness in terms of royalties. But you've now come along and wrecked that for many people. So
  7. So much anger towards Alamy and justifiably so! Seriously, what a carve up but then should we expect anything else in this industry? Just skimmed through some of the comments about indemnity clauses etc. Interesting in that when I had a non-payer a while ago Alamy would not give me the customer's details so I could get the cash out them. Double standards on data? Anyone contacted the NUJ etc?
  8. You want a suggestion? Stop screwing over the very people who pay your wages!
  9. Yes, you need representation in the USA. It's also in your best interests to register your work with the US Copyright Office. A bundle of 750 unpublished images costs something like $50
  10. Actually dealing with infringers yourselves is not that difficult. Having had much success over the last 4 years now I can give first hand experience of this. But I warn you that you are going to experience to a whole raft of people: 1) People that cry on the phone 2) People that say sorry and settle 3) People that say get lost - just take them to court 4) People that starting threatening you I've had each, sadly. Amount recouped over the last 4 years? Well into 5 figures in total. Well into.
  11. Ian I see that your prime thinking has changed. Good! Hit them high. You're thinking as you should do with this. These people take our work and what makes our livelihood. Yes, people can make mistakes but their mistakes don't pay our bills/ mortgages. Welcome to the giant rabbit hole. But you aren't alone so reach out again if you get stuck.
  12. Dear all You may want to look at Article 13, Section 1 of Directive 2004/48 on the enforcement of IP rights in regards to additional damages. From what I understand if an infringer continues to use your photograph after notifying them of the case then a judge can start looking at the profits of a company then give you a slice of it. Please note: this does not constitute legal advice PS Was good chatting with you Ian and fun too Go get 'em!!!
  13. Got your email and responded. Don't worry Ian. We'll find a moment to sort this out and I'll bring you fully up to speed with all that you need to know and do.
  14. Ian I have extensive experience of this. If you need some help give me a shout. The forms; fees and also evidence etc. Just done a case and won. got another on the way with a default judgement.
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