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Have you found any Alamy photos October 2023?

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USA, Smithsonian magazine November 2023 issue

All photos, except for the cover, were credited to Alamy only.


Cover (main image), Aztec calendar stone, Sebastien Lecocq 2EKTDDM

Pg. 13, The Great Pyramid of Cheops, Jonathan Larsen/Diadem Images BF524H

Pg. 13, Lincoln Cathedral exterior, Lincoln, England, Angela Serena Gilmour C1XK47

Pg. 13, Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasboug, Alsace, France, Arcaid Images 2F3R5RW

Pg. 13, The Washington Monument dusk, Washington DC, Alan Novelli 2A35KWR

Pg. 13, The Eiffel Tower, Paris, incamerastock AW3MHN

Pg. 13, The Empire State Building, New York, NY, John Kellerman F0R3FR

Pgs. 36-37, Aztec calendar stone, Sebastien Lecocq 2EKTDDM


There were others but either I could not them or they were archive photos with multiple contributors





Edited by Michael Ventura
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Times online 31st



Lichikham The Arab League Park (Parc de la Ligue arabe ) is an urban park in Casablanca, Morocco  W1XW59

Eitan Simanor The Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa, Africa B5ADA4

travelib africa Morocco, Casablanca, Quartier Habous Souk, food shop prepared olives  M96WDJ




Stephen Chung  London, UK. 26 October 2023. Tourists beneath the recently installed Christmas decorations in Covent Garden 2T3PG3Y

Fabio Nodari  Residential buildings under costruction in China 2GNFNDW

Graham Prentice  Core of partially glazed 22 Bishopsgate under construction in the City of London T360RB



Joan van Hurck  Oil rig in the North Sea CY7M86

The Print Collector Prince William Augustus, (1721-1765), youngest son of George II (1683-1760), HT1YF5

NorthScape  View from Arthur's Seat across Edinburgh City towards the castle EHCNFP

Sally Anderson Picturesque cobbled mews lane with church clock tower, Circus Lane, Edinburgh,  2J6K4T0

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 27 September 2023. UNISON rally outside the Scottish Parliament.  2RXWCCM



Jacob King Sarah and Jack Hawkins, with their daughter Lottie.  2R3NDGR ? No credits

Peter Lane Shuttered shops with graffiti in Toynbee street Whitechapel London : M5PDTN

JLBvdWOLF Air pollution from a brown coal power station chimneys.  RGYD1D

Yuri Arcurs  Pharmacy, medicine and black man with tablet to check inventory, : 2M6NRYM

David Angel  Wollemi Pine tree Wollemia nobilis Royal Botanic Garden Sydney NSW Australia  EDTYKK

GARO/PHANIE Woman taking an hormone replacement therapy pills.  2D4RDBW



Simon Dack 19th October 2023 - A walker on Brighton beach by the pier on a windy day as Storm Babet  2T2F7RD

Edited by Bryan
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31/10/2023, Guardian, p3, Invergordon, 2M6M17T, Stephan SÃœhling/Zoonar GmbH
31/10/2023, Guardian, p3, portrait of Edmé Bouchardon, D979KH, Masterpics [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
31/10/2023, Guardian, p4, Rafah after Israeli airstrike, 2T4D9CX, dpa picture alliance [Via Live News]
31/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p5, Afghan family flee home 1992, 2DM68H5, Richard Ellis
31/10/2023, Guardian G2, p9, still from 'Friday the 13th', HCCW9A, Everett Collection Inc


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On 28/10/2023 at 06:26, Bryan said:

Times online 28th


David Forster Teesdale, County Durham UK. 27th October 2023. UK Weather. It was a foggy start to the day i2T3X19E

Thanks for highlighting that use Bryan, much appreciated



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5 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 31st



Sally Anderson Picturesque cobbled mews lane with church clock tower, Circus Lane, Edinburgh,  2J6K4T0


Cheers Bryan

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