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  1. Top does look like a Rolls Royce from the badge on the radiator. Badge on the bottom one might be Alvis. Try a google image search for "1920s alvis cars" for some similar to both middle and bottom.
  2. The holes do look a bit sharp to be bullet or shrapnel holes. Maybe the holes were made deliberately to provide a ‘key’ for a rendering that was to be applied to the stonework and subsequently the rendering has come away? Do you have any other pictures of the building? …or maybe you could find the location on Google street view and get a screen grab of the front of the building. GD
  3. Retain the CAPTCHA grid, but use images from Alamy contributors and pay them £0.50p a click !
  4. Stunning. Is this a Pavlovian social-media response? Do people just see a "create account" box and fill it in? The fact that only 18k on 90k contributors post regularly I understand as many people give up when they get an idea of how much long term effort is needed to create a large diverse portfolio. But 270k who have never sent in a photo is astounding. I don't think Alamy has separate types of accounts for buyers and contributors, or does it ? I have used just one account to submit images and to buy. So those mysterious 270,000 might be buyers but not photographers ! GD
  5. BH7EKG - Paula Solloway Telegraph on-line 23rd December 2018 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/11140668/Homework-damages-primary-age-pupils.html
  6. Did the IP attorney give a reason for not contacting the Irish Law Society ? You could maybe email one of the Irish newspapers, Irish Times or Irish Independent. They may not want to follow up the story but they might be able to suggest a way of embarrassing the law firm.
  7. Gallery names... There's limited space on the gallery tab for the gallery name. Although the full name shows in the ALT-TEXT when we hover over the tab, it would be good if we had some options here. Being able to abbreviate the name using apostrophes would be good. Being able to specify an ALT-TEXT that was different from the text displayed in the tab might be useful. Being able to vary the font size used on the gallery tab might be useful.
  8. I think it would be a good idea to make the profile picture optional - and/or, make it so we can position it left or right or central. Central seems the worst option since it gets in the way of the main image that you want people to see.
  9. HEY WOW !!! There's a HUGE turtle swimmin' round inside my laptop ! How did THAT happen !!! ??? 360degree panorama - Looks pretty cool ! How can I do that ?
  10. If E-Feat is listed in the sales details I think it might be a generic term rather than an actual production company. Maybe it stands for 'Educational Feature' or something similar.
  11. …of course, you could end up with loads of cameras all out of their boxes all over the shop and the wife asking… “does my bum look big with this one ?” ! P.S: I have Canon and Pentax cameras; Pentax are ok. I've had some good sales from shots taken with a Pentax K10D. GD
  12. Something else that might be worth a try… I live in South Yorkshire and Sheffield City Council has what they call a ‘Business & IP Centre’ “The Business & Intellectual Property Centre in Sheffield’s Central Library is one of eleven centres across the UK. It is based on the successful Centre in the British Library in London, which offers free intellectual property and business information and expertise.” They run small business workshops and can put people in touch with specialist IP lawyers. I don’t know where the other centres are located but it sounds as though they are UK wide.
  13. Maybe solicitors in the Irish Republic are members of a professional organisation. You could try The Law Society of Ireland and point out that you have a complaint against a practising legal professional regarding theft of intellectual property. https://www.lawsociety.ie/Public/Complaints-against-solicitors/
  14. I reckon this is possible with the current set-up. In AIM, near the top of the display, along the line of options that reads… Quality Control, Pseudonyms, File Types, (etc) Click on ‘pseudonyms’ and then the check the box of the pseudo you want to change. This will bring up all the images in that pseudo. Now, again, towards the top of the display, there is a line of options that starts… Filters, Search, and includes a check box ‘select all passed’ Check this box and you have now selected all images in the pseudonym you want to change. Any changes made now will apply to all images in that pseudo. Now, in the panel on the right hand side of the screen, click on the arrow that will drop down a list of all your available pseudos. Select the pseudo you want to change to, and click ‘save’. No other attributes or keywords will have changed, but the pseudonym field on all the selected images should have changed. So if you start with images in a pseudo called ‘MyPseudoo’ and you realise you made a typo. Create a new pseudo that is spelled correctly. Wait 24hrs for the system to update and then have a go with the procedure outlined above. I think this should work, although it may be slow if you have thousands of images in the pseudo you want to change.
  15. Nice horse, sorry don't know the breed, but perhaps not relevant fort this type of shot. Couple of typos in the caption though, 'cavalry' and 'Civil' and I'd put a hyphen in 're-enactment'.
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