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Have you found any Alamy photos October 2023?

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The Sun



London, UK. 4th October 2023. British Medical Association (BMA) picket

Image ID:2T052JA

Vuk Valcic / Alamy Stock Photo



McDonalds stock image

Image ID:G5TG4M

PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer Rui Vieira


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18/10/2023, Guardian, p10, giraffe licking car, 2T268YN, Lee Hudson [Via Live News]
18/10/2023, Guardian G2, p5, Rachael Bland, Lauren Mahon and Deborah James, MXW534, Mark Waugh
18/10/2023, Guardian G2, p7, Billy musical, G957XB, Ian West/PA Images
18/10/2023, Guardian G2, p9, Brian Cox, 2HKH7M8, Donald Cooper


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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

Iain Masterton Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 17th October 2023.  First Minister Humza Yousaf  2T26N52 and 15th Oct  2T1RP5M, 2T1RP5J

Iain Masterton Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 31st May 2023.Road markings showing start of Low Emission Zone in  city centre 2R518YP and 2R518YB


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British Wildlife Vol 35, No 1, October 2023

ISSN 0958-0956

Front cover, Great Ciliated Lichen (Anaptychia ciliaris), elegant fructicular lichen of open forests. Jean-Philippe Delobelle / BIOSPHOTO, Image ID: 2H0B95P

P10, Purple emperor butterfly (Apatura iris) UK. Our Wild Life Photography, Image ID: F196CB

P11, A common Garden Snail, Cornu aspersum), making its way across a tarmac road. Barrie Harwood, Image ID: 2JJ8RPD

P12, Cooked snails. Emilio Ereza / Stockimo, Image ID: S35P19

P16, Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), female approaching lek in native pinewood, Glen Tanar Estate, Deeside, Scotland, April 1988. Laurie Campbell, Image ID: 2RD3EWC

P17, Bilberry and heather plants on scottish moorland. Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, UK. Wayne Hutchinson, Image ID: WT7A2C

P18, red deer (Cervus elaphus), herd of red deer in coast secenery, United Kingdom, Scotland, Isle of Rum, Kilmory. blickwinkel/S. Meyers, Image ID: EBNDNT

P27, Plastic bottles, plastic bags and food packaging, rubbish thrown away dumped in woodland in bury lancashire uk. tradewinds, Image ID: MCFK5R

P28, A path on the Wye Valley Walk through autumn woodland near the village of Llandogo in Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom. Andrew Baskott, Image ID: F96GAA

P30, Carrifran Wildwood, a woodland restoration/rewilding project by Borders Forest Trust, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. Richard Clarkson, Image ID: H5410J

P32, Seedling of beech Fagus sylvatica New Forest National Park Hampshire England UK. Mike Read, Image ID: G1K0YT

P33, New Forest management controlled burning of gorse bushes. Tim Jones, Image ID: J3XGBG

P35, Fungi Moss Lichens and Algae on tree stump in late autumn Cannock Chase AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) in Staffordshire England UK. Ron Evans, Image ID: 2J2X9RH

P36, Autumn Color inside a Forest in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Daniel Dempster Photography, Image ID: D0BJ5R

P40, A False widow spider Steotoda nobilis sits among its web which it has made in a window. Ed Marshall, Image ID: HFRN51

P47, Digger wasp (Gorytes laticinctus) digging its nest. During an attack, the wasp cut off the head of an ant, the ant remained hooked to its paw. France. Joël Heras / BIOSPHOTO, Image ID: JR2PYE

P48, Red Necked Wallaby; Macropus rufogriseus Single in Meadow Isle of Man; UK. David Chapman, Image ID: G0DRRC

P54, Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense female. Martin Fowler, Image ID: B0G6RB

P55, Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta). Stone Bay Photography, Image ID: 2RR54H0

P60, Diving Beetle (Cybister lateralimarginalis) larva, Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands. Jelger Herder/ Buiten-beeld/ Minden Pictures, Image ID: H859KK

P74, Close up shot of Golden Eagle taken in Scotland near Loch Lomond. Rachel Husband, Image ID: D2GBYW

P75, Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) adult, catching Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) prey, Moray Firth, Scotland, July. FLPA, Image ID: DP6D9T

P78, Autumn colours in the woodlands of Blairmore House near Torry, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland UK. Stephen Dorey Creative, Image ID: 2KFBC9W

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The mail


Sleeping Couple Being Woken By Mobile Phone In Bedroom

Image ID:ERCX56

MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer: Stockbroker

This is money


UK five pound, ten pound, twenty pound and fifty pound notes with one pound coins

Image ID:M146D0

Contributor:PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer:Dominic Lipinski


Edited by Adie
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11 hours ago, Bryan said:

UrbanImages  7 June 2022. The Daily Telegraph newspaper headline 2JBMPX5


Thanks again Bryan :)

Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, pp8-9, woodcock, 2G3FB8D, Arndt Sven-Erik/Arterra Picture Library
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p14, fungus mycelium, D52RC1, Nigel Cattlin [cropped & flipped L-R]
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p15, mating fruit flies, 2G8JED8, Sagar Khunte/ephotocorp
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p15, fruit fly, 2JHH3PK, Rafal Pilkowski [circular crop]
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p15, fruit flies, H84G3X, Michael Durham/Minden Pictures [circular crop]
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, pp26-17, yellowhammers, E46067, Fergus Gill/Nature Picture Library [flipped L-R]
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p41, razorbill with sand eels, 2PNAG7K, Terry Whittaker/imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p42, spiny starfish, W0KAG4, Andrew Pearson [circular crop]
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p61, blackbird, D9MJ4E, T.M.O.Birds [flipped L-R]
Autumn/Winter 2023, RSPB Magazine, p68, hawfinch, B5XFM5, David Chapman [flipped L-R]

ISBN:  2755-8703

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19/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p10, Cyril Ramaphosa and Martti Ahtisaari, 2D319EJ, Paul Faith/PA Images
19/10/2023, Guardian G2, p3, children on a coach trip, AFMHX1, Neil McAllister
19/10/2023, Guardian G2, p5, ferret, JWKFGR, Farlap


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4 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 19th, Business

Jansos  Frogmore's revamped 1950s office development in Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London, 2H3KR2C


Bryan, Many thanks! 🍻

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21/10/2023, New Scientist, p2, rhinoceros, 2JK1425, Michael Runkel/robertharding
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p3, slender loris, H7N93G, Mitsuaki Iwago/Minden Pictures
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p7, annular eclipse, 2T1MPEC, Chancey Bush/Associated Press
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p9, spotted hyena, RETNDM, Arco/TUNS/Imagebroker
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p10, vitamin D capsules, 2B9GFC6, Lyubomir Gizdov [cropped]
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p13, Asiatic black bear, 2G6ETN8, Volodymyr Burdiak
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p15, grapes on vine, 2T02DAR, Irina Naoumova [cropped]
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p26, Annie Jump Cannon, 2G6HE5R, Pictorial Press Ltd
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p27, protest about Amazon, 2KJXNKB, Sebastian Willnow/dpa picture alliance
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p34, trees in Boston USA, CX3N7J, Ian Dagnall
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p36, volunteer watering city trees, 2RRJDAF, Richard Levine
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p37, urban trees ready for planting, 2K7XNN8, Mikhail Olykaynen
21/10/2023, New Scientist, p46, astronaut Ed White in space, BNYGBG, Art Directors & TRIP

ISSN:  02624079

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The Sun


fat child check out his body fat with measuring tape

Contributor: Kwanchai Chai-udom / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: MC2EYA


Edited by Adie
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Image ID: B4RWY6 Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix


I look every morning for Alamy credited images on the BBC but sadly they have become fewer and fewer recently.


Alamy claim the BBC as one of their partners but the partnership appears to be waning.

Edited by Tony ALS
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20/10/2023, Guardian, p13, River Teifi, R009M8, David Ross [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2023, Guardian, p32, still from 'Rocky III', 2FKD5TW, LANDMARK MEDIA
20/10/2023, Guardian, p33, Dominica, FDGH11, Graham Mulrooney
20/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, Carla Bley, 2BP7913, Panther Media GmbH


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Guardian Online



Maria Galan


Roland Barat

Steve Morgan

Rob Shennan

Stephen Chung

Joana Kruse

Andrew Findlay

Ivan Coric

Jeremy Pardoe

mauritius images


UK Stock Images


John McKenna

Germaine Alexakis


Kathy deWitt


Chris Batson


Pitinan Piyavatin


Richard Levine


Bjorn Birkhahn




Alexey Fedorenko




Edited by Nigel Kirby
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