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  1. …given that your first pic was expertly spotted by Mr Standfast as a scene in Edinburgh; I wondered if the other two might be in the same city. In the picture with a couple walking away in the foreground, I reckon there might be the profile of a castle on the horizon; which might place the scene somewhere in Edinburgh Old Town, maybe on the Royal Mile. You would need someone who knows Edinburgh better than I do to confirm the idea; or possibly Edinburgh tourist board or Museum (?) GD
  2. I wonder if the original was onto glass plate, and the copies you have are commercial prints from the original ? And the pattern of dots is the result of the print reproduction process at the printers rather than being a technique used by the photographer. GD
  3. Are you uploading the same three images each time ? Try uploading three different images. Watch the upload process carefully and be sure they all upload correctly. If they upload correctly they will be examined by QC. Note – to be sure you get replies this type of query should be posted in the "Community support: ask the forum" section of the forum.
  4. Here's an interesting list of British bricklaying terms... the terminology may also apply in Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_British_bricklaying i'd guess the pattern up the corners of the chimney might be call 'dog tooth', while the other bricks sticking out of the main faces might be described as 'decorative protruding headers' or 'decorative projecting headers'. GD
  5. Interesting ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53821146 GD
  6. I have 'War Photographer" with James Nachtwey on DVD - watched it again just recently. Not sure about availability on streaming services. 96min documentary following James Nachtwey in Kosovo, the West Bank and Indonesia and other places. Released 2001. Includes some grim stuff - but the subject matter and the photographer's attitude i think keeps you properly grounded. GD
  7. ...sounds like they're trying to bully the photographer. Contact contributors@alamy.com and ask their opinion. I think if they have any valid reason to see the images removed then they should be contacting the agency not the photographer. If any of the pictured employees did not qualify for a UK work permit then maybe there would be a problem there ? You could try contacting The Guardian newspaper - they are sometimes interested in this type of issue. GD
  8. My guess is that it's a relatively recent DIY project to create what you’ve said - a movable hen-house. If it was in the Yorkshire Dales then someone may have been inspired by Shepherds’ Huts, movable huts on wheels - and mixed in some of the stylistic features of a beach cabin or Victorian bathing machine. GD
  9. The Guardian newspaper UK Weds 10th June 2020 page 33 Beccles River Waveney Suffolk Contributor: Paul Tavener / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: C5WDM3 page35 Glasgow - Cows graze the grassy fields surrounding the airport Contributor: Colin Fisher / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2BTK5M5
  10. UK Financial Times - FT Wealth supplement June 2020 - 26/06/2020 Lockdown London: an early Victorian pillar box lines the street in an expensive part of South Kensington. Contributor: Matthew Bruce / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2BK9M16 p29 Setting sun looms over Teton Mountain Range and historic John Moulton Barn on Mormon Row, Grand Tetons National Park, Teton County, Wyoming Contributor: Edwin Remsberg / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: KREHAB or KREHAD Inside cover, contents page.
  11. I had a similar situation… I had a disparity of 140 which I eventually accounted for as… Images that had previously failed QC = 45 Images I have previously deleted = 92 Images pending deletion = 3 GD
  12. I noticed "something different" yesterday on my DELL Ultrasharp which i think is NOT wide gamut. I was busy doing other stuff and it just looked as though everything was more saturated than normal. Today i notice what looks like extra saturation on two other screens (also NOT wide gamut). I guess the people maintaining FireFox think they've "improved" the product. GD
  13. Yeah Yeah I agree ! in fact I'll bet three bananas it's an Argonaut! look at this one, if you zoom in you can see a guy leaning out of the cockpit with a camera! https://www.airhistory.net/photo/98821/182
  14. A couple more old copies of New Scientist... (17th June 2017) ISSN 0262 4079 p8 - Lewis Kemper - HG4XDM - Radio Telescope, VLA, New Mexico (23rd June2018) ISSN 0262 4079 p5 - Dinendra Haria - KD7FWE - Westminster. London, UK. 10th October, 2017. The protest organised by United Patients Alliance (UPA) inviting members of the public to consume tea and cakes containing cannabis outside Houses of Parliament in a bid to legalise the drug for medicinal purposes as Labour MP Paul Flynn raises a Private Member's Bill bidding to change the law. p6 - Linda Kennard - MW2FN4 - Indian blue peahen provoking a magnificent exhibition from a male in the background.
  15. Another old copy of New Scientist (2nd March 2019) ISSN 0262 4079 p20 - Mark Conlin, APB7TK Humboldt squid Dosidicus gigas toothed suckers Sea of Cortez Mexico
  16. Found these in an old copy of New Scientist (17th March 2018) ISSN 0262 4079 - can't find them reported elsewhere. p12 - Jane Gould, BD1KM4, Stromatolites. Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, Shark Bay, Western Australia. p38 - Ian Dagnall CY3F7W or BNYX68 Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) sliced
  17. Found these in an old copy of New Scientist (30th June 2018) ISSN 0262 4079 - can't find them reported elsewhere. p10 - Oliver Burston, exploding supernovae p15 - Adam Burton, DN3E6C, Tufa towers in Mono Lake at twilight, California, USA. Autumn (October) 2013. p22 - Stephen Saks Photography, DX98EN, Welcome to Montana sign in northeastern part of state p36 - Nicholas Toh, CX06N4 or CWW8B6 A red dragonfly resting on a rock
  18. The Guardian newspaper - Monday 11th May 2020 p17 Subtropical swimming paradise. Sherwood Forest. Center Parcs. Nottingham. England, UK Contributor: parkerphotography / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2ABA7J5 p37 Women taking part in the Ladies of the Lake cycling sportive based in Cumbria, UK. Contributor: STEPHEN FLEMING / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: PRMTWY
  19. EHP92R - TRISTAR PHOTOS/Alamy Stock Photo Financial Times - 20/04/2020 fm supplement p2 british airways iberia international airlines group IAG
  20. N012MX - ALAN OLIVER/StockimoNews/Alamy Live News Financial Times - 17/04/2020 p2 East Dunbartonshire, Scotland, UK. 11th Apr 2020. Nice sunny day in East Dunbartonshire for a DIY lockdown haircut
  21. FD3CX5 - Prasit Rodphan Tall city buildings and a plane flying overhead in morning Saturday 14th March 2020 Financial Times - FT Money supplement - p10
  22. You could try sorting out them out by general subject matter and offering bundled sets on ebay. “Central American Wildlife - 1000 35mm transparencies” …or “Musicians from around the world playing their instruments – 500 35mm transparencies” …or “Public Transport of the Americas – 600 35mm transparencies” This type of offer could appeal to collectors of ephemera, schools projects, editors of websites or magazines etc: Don’t expect a mad rush, but if you get $10 that’s more than what you would get throwing them in the trash, and you would have the satisfaction of knowing that someone has found a use for them. There are people selling old transparencies on ebay - the ones I’ve looked at look a bit overpriced for just small collections. Good luck! Dave
  23. In A.I.M, under ‘discoverability’ we can filter for images that are; [ ] deletion pending Would it be possible to also have a filter; [ ] previously deleted At the moment, I have to go through my submission history one submission at a time to see images I have deleted in the past.
  24. Top does look like a Rolls Royce from the badge on the radiator. Badge on the bottom one might be Alvis. Try a google image search for "1920s alvis cars" for some similar to both middle and bottom.
  25. The holes do look a bit sharp to be bullet or shrapnel holes. Maybe the holes were made deliberately to provide a ‘key’ for a rendering that was to be applied to the stonework and subsequently the rendering has come away? Do you have any other pictures of the building? …or maybe you could find the location on Google street view and get a screen grab of the front of the building. GD
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