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  1. Figured out why. And just had my statement. Up very nicely this year. I suspect because a long time getting ISBN and ISSN numbers for my stuff.
  2. Curiosity. Has anyone NOT received their payback yet? i'm still waiting on mine and logging into my account it says that it has been allocated. Statements don't appear to be there either which is a little frustrating.
  3. Thanks everyone. It was kind of like that Mr Ben moment. As if by magic the email from DACS appears! Going to be interested to see what it is this year. Last year was the first time it had increased for me so I'll be curious to see what this year's is.
  4. Afternoon all Has anyone received their DACS payment yet? I know t's due sometime around now but I personally have't seen anything as of yet.
  5. @Sultanpepa or maybe helping it more clearer! Sadly the response from @Alamy shows that they don't care one iota about us. So they spent 4 days at the show. I wonder if they explained what they've just done to contributors and that we all know it'll probably happen again as they bring themselves into line with other libraries.
  6. It probably wouldn't have been a good idea to meet. Sadly I feel that Alamy have let contributors down many times now yet they cannot see that. Professional? Personally, I am ever the professional but sadly I don't see that from Alamy in the way that it has treated contributors. This to me says everything: "ultimately the change in commission structure was a business decision to balance the needs of shareholders, customers, staff, contributors etc that allows us to get us where we need to be for future success." How many times do we have to hear this? Seriou
  7. @Alamy Remember this response to me on Twitter Mr Allsworth: I think it’s exactly this kind of response which makes engaging on these issues pretty redundant - happy to look into the specifics on this one tomorrow when I’m back in the office but needless to say it won’t be “Full RF” - far from it. This in response to the selling of a RM image as near RF. I'm still waiting for the response to this. Tomorrow was about 2 months ago. For me it shows just how engaged management are with the very people who provide content and ultimately pay their wag
  8. Yes. Apparently the percentage cut was a good thing as it brings them into line with other agencies. Response from me was that they has annoyed a lot of contributors which fell on deaf ears.
  9. Damn! Wish I had checked here before as I was at the PS over Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I was also giving a talk about Mongolia so if you saw it then that was me! Was well worth going from my own perspective. Can't say why just yet ;)
  10. And this is why I do infringements myself because of these shenanigans. Once you get used to what needs to be done it is very simple.
  11. An dI believe @Alamy we're still waiting on you to give us justification as to why you're dropping the commission rate when you have repeatedly said that it wouldn't be dropped.
  12. I think what we DO understand about the agency business is that time and time again we are getting screwed over. How many times did @Alamy say the commission wouldn't be dropped etc? And yet here we are again! And no response from them either which speaks volumes. They go on and on about how fair they are to photographers but their words are now meaningless and full of cr@p. They are no better than any other agency out there.
  13. I think the overall and overriding issue here is that @Alamy have said time and again no commission cuts and yet they then go and cut the commission. Sorry @Alamy but you are just in this for yourselves and you are deceitful 😠
  14. Dear @Alamy So I'm sat here reading the mountains of responses again and yet again I see that you are hiding away. If you really are, as you claim to be, reading through people's responses then don't let this fester as it will only annoy people even more. In a public place such as Twitter you post: With up to the minute international news imagery covering innovations and global trends in banking and finance, it's easy to source content for your next project and remain at the forefront of your industry. So it's easy to source is it @Alamy? Who exactly is sour
  15. @Alamy May I ask if you actually taking any note at all of the sheer and utter discontent that contributors have right now? There are pages and pages of it and you should be taking very close observations as to how people are feeling. In the current climate where people are losing jobs; seeing hours cut etc you come along with this new contract. A contract which serves one purpose which is you. People have long held Alamy in high regard because of your fairness in terms of royalties. But you've now come along and wrecked that for many people. So
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