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Have you found any Alamy photos April 2023?

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Telegraph 1st April


Budle Bay at sunset near Bamburgh, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom

Contributor: Graeme Peacock / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2NB15TT


Close-up of Bengal tiger, India

Contributor: Panoramic Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2BH9NRB


Green frozen peas

Contributor: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: KTC2D2

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4 hours ago, Bryan said:

Imagedoc  People having afternoon tea in Palm Court, the Ritz Hotel, London,  EJDWAX

Thanks Bryan!

Was in the print version as well





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4 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 1st



Sally Anderson Drummond Place, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 30th march 2023. controversial pink door in the New Town 2PHY9D5

Many thanks Bryan

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7 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times online 1st



Sergey Borisov  Big Ben and Houses of Parliament  E8TW45

Marcin Rogozinski Zwei Croydon Council building, London England  GRP6EJ

f8stockpix  Tenement housing in Shawlands, Glasgow, Scotland, 2MN979H



Dylan Garcia ARPS  HSBC Building, HSBC Tower, Canary Wharf, Doclands, London, R0871E

David Burton residential property estate agent for sale signs, lymington, hampshire, england 2G5PJRB

Russell Boyce People wait for the John Lewis store to open on Christmas Eve at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre 2CMN3YM

M4OS Photos  A man looks at his iPhone which displays the Wowcher logo, R1NN78



Sergi Reboredo Aerial view of The Yellow Train or Train Jaune on Sejourne bridge - France, Pyrenees 2NXHKE5

Michael Jacobs France, Lens - Louvre-Lens designed by SANAA Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa EKKN7R

RossHelen editorial Lyon city in France  JFMKKP

Michael Abid Petite France district in the old town of Strasbourg,  M7AR9H

Sorin Colac  Nimes, France. Ancient aqueduct of Pont du Gard.  RYG1XW

Jason Knott Gothic twin towered facade of the Palais Neuf, Palais des Papes, Palace Square, Avignon, France : HNTF3W

FRILET Patrick  France, Pyrenees Atlantiques, the petit train de la Rhune takes you up la Rhune mountain C1H789

Pearl Bucknall  Old waterside houses along Canal des Tanneurs lined with flowers in Dole, Jura, Franche-Comte, France, : EAD94W

Emmanuel LATTES  The rock of "la Basta", at Biarritz (Aquitaine - France). : PCJX5A

Didier ZYLBERYNG Historic train: le train Jaune, France.  C93D3M



Stan Pritchard  Cross Keys Inn, temperance hotel. Cautley. Cumbria, England,  BHNHGT

Peter Vallance  Caryopteris clandonensis Kew Blue 2GMFD8N

Roberto Nistri  Curry Plant, Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) Asteraceae, Capraia, Island, Tuscany,  D4C85B

Trevor Chriss   Brachyglottis Sunshine DA5DN5

loflo69  plants flowers : H6TYT4

John Richmond  White autumn flowers of the hardy evergreen laurustinus shrub, Viburnum tinus, grown as a hedge : KBX5T3

SFL Botanical  Nerine Amaryllidaceae Hotspur A08R31

Helen Cowles  Close-up of Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'  2F8HW4T

Kay Roxby  Rhododendron Augustinii J3G1E9

keith burdett  Polypodium vulgare Common Polypod, Wales, B7FPPE

Ian Dagnall  View over the resort of Flaine from beneath the Grandes Platieres Gondola, France BH3ATJ

Nikolai Sorokin Mountain ski resort Obergurgl Austria  HBMT61

Dmytro Gilitukha  Elephant family in Periyar national park walking near the forest India, Munnar 2F8173W



Colin Fisher Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 28th Mar, 2023.  Anas Sarwar MSP, Scottish Labour Leader. 2PHGJ0F

Keith Fergus  Loch Lomond and the Highland Boundary Fault Line from Conic Hill,   EWH63K

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 17 January 2023 Ross Greer  2M9BWJ7

Colin Fisher  Edinburgh, UK. 26th Feb, 2020. Pictured: Donald Cameron MSP 2B1M9PD

Archwhite  Lochaber, Scotland, Highlands, UK. 27 March 2023.  Creise mountain reflected in the  pond of Kings House Hotel 2PH9C43

Sally Anderson Drummond Place, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 30th march 2023. controversial pink door in the New Town 2PHY9D5

Mark Hamblin Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) adult male. Scotland,  W7P5A1




Manfred Gottschalk Spain, Andalusia, Province of Malaga, Costa del Sol, Marbella, junction of Calle Peral and Calle Chorrón  HCJ9H7



Imagedoc  People having afternoon tea in Palm Court, the Ritz Hotel, London,  EJDWAX

Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee  Monte Carlo Casino Monaco KPMFMA

Harald WENZEL-ORF Venetian houses on the Canal Grande, Palazzo Pisani, : K7DE9E

Marcus Marstaller  360 Degree Panoramic: Gaislachkogl Austria  PN3KJ7

Andrew Walmsley  Oxford, UK. 13th Aug, 2020. Magdalen College School A Level results 2020.  2CBE797

Rupert Rivett  Keir Starmer gives his speech th the TUC Congress 20th October 2022 : 2K81TJG

Benoit Tessier Member of ESA's new class of astronauts Rosemary Coogan 2KGXBNX

PictureLux  Scene in Terminator Genisys from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.  PMBAKC

Wachiwit  Bangkok, Thailand - Febrauary 5, 2022: AirTag is a tracking device developed by Apple.  2HPF384

Guy Bell  London, UK. 31st Mar, 2023. A glitter rainbow mini dress, worn by Taylor Swift 2PJ550P

Thanks again Bryan 👍

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01/04/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p77, Falkland Palace in Fife, W3MCAW, Iain Masterton
01/04/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p77, tulip fields in Norfolk, DYDC7C, Chris Herring/Loop Images Ltd
01/04/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p79, The Straat graffiti museum in Amsterdam, 2MFGC5K, Andia
01/04/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p81, scallops on market in Dieppe, 2E1CNP0, Kipgodi
01/04/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p83, Lower Buck Inn in Waddington, 2JKR1F4, martin berry
01/04/2023, Guardian, p8, housebuilding in UK, 2FMD12M, Mark Bourdillon
01/04/2023, Guardian, p23, Amsterdam red light district, JP3T8B, Erik Lattwein
01/04/2023, Guardian, p28, Little Amal puppet, 2PHP28B, Guy Corbishley
01/04/2023, Guardian, p33, puffins on Farne islands, EFKF3C, A M Nature
01/04/2023, Guardian, p41, Tokitae the orca, 2P647GD, Nuri Vallbona/Associated Press [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/04/2023, Guardian, p44, housebuilding in UK, E5XAAX, Deborah Vernon [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/04/2023, Guardian, p46, passengers boarding Wizz Air Airbus, 2C1W7B6, Marek Slusarczyk
01/04/2023, Guardian, p48, Amazon speaker, W2MXCF, Andrew Matthews/PA Images [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/04/2023, Guardian [Cotton Capital supplement], p14, 1849 illustration of cotton plant, 2FM89C4, Florilegius
01/04/2023, Guardian [Cotton Capital supplement], p16, bronze farthing, G13G4Y, Cofiant Images

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Spring-flowering shrubs – 11 choices for beautiful seasonal blooms



Craig Joiner Photography/Alamy Stock Photo)
Deborah Vernon/Alamy Stock Photo)
Steffen Hauser/botanikfoto/Alamy Stock Photo)
Wirestock Inc/Alamy Stock Photo)
JIPEN/Alamy Stock Photo)
Malcolm Haines/Alamy Stock Photo)
RM Floral/Alamy Stock Photo)
John Crowe/Alamy Stock Photo)
Lindsay Constable/Alamy Stock Photo)


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Sunday Times online 2nd


Some really weird photos in this article entitled Mind-bending street photography where all is not as it first seems worth a look if you can access it



Justin Kase z12z  Front of new semi detached housing & home  2F35NTN



Benjamin John Waterside House, Marks & Spencers Head Office, Paddington Basin, London, UK - Image ID: TADTGY

Tommy London  Simon Wolfson or Lord Wolfson of Apsley Guise, Chief Executive of Next PLC,  PW9KCD

keith morris  Four draught real ales beer in a pub bar, UK  D9E0K0



John Richmond  Blue flowers of the perennial hardy cranesbill, Geranium 'Azure Rush', 2BWY3BT

Jay Hunt  Geranium - 'orkney cherry'  GPAK7F

Diesel14  garden flower plant bloom blossom flourish flourishing flora summer  J5KF44


C J Wheeler A large plant of Geranium sanguineum striatum : W2DD88



©Aaron Spelling Prods DYNASTY, Kate O'Mara, Joan Collins, 1981-1989.  HD9669

noel bennett The offices of Indeed, the recruitment company, at Sir John Rogersons Quay, Dublin,  2GBM432

Rouelle Umali  Pasig City, Philippines. 15th Nov, 2014. Residents run while carrying a hut during the Buhat Kubo Race EAGXCW



Imageplotter Downing Street, London, UK. 04th Mar, 2020. Chris Head, who started a petition on the Post Office Horizon Scandal, 2B38CE4

D. Mahlke  Lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros), flying through a cave passage, Germany, F0009J

Edited by Bryan
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Guardian on-line 02/04/2023
‘Unfit for purpose’: Ofsted could face legal challenge from school leaders

Group of School Children sitting in Assembly in a UK Primary School
Contributor: Julian Claxton / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: KGC8W9


UK primary school children playing in the playground
Contributor: lovethephoto / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: M44RB1


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02/04/2023, Observer [Review], p31, still from 'Hollywood Shuffle', HCEY2Y, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer [Review], p38, 1976 troops on Falls Road, EECGG5,  Alain Le Garsmeur "The Troubles" Archive
02/04/2023, Observer [Review], p40, 1958 E German propaganda poster, MKPB2A, Shawshots
02/04/2023, Observer [Review], p40, 1986 celebration of Berlin Wall, 2KE06H4, Dpa Picture Alliance
02/04/2023, Observer, p2, protest against Rosebank oilfield, 2PHEAX1, João Daniel Pereira [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p2, North Sea oil platform, W7W7HB, Nature Picture Library [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p4, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, KH86HX, Paul Lawrenson [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
02/04/2023, Observer, p9, Serifos, GM8TDB, freeartist [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p13, 'Ophelia' by Millais, credited to Alamy but too many to say which
02/04/2023, Observer, p13, Elizabeth Siddal by Rossetti, credited to Alamy but too many to say which
02/04/2023, Observer, p15, 2010 protest by the Welsh Language Society, BMT8YT, keith morris [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p15, houses in Dudley, EXBCDJ, Jane Williams [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p17, children in playground, M44RB1, lovethephoto
02/04/2023, Observer, p33, crowd for Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury 2017, JEDHCP, Guy Bell [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p36, close up of bee, HFAKFJ, Nature Collection [Alamy credit only]
02/04/2023, Observer, p48, nitrous oxide capsules, E5T6W1, Lenscap [cutout]
02/04/2023, Observer [Magazine], p35, garden reflection in Ireland, 2JFGR1G, Nigel McCall


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Times online 3rd



Jansos Signage outside Capita offices on Dukes Place, London, EC3,  M25DFE

Terry Murden Edinburgh, UK, 18th November, 2021: Dame Sharon White,  2H98T2N

Martin Thomas Photography  Waverley Railway Station, Waverley Bridge, North Bridge & Arthur's Seat  BJYDGB

David Pimborough   Arriva Trains Wales or Trenau Arriva Cymru logo on passenger train  K1CF7A



Colin Fisher  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 30th Mar, 2023. Anas Sarwar  2PJ0G8X

Alan Copson  Laphroaig Whisky Distillery, Loch Laphroaig, Islay, Argyll and Bute, Scotland,  EH83PT

Colin Fisher  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 28th Mar, 2023.  Kate Forbes 2PHGJ09

gerard ferry  Pavilion theater night colours H7GAY4



Victoria Jones Britain's King Charles III receives the High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Australia, Stephen Smith,  2P8KNW0

Iain Masterton  Night view of exterior of Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland,  KGXE8M

Libby Welch  Co-operative BRITISH chicken drumsticks ( British farm standard logo the little red tractor symbol) : DX6K31

Greg Balfour Evans Middle Row, High Street, Old Town, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England,  BARH74

Amanda Rose  Downing Street, London, UK. 21st March 2023. Dominic Raab  2PG7GJY

Jes2ufoto Children patient's hand recieving iv saline solution in hostpital  T5HH3E

Matthew Fearn  Joshua Reynolds 'Portrait of Omai' is moved before hanging at Tate Britain. 2CH8EKH

Burlesque feast mandijn - crop, a few of these

JOHNNY ARMSTEAD London, UK. 14th Feb, 2023. Animal Rebellion protest outside the Houses of Parliament  2NBYG2W

Guy Bell  London, UK. 7th Feb, 2023. A picket line of Nurses outside the The Royal Marsden Hospital  2N2XK61



Tim Gainey Betula utilis jacquemontii jermyn. Himalayan birch tree catkins releasing pollen. : BKC2BR



Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1761 - Studio Allan Ramsay - 3 of these

Edited by Bryan
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