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  1. US Post Office retail & counter areas: public or off-limit?

    That's not how I read it Jeff. I read it as "if there is a public meeting going on it's fine." "if you want to take pictures inside at any other time then you need the permission of the postmaster."
  2. US Post Office retail & counter areas: public or off-limit?

    An answer for you Jeff:
  3. The Sun - image sales

    Thanks Lawrenson Photo. It's coming up 45 days on Monday so I'll be keeping a watchful eye.
  4. The Sun - image sales

    Thank for that! 45 days then which is great.
  5. The Sun - image sales

    Morning all I had some images back in the Sun this January which showed up on my account at the end of February. Anyone know how quick they usually settle their invoices??? 60 days or wishful thinking???
  6. The 13" MacBook Pro . . . ?

    No worries Ed! But do ask around for someone you know who is in university. Apple will give various discounts depending on the university and it's not always what you see on their site. At times it's more! It needs either a student or a teacher to be able to get it. Could work out just as good as a refurbished Mac
  7. The 13" MacBook Pro . . . ?

    True! Winter seems to still be here Ed. Cold and grey. If you did go for the 13" what you could do is buy a separate larger monitor for when you're at home and then when you're on the go just take the laptop. What about refurbished examples OR if you know someone in university then can get you a discount!!!
  8. The 13" MacBook Pro . . . ?

    Ed I have a 15" macbook pro for when I travel. I would plump for that as it's ever so slightly bigger and more useable than the 13".
  9. DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro

    Keith did answer very clearly. You take images or video with the drone. You put that work up for sale on whatever image library and earn money from the sale of them. That is commercial work. Keith has done what I would like to do. The rules are there for a reason and if it means jumping through the hoops to get imagery that other can't because they aren't licensed then so be it.
  10. DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro

    This true but I don't know how strictly it s being enforced as I'm, not yet, a drone user. But that is likely to change this year!
  11. DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro

    Sound From the question asked I would say that is a no. Any commercial work etc that you are selling must have had all of the proper permissions. It is a problem that isn't being addressed fast enough. There are some drone shots in a popular landscape photography competition that was announced last year. There are at least two that look as if the rules are broken. One shot is one the main flight path into Heathrow over Canary Wharf. Justin Case. I would be VERY careful as to what you are putting out there as it wouldn't take much to get in trouble if you are not properly insured and have the correct credentials.
  12. color cast

    I too found the highlights blown in all channels when looking at the jpeg. Getting rid of the cast by Photoshop curves; Camera Raw curves or the Lightroom Curve would give you a far more accurate correction than using the WB and Tint.
  13. Photoshop plan After Effects for time lapse Premiere for vlog editing
  14. color cast

    It's not in the reds but actually on the green channel! Just put it into Photoshop and checked the RGB values and their is an off green cast to it. It can be corrected in about a minute and it looks miles better! 1) Stick it in PS 2) Add on an eye dropper point to the image just to the bottom right of the fin on the main fish 3) Add a curves layer 4) Go to the green channel and push it up ever so slightly and the cast will be gone
  15. 1) You should be able to transfer those actions easily. 2) CC is no problem without an internet connection. Just make sure that once a month you have connected to the net with the laptop to ensure there aren't any problems. 3) For $9.99 you can use it on 2 devices such as a desktop and laptop. I do this. 4) If you've got two laptops and a desktop only two of those devices can be connected to the cloud at any one moment.