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Have you found any Alamy photos October 2023?

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9 hours ago, Bryan said:

Sunday Times 15th



agsaz  Spain  People eating an drinking in the bar terraces of Grazalema village,  2JC943F

José Antonio Moreno Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus). Sierra de Grazalema natural park,  Spain : DGC9M1

Raga Jose Fuste Spain, , Rupit, town, architecture, D0XJ07

Michael Runkel Traditional Swahili architecture, Lamu Town,  island of Lamu, Kenya  2JK13WB

Michael Runkel Riyadha Mosque, Lamu Town, island of Lamu, Kenya - Image ID: 2JK13W7



Kay Roxby  Bitcoin ATM machine inside Trinity Centre, a shopping centre in Aberdeen,  T0KFFN

CBW  Trapped mouse playing piece in the Mouse Trap board game : RTCH7R



Peter Wheeler  CROCKFORDS CASINO, established in 1828 by William Crockford  C6GPPK

GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM Duty Free Shopping, Heathrow Airport (Terminal 2) London,  FNXYAY

Philip Toscano Lloyds banking group offices in Gresham Street in London. G6C3FR

Marcin Rogozinski  Slug and Lettuce restaurant at Leicester Square in London,  H8914K



David Creedon Marino Point, Cork, Ireland. 26th September, 2023. Bulk carrier MV Matthew  2RXRJ76

MICROGEN IMAGES Children at edge of pool  T861EW

Hans-Peter Merten wormeldingen on the upper moselle,luxembourg,moselle valley 2HA5AGA ? No credits

S. Parente - Landscape Hill s covered by vineyards along the Moselle river in Remich, Luxembourg  DK34K8  ? No credits

Walter Bibikow Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Place d'Armes, outdoor cafes  B4T3XG ? No credits



No new this morning



David Bagnall Vapefest the festival for Vaping enthusiasts at Shrewsbury Uk August 6th 2016.  GGN4PN

eldar nurkovic Young woman using electronic cigarette to smoke in public places. M52JNF

Hazy Pics  A parade of students from Newnham at Cambridge University on their way to graduation  G99YK9

Umpteen movie shots of Michael Caine credited to Alamy here



Umpteen Alamy tulip photos here

Thank you 👍

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Rail Magazine Issue 994 (Oct 18 – Oct 31, 2023)


Page 10 - Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, with Keir Starmer after her keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool - Image ID: 2T189RC

Contributor: Karl Black / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 26/27 - Evening shots of Wemyss Bay railway station - Image ID: BMKEGX

Contributor: John McKellar  / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 46/47 - Family with a pram walking along the platform at Blackfriars station in central London after getting off of a Thameslink train - Image ID: EAKT2M

Contributor: Af8images / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 48 - Outing of Laing's London office to Bournemouth, 30/05/1953. Laing staff and family members inside a train carriage during an outing of the London office to Bournemouth - Image ID: 2H9872C

Contributor: Heritage Image Partnership Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 49 - EDITORIAL USE ONLY Broadcaster and railway historian Tim Dunn adds the finishing touches to a Hornby model train set featuring Flying Scotsman and an LNER Azuma train, with Holly, aged 5, and Miles Trainor-McFerran, aged 10, at the new London North Eastern Railway (LNER) Family Lounge at King's Cross Station, ahead of it opening to the public on Wednesday October 12. Issue date: Monday October 10, 2022. - Image ID: 2K5T2X7

Contributor:  PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 62/63 – London, UK. People wait in line at King's Cross railway ticket office. Services from the station cover the Midlands, the north and Scotland. - Image ID: 2RCCGR2

Contributor: Eleventh Hour Photography / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 65 – Dover Kent, UK. 25th Jan, 2022. Long queues of lorries heading to the Port of Dover. - Image ID: 2HHMYJ4

Contributor: MARTIN DALTON / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)



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The Sun




a general view of a Next store in London


Image ID:2RW5A5R


Contributor: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo





Young fatigued woman having strong headache


Image ID:RK5F0J


Contributor: Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy Stock Photo




Edited by Adie
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16/10/2023, Guardian, p14, Chinese mitten crab, F839DE, Frank Hecker
16/10/2023, Guardian, p15, Dan Harry & Ollie King, 2RA5XBE, Katie Collins/EMPICS [cropped]
16/10/2023, Guardian G2, p5, Two Hands by van Gogh, 2RCETB6, ARTGEN [Alamy credit only]


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Times online 16th



Mike Kemp people at a funeral in a cemetery  EN3TBP

Isle of Man Conister Bank in Douglas, Isle of Man KJ1HKR

ilyas Ayub The London Skyline at dusk  T96TBM

JoeFoxBerlin row of houses with to let signs in a student residential area of Belfast Northern Ireland  CNPGJJ

Friedrich Stark  Old-Soweto second hand clothes market in Lusaka, Zambia.  CYRH1C



Iain Masterton Aberdeen, 16th October 2023.  SNP annual conference Nicola Sturgeon makes an appearance. 2T2124X and 2T211YM

Iain Masterton Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 15th October 2023.  Joanna Cherry MP 2T1RNJ6

Iain Masterton Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 15th October 2023. Stephen Flynn MP  2T1PT73

Sheila Halsall  The quay and the town of Stromness in the Orkney Islands  PTGF9T

Derek Croucher  Stones of Stenness, Orkney, Scotland, CW8EFP

Tim Gainey Coloured painted houses reflected in the water in the village of Dornie next to Eilean Donan Castle, AD67KB

Clement Philippe Houses and hotels of the village Plockton along Loch Carron in Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands, 3FJ02



Tutatama A male patient consults with a doctor about prostate cancer  T7D4A9

Samuel Spicer  Beautiful tropical beach paradise of Amami Oshima in Southern Japan close to Okinawa  F1MFMW

BJ Warnick Ura beats sekiwake Daieisho on the sixth day of the 15-day Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament 2RTWW1A

Tal Cohen Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude A member of the Conservative Party,  DW8H0A

Liu Weibing Beijing, China. 16th Oct, 2023. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, meets  Sergei Lavrov  2T1YP7N

Andrew Hasson Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell. : HGY19G

GARY DOAK  Steve Bell, the English political cartoonist, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015. F6WKJF


Swimstones  A Shot of Bin collection day in Devon outside Cliff House in Salcombe.  RXX348

Duby Tal Aerial photograph of the statue monument in the village of She'ar Yeshuv in the Upper Galilee C4AC46

PA Home Affairs Select Committee  G53EK4

GaryRobertsphotography Manchester, UK. 3rd October 2023, Manchester, UK. Alex Chalk 2T023Y4

Stefan Rousseau Labour leader Keir Starmer during a visit to Oaklands Housing Development, Southampton. 2D3K1M7

Matthew Chattle London, UK. 7th Oct 2023. The Reform Party Conference in London. Nigel Farage.  2T0HJ93

Lana Rastro  The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin and Houses of Parliament, London, CEX77K

Brandon Bourdages  Rodin Thinker Statue  CWN1M2

Everett Collection GEORGE ORWELL, circa 1949.  CWAG76

Photo 12  Friends TV Series 1994 - 2004 USA Season 5 2GABW7M

RLFE Pix  David Hasselhoff on set of Baywatch television show at Malibu, CA E9C9BD



MAXPPP Sir Christopher Wren, architecte et scientifique, 1711  2K7FAPM

Edited by Bryan
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The Sun



Heart attack, conceptual computer illustration


Science Photo Library / Alamy Stock Photo




Woburn Abbey, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England, UK

Contributor: Ian Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: F28HK7


Edited by Adie
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Times online 17th



Simon Turner  Elegant Georgian houses on the west side of Berkeley Square in London: 2R3N63A

Robert Convery  Premier Inn, Exmouth,  GJJ1KP

riddypix tired driver yawning driving vehicle  D0EG66

David Horn Douglas, Isle Of Man. 11th June, 2022. Glenn Irwin representing the Honda Racing UK team 2JC9TNB

Imaginechina Female Chinese workers make toys to be exported to the United States and Europe  W86KB7

Clynt Garnham Publishing Woman reading a copy of the Daily Telegraph newspaper  BCKJGD



Iain Masterton Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 16th October 2023. Keith Brown MSP makes a speech to delegates 2T222E1

Paul Glendell Aberdeen, Scotland. 09th Oct, 2023. Flooded agricultural fields, Cults,  2T0TXBA

chris warren Lone tree Milarrochy Bay Loch Lomond West Dunbartonshire Argyll and Bute Stirling Scotland 2A42FT1



Lee Hudson Bewdley, UK. 17th October, 2023.West Midlands Safari Park a A curious giraffe meets  a car full of happy visitors 2T268XX

Stephen Chung London, UK. 16 October 2023. Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister,  2T21FFG ? crop, similars

Mark Kerrison London, UK. 12th December, 2017. Amnesty International activists with a Transgender Pride flag  KNJP8R

Nathaniel Noir 25 Canada Square - Citibank / Citigroup offices in Canary Wharf, London, 2D7HT40

Charles Robertson Pupils fill an exam hall to take a GCSE exam at Maidstone Grammar school in Maidstone, Kent,  C0KM2E

keith morris  Welsh teenage GCSE school pupils sitting exams in a school hall, Wales DPMN40

amer ghazzal London, UK. 4 March 2023. Empty baskets in the vegetable aisle of a branch of Sainsbury's supermarket in London. 2P2EBYC

Iain Masterton Aerial views from drone of Aberfeldy Caravan Park is flooded by the River Tay : 2T1206E

Joshua Bratt His Highness Prince Aghatise Erediauwa speaks at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in South London 2KPXJ6W


Edited by Bryan
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Guardian Online







Nigel Blake




Paul White


George Munday


Christopher Hill Photographic

James Schwabel

Mark Murphy




Roy Perring


Susanne Fritzsche






Roger Allen Photography


Justin Nugent


James Walsh




Jeff Gilbert/Alamy Live News


Elizabeth Wake




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17/10/2023, Guardian, p27, Disneyland Paris, C5JJW2, T.M.O.Travel
17/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p7, hands and flute, 2P1XJM6, Joeri Mostmans [Alamy credit only]
17/10/2023, Guardian G2, p3, man and thermostat, R90FT0, RossHelen editorial


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