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Have you found any Alamy photos October 2023?

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The Sun



Doctor viewing brain scans for possible disease or damage in clinic


Contributor: Cultura Creative Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer: Andrew Brookes


Manston Airport in Kent

Image ID:G71T21

Contributor: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer: Gareth Fuller


Edited by Adie
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Times online 26th



Ann and Steve Toon Kielder observatory, Northumberland,  2GN46PR



Guy Bell London, UK. 5th March, 2018. Thames water engineers  M6NAJG

ArchivalSurvival Cazoo showroom, car sales, customer centre, online car dealer, Marsh Barton, 2GMA490




Mike Kipling Photography Eilean Tioram and Castle Tioram, Loch Moidart, Lochaber, Highland, Scotland. DXKXJX

Sebastian Wasek River Shiel, Highland, Scotland, GGH4D2

Alistair Petrie  Castle Tioram, Loch Moidart, Scotland 2ABHA27



Slawek Staszczuk Beach huts in Goring-by-Sea near Worthing, West Sussex, England. PGEY6N ? No credits

David Bagnall  Hauptbahnhof Berlin Central Station Berlin Germany BP1C2D

Tayfun Salci London, England, UK. 25th Oct, 2023. Minister for Immigration ROBERT JENRICK  2T3ECXJ

Rick Findler John Simpson during a live broadcast of BBC Radio 4's Today programme at Wigmore Hall  KFE615

Stephen Chung London, UK. 25 October 2023. Staff members view a reconstruction of Nefertiti, queen of Egypt  2T3EK5G

Malcolm Park London, UK. 25th Oct, 2023. Cavalry of the Life Guards 2T3EW6P

Paul Quezada-Neiman London UK 26 October 2023 Sixteen riot helmets 2T3M9M9

Stephen Chung London, UK. 25 October 2023. A staff member with works in 'The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, 2T3G0D3



Andrew Hasson  Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell. HGY1A6

Enrique Shore  New York, USA, 16March 2022. The Empire State Building and lower Manhattan  2J1GR8M

Iain Masterton  View of Parliament Square in Edinburgh Old Town,  2BCHNEJ



Slawek Staszczuk  Cheapside in the City of London, looking towards St Mary-le-Bow church. - Image ID: FY31GG



Paul Williams  Traditional hot buttered toasted crumpets on a white plate on a table  EHBAB8

Andy Soloman  Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, Glazed Earthenware 1964  2R3D0E2

Edited by Bryan
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26/10/2023, Guardian, p29, elephant, J6YK94, Carl Marshall
26/10/2023, Guardian, p31, bottle of Heineken & glass, 2KAC21E, Marc Venema [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
26/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, Filipino domestic workers rally, M4MJM9, Paul Smyth [Alamy credit only]
26/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p11, Bill Kenwright, BNHRWD, Jeff Morgan 12
26/10/2023, Guardian G2, p3, customer satisfaction smiley faces, 2GH8GMR, designer491 [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
26/10/2023, Guardian G2, p7, shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, 2KDKRP2, Bill Waterson


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1 hour ago, Abiyoyo said:

Thanks for the spot Abiyoyo

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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 27th




Alan Wilson  Exterior view of The Western Bar, a strip bar and lap dancing venue in West Port, Edinburgh,: WAYB74



Thanks for finding this Bryan 👍




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