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Have you found any Alamy photos October 2023?

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Times online 20th



Noppasin Wongchum Sunset at Doi Inthanon, Chiang mai, Thailand : M4B563

LOOK-foto The beach at the 'Sanctuary' resort on Koh Phangan, Thailand  2R0E5KJ

Adrien Ledeul  Dugong reaching the surface and yellow fishes  2H0W734

Porridge Picture Library St Fillan's Cave has been used as a smuggler’s den, and as a prison  2K4W7C1


Neil McAllister Wales, Vale of Glamorgan, Llancarfan, St Cadoc’s church, interior,2D8HP8Y

Stephen Dorey  St Fillans Cave in the fishing village of Pittenweem in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland 2F4N79K

mauritius images  England, Kent, Margate, Margate Beach, Margate Shell Grotto,  J9GEG2



Kathy deWitt  "Web giants face legal duty of care for children" Daily Telegraph newspaper front page headline RJ29R0

Richard Tugwell  Oxford Science Park, Gosling Building, Oxford Nanopore  2G9X4YY

Louisa Ryder  The Hargreaves Lansdown website seen on a tablet 2HXMFEE

Paul Markillie  London commuters board a red Arriva bus at Waterloo Station, WTY3N4

Islandstock Nike football boots display in JD sports store F7EW4B

Robert Evans Schroders PLC Head Office HQ at 1 London Wall Place in the City of London  RM09JJ


Bricks and Mortar

Katie Stewart Selly Oak, Birmingham, January 19th 2023 - A row of terraced properties to rent 2MACDB8

Manuel Ribeiro  Wooden staircase in the sandstone cliffs giving access to Gale beach, Comporta, Portugal  D0TAW4



Iain Masterton  Brechin, Scotland, UK. 20th October 2023. Aerial views of Brechin after the River South Esk breaks its banks 2T2K8EC

Peter Lopeman Orkney, UK. 19th Oct, 2023. UK WEATHER: Storm Babet hits Orkney  2T2F3DD

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 19 January 2023 Maggie Chapman2MAD38F

V&A Napoleon Bonaparte, by Robert Lefevre. France, 19th century BKMXT2 ? crop, similars

Alan Morris  Arriving at Lerwick harbour, the Defiant (LK 371), a whitefish trawler built in 1987  2D138FK



Matt Crossick London, UK. 8 October 2023. Pat McFadden MP 2T0P997

Karl Black Liverpool, UK. 11th Oct, 2023. Wes Streeting, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, 2T157GK

Imageplotter London, UK. 19th Oct, 2023. Pablo, out and about in Westminster with his owner, 2T2F4CJ

Lee Hudson Bewdley, UK. 19th October, 2023. UK weather: visitors to West Midlands Safari Park  2T2F6MP

Stephen Chung London, UK. 19 October 2023. Staff members interact with The Musical Playground,  2T2E6WM or  2T2E6EP

IPA MILAN, 07/12/2022,. Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister and Andrea Giambruno  2M0PH3F

Abaca Press Vatican. 10 January, 2023. Pope Francis meets Italian prime Minister Giorgia Meloni 2M7KAYM

Sipa US Milan, Italy 07/12/2022, Giorgia Meloni , Andrea Giambruno 2M0TX9B

Stephen Chung  London, UK. 20 October 2023. A staff member experiences a kaleidoscope as Twist Museum  2T2K064

Edited by Bryan
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The Sun



Happy little kids in matching red and green striped pajamas

Image ID:H0XGW3

Contributor: famveld / Alamy Stock Photo


Sick woman holding handkerchief,

Image ID:2K6WWN0

Contributor: Valerii Honcharuk / Alamy Stock Photo


Edited by Adie
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21/10//2023, Guardian, p2, AI hand reaching towards human hand, G9DG0K, John Williams RF
21/10//2023, Guardian, p11, flooding in Brechin, 2T2K8E8, Iain Masterton [via Live News]
21/10//2023, Guardian, p15, England rugby fans, 2T0KH5N, Hans van der Valk/Orange Pictures
21/10//2023, Guardian, p25, still from 'No Time to Die', 2H26PY2, LANDMARK MEDIA
21/10//2023, Guardian, p26, four senior women on bench, BBAARN, Konrad Wothe/imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG [Alamy credit only]
21/10//2023, Guardian, p32, building workers in UAE, HP233P, Rob Crandall
21/10//2023, Guardian, p45, fruit and veg for sale, CB72WH, RTimages
21/10//2023, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Haydn Gwynne, 2JD99F7, Maximum Film
21/10//2023, Guardian [Magazine], p55, still from 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', 2DGA4DK, TCD/Prod.DB


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USA, Travel + Leisure magazine, November 2023 issue


Pg. 32, Road sign, Connemara, Ireland, Dorling Kindersley ltd  FA87GH

Pg. 60, Photo of penguins credited to Wolfgang Kaehler but could not find

Pg. 67, Rembrandt's portrait of Jan Six, Peter Horree D6K8YA

Pg. 72, Bourse de Commerce Museum (cutout), directphoto.bz 2G2DTMT (possibly another similar photo)

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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

Sunday Times online 22nd

Avpics  Deliveroo bicycle delivery rider struggling in the heat, riding past bright graffiti in Southend on Sea,P4RRXG

Cheers Bryan. A repeat seller that.

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Cheers Iain - you're very welcome

22/10//2023, Observer, p11, Homo naledi skull, J43YR8, Xinhua [Alamy credit only]
22/10//2023, Observer, p11, Homo naledi skull, J43YRW, Xinhua [Alamy credit only]
22/10//2023, Observer, p50, Chinese mittem crab, F839DE, Frank Hecker
22/10//2023, Observer, p58, mature passengers on cruise ship, 2JG3XYF, Lindsay Lipscombe [Alamy credit only]
22/10//2023, Observer, p59, blood pressure check, JE6GWA, Paul Slater [Alamy credit only]
22/10//2023, Observer, p62, man using mobile in Marseille, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
22/10//2023, Observer [Review section], p10, Sonic Youth, DJE0BX, Stephen Parker
22/10//2023, Observer [Review section], p15, still from 'Lost in Translation', F3CFTD, Pictorial Press Ltd [Alamy credit only]
22/10//2023, Observer [Review section], p42, Casa Milà, GDJK9E, Adwo [Alamy credit only]
22/10//2023, Observer [Review section], p43, Britney Spears, PK2PRA, dpa picture alliance [cutout]
22/10//2023, Observer [Review section], p44, Swainby churchyard, AYBPE3, Joe Cornish/Arcaid Images
22/10//2023, Observer [Magazine], p11, false morels, B32NAG, WILDLIFE GmbH
22/10//2023, Observer [Magazine], p11, oyster mushroom, CE6FNM, John Gollop [flipped L-R]
22/10//2023, Observer [Magazine], p11, fly agaric, PBAGFE, MYN/Marc Pihet/Nature Picture Library [flipped L-R]
22/10//2023, Observer [Magazine], p11, blusher fungi, PC335M, Ionescu Bogdan Cristian [cropped to top-right example only]

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The Sun



Hispanic family walking through airport

Image ID: B538X4

Contributor: Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer: Mark Edward Atkinson


Thoughtful businessman looking away while sitting at airport departure area


Contributor: Maskot / Alamy Stock Photo

Photographer: Maskot



Edited by Adie
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Times online 23rd



Aleksandra Tokarz  Large Christmas Tree in Dubai, Town Square Park, among green palm trees.  2GHKB3E



Jonathan Wong Amundi CEO Valérie Baudson, at the SCMP offices in Times Square.  2M99AAH

Paul Smyth 15th January 2019. Craig Beaumont interview on College Green. RCKXE2

Simon Belcher  National Lottery Ticket, UK P1NY8K



Findlay  City of Glasgow College,  2H6PXMR

Chris Pancewicz  Cameron House - Loch Lomond  E7098G

Iain Masterton  View of townhouses on historic Regent Terrace below Calton Hill in Edinburgh,  JCFPN0 and  JCFPNT



Robert Evans  St James's Place London - Wealth Management company in the City of London  2A71XER

Xinhua Oct. 22, 2023 ( -- Trucks loaded with humanitarian aid prepare to enter Gaza 2T30XGK

Uwe Deffner London, United Kingdom. 17th Oct, 2023. Mark Harper, 2T257MR

Uwe Deffner London, United Kingdom. 19th Sep, 2023. Mark Harper, 2RWFB84

Palestinian march pass through Piccadilly Circus - can't find it

Cinematic  Haydn Gwynne Television: Drop The Dead Donkey (1993)  2JK97G7 ? crop

Everett Collection Inc THE WINDSORS, Haydn Gwynne (as Camilla Bowles, HD9RE7

Slavica Stajic Corfu, capital town of Corfu island.  E5G9CG

John Greenwood Foros Taverna, Old Perithia, Palaia Peritheia, Corfu, Greece.  F7BFY2

ACORN 1 Kynance Cove on the Lizard Peninsula Cornwall  G92609 ? crop

nito closeup of a transgender symbol painted in the palm of the hand : HW0PG5

Andy Gibson  Interior of West Orchards Shopping Centre, Coventry, West Midlands,  M9HH6C

Yanice Idir  Shoppers outside John Lewis on Oxford Street, London DNN78J

SCOTT COLEMAN Texas Longhorn band perform during a Big 12 Conference football game - can't find it

Stephen Chung London, UK. 21 October 2023. Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram at Southwark Cathedral. 2T2TGPT ? similars



Photo12 Portrait of Cora Laparcerie-Richepin (1880-1946), French writer.  KFJK57

Edited by Bryan
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