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Have you found any Alamy photos October 2023?

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Times online 13th



Ben Oliver  EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren  2C1A1BW

Louisa Svensson  St. James's Place Wealth Management logo on a phone and computer screen KK4DA1

Justin Kase Driver at work in National Express passenger coach service on Central London to Stansted Airport route BCREH8

Album The Abominable Bride. Original Film Title: SHERLOCK. P4GGP9



Tolo Balaguer Lamb and goat-kid in traditional wood-fired oven, restaurante Es Verger, Mallorca, Balearic Islands,  KNBKM6

Steve Taylor ARPS Main square of the village of Alaro in the Tramuntana Mountains of Majorca Spain  2R19JP0

City Image Cala Barques, Cala San Vicente, Pollenca, Majorca, Balearic islands, Spain  2F2CGH3

Desert Photographer  San Jacinto from Mission creek  2R144M2



sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 03 October 2023. Kate Forbes 2T01WKK

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 14 September 2023. First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf  2RTNN43

jeremy sutton-hibbert Gannet hunting on Sula Sgeir island, Scotland. A20TBE

Robert Morris Britten Norman Islander aircraft operated by Hebridean Air Services  DKJNH9



Richard Splash BBC News presenter Mishal Husain at Television Centre prepares to present Newnsight. 2D7Y36P

Richard Tugwell  Oxford Science Park, Gosling Building, Oxford Nanopore 2G9X4YY

William Barton London- row of terrace houses in Balham, south west London : 2BMAPBR

Kumar Sriskandan Riders cycling in Clapham Common to the start of the charity London to Brighton cycle ride, CRYXDE

Tayfun Salci London, England, UK. 8th Oct, 2023. Secretary of State for Transport MARK HARPER  2T0N0TR

Tetra Images Mid-section of pregnant woman outdoors  F3DBR2

Jack Hobhouse  Feet of a new born baby with hospital tag.  B8A2K0

Guy Corbishley London, UK. 11th October, 2023. Moroccan artist Amine El Gotaib  with his installation 'Illuminate the Light'  2T17194

Jordi Boixareu Barcelona, Spain. October 12, 2023. Members of Barcelona's Latin community perform traditional dances 2T18KT8


Bricks and Mortar

Pictorial Press BENJAMIN DISRAELI (1804-1881) British Conservative politician and two times Prime Minister DGGYM8 ? crop

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Very pleased to discover this morning that one of mine was used on a postage stamp (remember those?) in July.


Also other Alamy photographers:

David Chapman

Keith Ringland

Terry Whittaker

Gavin Rowley

Paul Young

Dave Vowden




Payment (BIG ONE) came through 5th Dec last year

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Telegraph 14Oct


Oranjestad beach, St. Eustatius, Statia, Netherland Antilles, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America

Contributor: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: J4ERD0


Youthful couple with luggage stand in hotel lobby assisted by receptionist with their reservation while male employee talks on phone. Winter gear and passports indicate exciting ski resort adventure.

Contributor: Dragos Condrea / Alamy Stock Photo



Zebra mingle with thousands of wildebeest on the banks of the Mara River during the annual great migration. In the Masai Mara, Kenya. Every year 1.5 m

Contributor: Jane Rix / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: M6MHJB


Washing machine with color clothes

Contributor: megastocker / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: H2EFJ9


Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Shop, Jermyn Street, London

Contributor: GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: F3HREB


Roast potatoes in tray

Contributor: Mint Photography / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: S3MK25

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On 13/10/2023 at 07:18, IanDavidson said:

There are a number of Alamy photographs (including one of mine) in the Open Democracy Annual report



Cheers Ian - one of mine in there  :)



14/10/2023, Guardian, p10, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, MA8D12, Peter Marshall
14/10/2023, Guardian, p34, Scottish wildcat, ADKBB6, David Tipling Photo Library
14/10/2023, Guardian, p35, fin whale, PBAGAM, Luis Quinta/Nature Picture Library
14/10/2023, Guardian, p38, mass wedding ceremony of the Unification Church, PGPGBG, Nippon News/Aflo Co. Ltd.
14/10/2023, Guardian, p42, toast with microgreens and cbd oil, 2B7BMPD, Oksana Shyriaieva
14/10/2023, Guardian, p44, aerial view of South Humber Bank Power Station, EKABGJ, A.P.S. (UK)
14/10/2023, Guardian, p45, Daily Telegraph, KDCF6M, Chris Batson [Alamy credit only]
14/10/2023, Guardian, p50, care home, C3374C or C14C98, Simon Rawles [identical]
14/10/2023, Guardian, p51, AA relay, H706JE, Justin Kase z12z [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
14/10/2023, Guardian, p51, Parcelforce delivery, C3A640, Newscast Online/Medicimage Education [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
14/10/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p10, Spaghetti Junction, ERP013, A.P.S. [Alamy credit only]
14/10/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p43, still from 'Arrested Development', HD68E9, ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection/Everett Collection Inc
14/10/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p83, Bad Hofgastein in Austria, FYH736, Nikolai Sorokin/Zoonar GmbH
14/10/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p85, Sligacham bridge, PGBNYX, travellinglight
14/10/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p85, Sligacham Hotel bar, 2M0HKPC, GERAULT Gregory/hemis.fr
14/10/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p86, RIB taking tourists to the Cullin Hills from Elgol, CWT3CN, Tim Jones

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USA, Food Network magazine, Nov 2023 issue


Pg. 19, Pumpkin pie overview, Deborah Ernest C1WXF7 (Alamy credit only)

Pg. 26, Fangelico hazelnut liquer bottle, Food Alan King AR6JP8 (Alamy credit only)

Pg. 90, Cranberry sauce in a white bowl, Angela Serena Gilmour C8TJ7Y (Alamy credit only

Pg. 90, A slice of berry pie (flipped and cutout), Brent Hofacker D9N6WE (Alamy credit only)





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USA, National Geographic History magazine, Nov/Dec 2023 issue


Pg. 18, Relief sculpture by Andrea Pisano, Florence, Italy, Peter Horee/Cordon Press/Alamy 2BHHTXB

Pg. 22, Ruins of the Temple of Zeus, Tomka/Cordon Press/Alamy 2KDK1WP

Pg. 23, Sculpture of Athena, Adam Eastland/Cordon Press/Alamy

 R166FD (possibly another similar image)

Pg. 29, Photo of the ruins of Phidia's Workshop, Olympia, could not find, credit to Cordon Press/Alamy

Pg. 30, Painting of the Temple of Zeus, Science History Images/Cordon Press/ Alamy HRKRMR

Pg. 32, Roman Emperor Augustus as Jupiter statue, ruelleruelle 2G8YA0Y Alamy/Cordon credit

Pg. 37, The Danube Gorges, Romania, Stelian Porojnicu EM1YJ5

Pg. 40, Baths of Faustina, Turkey, ImageBROKER DGPM4G

Pg. 42, Roman gold coin with Marcus Aurelius, Penta Springs Limited 2A2J398

Pg. 49, Arch of Titus, Rome, could not find, credit to Juanma Diaz/Alamy/AC

Pgs. 66 and 67, Jelling Stones of Jelling Denmark, Wojciech Strozyk M6P62B

Pg. 79, Roskilde Catherdral, Denmark, Niels Melander 2C0H0TN

Pgs. 82 & 83, 1914 Hospital at Christmas, Germany, BNA Photographic Alamy/Cordon Press

Pg. 84, Christmas Truce 1943 German troops, Pictorial Press Ltd D897JN

Pg. 86, WWI monument for Christmas Truce, Arterra Picture Libray FAFR10

Pg. 87, "All Together Now" statue, Liverpool, UK, Angus McComiskey 2DAB2HX










Edited by Michael Ventura
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Sunday Times 15th



agsaz  Spain  People eating an drinking in the bar terraces of Grazalema village,  2JC943F

José Antonio Moreno Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus). Sierra de Grazalema natural park,  Spain : DGC9M1

Raga Jose Fuste Spain, , Rupit, town, architecture, D0XJ07

Michael Runkel Traditional Swahili architecture, Lamu Town,  island of Lamu, Kenya  2JK13WB

Michael Runkel Riyadha Mosque, Lamu Town, island of Lamu, Kenya - Image ID: 2JK13W7



Kay Roxby  Bitcoin ATM machine inside Trinity Centre, a shopping centre in Aberdeen,  T0KFFN

CBW  Trapped mouse playing piece in the Mouse Trap board game : RTCH7R



Peter Wheeler  CROCKFORDS CASINO, established in 1828 by William Crockford  C6GPPK

GRANT ROONEY PREMIUM Duty Free Shopping, Heathrow Airport (Terminal 2) London,  FNXYAY

Philip Toscano Lloyds banking group offices in Gresham Street in London. G6C3FR

Marcin Rogozinski  Slug and Lettuce restaurant at Leicester Square in London,  H8914K



David Creedon Marino Point, Cork, Ireland. 26th September, 2023. Bulk carrier MV Matthew  2RXRJ76

MICROGEN IMAGES Children at edge of pool  T861EW

Hans-Peter Merten wormeldingen on the upper moselle,luxembourg,moselle valley 2HA5AGA ? No credits

S. Parente - Landscape Hill s covered by vineyards along the Moselle river in Remich, Luxembourg  DK34K8  ? No credits

Walter Bibikow Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Place d'Armes, outdoor cafes  B4T3XG ? No credits



No new this morning



David Bagnall Vapefest the festival for Vaping enthusiasts at Shrewsbury Uk August 6th 2016.  GGN4PN

eldar nurkovic Young woman using electronic cigarette to smoke in public places. M52JNF

Hazy Pics  A parade of students from Newnham at Cambridge University on their way to graduation  G99YK9

Umpteen movie shots of Michael Caine credited to Alamy here



Umpteen Alamy tulip photos here

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15/10/2023, Observer, p15, Bronte sisters by Branwell, credited to Alamy but too many the same to say which used
15/10/2023, Observer, p17, College Street in Killarney, 2GKYC81, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer, p23, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, 2A2G28D, Signal Photos [Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer, p50, Freud's couch, B4YCM8, Bjanka Kadic [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
15/10/2023, Observer, p52, Steve Coogan as Savile, 2H5F03T, Welsh Snapper [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer, p58, ICE train in Cologne, BWKY04, Clynt Garnham Transportation [Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer [Review section], p4, bibimbap, 2JHB5NN, Nina Firsova [Cutout. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
15/10/2023, Observer [Review section], p11, filming 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans', FHH8FC, Collection Christophel [Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer [Review section], p13, filming 'Encounters at the End of the World', HCC461, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer [Review section], p23, Fedex 'plane, KDCGTE, Kevin Griffin [Cutout]
15/10/2023, Observer [Magazine], p11, still from 'The Godfather Part II', BKB3JW, Moviestore Collection Ltd [Alamy credit only]
15/10/2023, Observer [Magazine], p11, still from 'Raging Bull', F4PBG3, ScreenProd/Photononstop [cropped]



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