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  1. Hi Marianne I have the Markhof Pro 2.0 ones. They are not loose fitting at all. Very snug. I didn't get the liners only the overgloves. Give them a message and tell them your needs. They are excellent!
  2. Try Vallerret Gloves. They are made by photographers for photographers. You can also buy an overmitt too should it really bite. Where have mine been tested? Mongolia in March 2019 at -18°c so they've definitely been put through their paces
  3. @shearwater I would say the majority are in the UK with a smattering in the USA then elsewhere. I do have a company in southern France that needs to be sorted but it's time amongst my other stupidly busy schedule.
  4. Well, I could do To give you all some eye watering facts of what's going on in my own backyard of copyright infringements there is some 55000€ outstanding which needs to be taken through the courts. Like Chuck I am registering my work in the US before it goes into any agency. It's simply the best way forward. Taking screen shots is simply not good enough. You have to do the following: 1) Open up the page where the infringement is, then open up another tab that has a date on it such as an online newspaper. I use the Daily Mail as it's free. Now ta
  5. No! You should do though! I have thought every so often of just ordering it and sending it to you as a surprise. I bet you would find uses for it and you could actually add things such as long exposure cityscapes to your portfolio as it's strong enough to do them.
  6. Last resort. You have the cable still that connects your computer to the camera? That will work! And again, definitely get that Manfrotto. It weighs 190g so you won't be lugging it around.
  7. Tablet? By the way. I can see why you didn't use the Velbon D-700. For you it is TOO big. Definitely consider that Manfrotto one. As it really is miniscule.
  8. See. Even you have been turned to the dark side With the focus stacking I would suggest sticking your camera on your tripod and trying to control it remotely. You still got your Canon 5D Mark III? If it has Wifi and you have a smart phone then see if you can control the camera using the Canon App.
  9. Course I know you well enough Ian! I know that sticking a camera on a tripod is about as likely as me going to Vietnam tomorrow. It ain't going to happen! But! And here's a thought for you, and I guarantee you will earn your money back, go and buy the table top tripod from Manfrotto. You can stick it in your pocket as it's that small. Costs about £25. It will enable you to slightly bend your own rules.
  10. There you go! I'm like you. i want to go out and start doing stuff. problem is if i do that it will add to the already HUGE mountain. Go have fun with that macro lens and discover a new world! Oh, and find a way to stabilize it so you can do focus stacking. Now there's a challenge for you!
  11. Ian No worries OK! Indeed a rethink is needed. I sit here going crazy because I have lost a lot of work. But I'm also trying to stay positive. Only look at good news. Trying to think of new ways to earn money with my camera. Send off around 3000 images that haven't been sent anywhere. Go and challenge yourself to do something different with your camera. You're an intelligent guy and so I'm sure you can be challenged.
  12. How essential is it when you get commissioned by a company. That the commission gives you money. That feeds you. Your family etc? Ian, these discussions could go on forever. Back and forth. The main thing we ALL need to do now is not start going down these roads and concentrate on getting rid of this virus as quickly as possible. It is doing to pretty much everyone!
  13. Being stuck in France this past two weeks has been frustrating in one way (a trip to Vietnam has gone up in the air) and in another way it's allowed me to sort things out that didn't get done in a while. Looking through the thread it's easy to see why emotions are running high. We're all feeling. We're all losing work because of this and trying our level best to do what we can. There was a report the other day of a news photographer being stopped on the Champs Elysées by the police. Surrounded he explained to them that he needs to stop and change lenses etc as it's part
  14. I've just had a moment to check mine. It is down by over 50% of what it normally is. Every year I have claimed it has been consistent so I am shocked beyond belief that it has declined in such a drastic way.
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