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  1. I’ve been aware of the blog but not paid a lot of attention - when I have, it has sometimes seemed a bit superficial – so for me, perhaps a bit more research and a bit more detail in the blog pieces would be good. One comment in this thread suggested more insight into how the Live News Desk operates. I’m not part of the Live News but I can understand that comment. I would like to be able to get more ‘inside the head’ of picture researchers and picture buyers. We know they’re looking for ‘lively, vibrant, blah blah blah’; but some specific examples of things that they have really
  2. Many thanks Wim! I will follow your link to the add-ins for Firefox. Best regards GD
  3. Is there a spellchecker in Alamy Image Manager ? I've never seen it as a feature when i'm adding tags and captions. I always have to double-check for typos. Is there a secret way to switch it on !?
  4. The dog is saying... “I don’t care WHAT the deal is… I’m sleeping on my own tonight.”
  5. I thought we should all hear this again from last Christmas ! many thanks to Shergar! best regards to all !!!
  6. The Guardian newspaper (print) UK, p37 2D56X99 - Chris Strickland / Alamy Stock Photo Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK. 24th September 2020. The Borders town of Hawick.
  7. Similar story here on the BBC website... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-54175441 ...thought you might find it interesting if you've not seen it already.
  8. …given that your first pic was expertly spotted by Mr Standfast as a scene in Edinburgh; I wondered if the other two might be in the same city. In the picture with a couple walking away in the foreground, I reckon there might be the profile of a castle on the horizon; which might place the scene somewhere in Edinburgh Old Town, maybe on the Royal Mile. You would need someone who knows Edinburgh better than I do to confirm the idea; or possibly Edinburgh tourist board or Museum (?) GD
  9. I wonder if the original was onto glass plate, and the copies you have are commercial prints from the original ? And the pattern of dots is the result of the print reproduction process at the printers rather than being a technique used by the photographer. GD
  10. Are you uploading the same three images each time ? Try uploading three different images. Watch the upload process carefully and be sure they all upload correctly. If they upload correctly they will be examined by QC. Note – to be sure you get replies this type of query should be posted in the "Community support: ask the forum" section of the forum.
  11. Here's an interesting list of British bricklaying terms... the terminology may also apply in Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_British_bricklaying i'd guess the pattern up the corners of the chimney might be call 'dog tooth', while the other bricks sticking out of the main faces might be described as 'decorative protruding headers' or 'decorative projecting headers'. GD
  12. Interesting ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53821146 GD
  13. I have 'War Photographer" with James Nachtwey on DVD - watched it again just recently. Not sure about availability on streaming services. 96min documentary following James Nachtwey in Kosovo, the West Bank and Indonesia and other places. Released 2001. Includes some grim stuff - but the subject matter and the photographer's attitude i think keeps you properly grounded. GD
  14. ...sounds like they're trying to bully the photographer. Contact contributors@alamy.com and ask their opinion. I think if they have any valid reason to see the images removed then they should be contacting the agency not the photographer. If any of the pictured employees did not qualify for a UK work permit then maybe there would be a problem there ? You could try contacting The Guardian newspaper - they are sometimes interested in this type of issue. GD
  15. My guess is that it's a relatively recent DIY project to create what you’ve said - a movable hen-house. If it was in the Yorkshire Dales then someone may have been inspired by Shepherds’ Huts, movable huts on wheels - and mixed in some of the stylistic features of a beach cabin or Victorian bathing machine. GD
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